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Riley and Tristan
Nickname Triley
Intimacy level Alledged siblings
Species Witch and Hunter
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

No family code can stop me from loving you.
— Tristan to Riley

This is the relationship between Tristan Davis and Riley Davis.

They were originally believed to be half-siblings with the same father before after Riley's father was revealed to be Stephan Silvester. They were both trained as hunters but have downed that lifestyle since they got a romantic relationship. Tristan keeps the hunters away from Waterfall Creek and Riley's family and tries to keep the hunters from going after any witches so that they can be together.


Tristan and Riley first met by accident in a library where she had gone to after she ran away from an orphanage. He found her in the mythology department, reading up on mythical folklore about the creatures he hunted.

Tristan took her home and introduced her to the Davis hunter family when she showed to have a lot of knowledge of the magical world. At the Davis family, Riley starts training to become a hunter with Tristan as her teacher. Her magical background appears when she is around undercover hunter Ruby Lennox, but she manages to keep things a secret from Tristan, despite their increasing sexual tension.

Her secret is revealed when magic accidentally saves her life on a mission. She asks Tristan not to tell any of the other hunters, which he agrees to because he secretly has feelings for her. They track down Riley's mom who now works as a librarian, but upon finding out she remarried Riley leaves with only a name for her father. She eventually tracks her father down, only to discover he has died. Riley then finds out she has extended family, and she ends up at the Silverstones.

There they are treated hostile because of their hunter background, but Riley is able to convince the Silverstones that Tristan is one of the good guys, and that she wants to learn more about her magical heritage. She sends Tristan away so his family wouldn't be suspicious, but Tristan states he can't leave her because he loves her. They got together, and they agree that Tristan's pressence in Waterfall Creek is causing tension so he leaves eventually.

During the battle between the Silverstones and the hunters, Tristan takes Riley away and keeps her at a cabin far away from the fight. Riley is upset at him for doing this. The outcome of the battle proves the need for Tristan to call a truce, stating the Silverstones did nothing but defend themselves.

Tristan gets his father to agree that he won't be hunting witches with team Beta. His father agreed to this after Riley promised that the witches won't attack them. The truce allowed Tristan and Riley to finally be in a real relationship.


  • I Need Your Love - Ellie Goulding