Ruby Lennox
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1991
Turned N/A
Died October 22nd, 2015
Age 23
Occupation Hunter
Residence West Gate Lofts, Salt Lake City
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Hunter (undercover)
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Martial arts
Limited Aquakinesis (in distress, in proximinty to other witches)
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children none
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Portrayed By None
Ruby Lennox is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is a hunter and mentor of Tristan Davis and his protegée Riley. She works undercover with the hunters and passes down information to Sebastien Ambroise. She gets killed by members of The Arlen Bloodline. LOGAN BROWNING FC is her (half-)sister / cousin.

Ruby is part of the Davis Hunters, as well as the Arlen Bloodline.


Ruby Lennox

Ruby was raised by a single mother in Salt Lake City. They didn't have much money to go on, mostly living of her father's life ensurance. She quickly learned how to stand on her own two feet and got a job at the age of 16. She dropped out of high school the following year, despite her desires to become a lawyer.

Ruby Lennox with the Davis Family

She met the Davis hunters when she signed up for a self defense class, where she encountered Zoey Lawrence. Zoey saw a talent in the quick-learning young woman, and introduced her to Neill. Neill saw a similar spark ik Ruby, and recruited her into the Davis family.

Ruby was shy at first, but as soon as she got to release her anger in the gym she opened up. Neill encouraged her to let all her fear wash away, and grow stronger. Ruby then told him about her father's death. Neill senses a witchcraft scent to it, and he tells her they are going to get those who hurt her. While doing so, he points the finger at the Silverstones.

Ruby is the first to volunteer when Neill sends out a surveillance team to go shadow Payton Silverstone. With her basic hunter skills, yet very likeably personality she befriends the young witch, pretending to be a Law student. All the while she reports back to the hunters. With all her time devoted on pretending to be Payton's friend (and shadowing her) and drafting up reports, Ruby looses touch with her mother, who falls ill. When Jason returns to Portland, Ruby's mission is ended. The following week she hears of her mother's death and she spirals out of control. She asks for a month leave, which she gets denied. She then lashes out at Neill, hitting him with a chai and thus being one of the first people to be able to surprise him.

In Neill's shock, Ruby takes off and he grants her one month as she leaves. Ruby gets on the first plane to London, in search for her long lost grandmother. Instead, she encounters Sebastien Ambroise. Her first instinct is to kill him, but she doubts because she doesn't recall much bad said about him. (Main article: Ruby and Sebastien.

Ruby is left with the hunters after Bash goes back to Europe, and becomes the mentor of Tristan, due to her excellent work as a hunter. She struggles keeping her true nature under wraps more and more when the impatience of mentoring Tristan grows bigger. When Riley joins them, Ruby overviews Tristan helping her because she was his mentor. She also does so because she senses a feeling of strenght when she interacts with the youngest hunter. 

She starts to co-mentor Riley at a certain point, untill she grows respect for the eldest of Neills kids for taking up his responsibilities. She actually starts spending time with him in her free moments, and the two of them grow a connection. (Main article: Ruby and Tristan)



Romantic Relationships

Friendly Relationships

  • Ruby and Zoey
  • Ruby and Nicholas
  • Ruby and Neill

Enemy Relationships


  • Ruby is the first out of 2 witch girlfriend Tristan had, without knowing they were witches and actually thinking they were hunters
  • Ruby is the first out of 3 witch girlfriends Sebatien had. The other two being (chronologically) Chloë and Lydia.
  • Ruby's father was an Arlen wizard and got killed when visiting family in a masacre ordered by May Miller. His official cause of death is drowning during an accident a fishing trip.

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