Riley Silverstone
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born May 26th, 1996
Turned N/A
Died N/A
Age 18
Occupation Hunter
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Hunter (former)
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities She is good at martial arts and strategy. She is also very smart, borderline genius.
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children N/A
Physical description
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By None
Riley Silverstone (formerly known as Riley Davis) is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and Once Upon a Blue Moon. She was orphaned at a young age and was a member of the Davis hunters for a while, untill she discovered she was a witch. She then got in touch with her paternal second cousins Payton and Claire Silverstone , and this joining in the Silverstone Bloodline and the extended Silverstone family.


Riley was born only 9 months after her sister. After having a very difficult pregnancy and early delivery her mom originally didn't want any children. That was untill she met the doctor who saved her and her baby's life. They connected during her stay in the hospital, and were dating about a month after Morgan was born. That soon led to a serious relationship despite the no-dating rule at the hospital. 

Riley's mom became pregnant very quickly, due to her father's genes. However, as soon as the hospital found out about this they destroyed their happiness. Stephan was fired and the couple lost their option on a loan to buy a nice house for the baby and.. the next baby. When Riley was finally born, the couple was struggling and they worked hard to wrap up ends. On one morning, when Riley was just 5 months old, Stephan was not in the bed and he had vanished. With a barely one year old and a 5 month old there was despair and chaos.

That was when Riley and Morgan were brought to an orphanage. Riley got placed in an orphanage and got separated from her sister. No one wanted to adopt her. She filled her time with reading and learning about a lot of stuff. and when she was about ten years old she was sick of not having a family. She ran away, and stayed in the library, which she had gotten to know inside and out. She met a guy there, but quickly discovered he wasn't just a guy. After Tristan saw the comparison to another girl he knew, he took her to his father, and Riley wasn't completely cooperative, especially when she saw the guy.

She freaked out but as soon as he told her why she was there and that she was his daughter things started to make sense. This was what she always had to do. She was ment to be a vampire hunter. When her father told her he had her birth certificate she asked him if she could see it. When she read that she had a twin sister she wanted to know everything about her. She found out where she lived, where she went to school and who her friends were. One day she send one of her half-siblings out there to find her and when he came back with her twinsister she couldn't be more thrilled. So when her sister decides to stay  they both bond really quickly. 

Riley gets het codename after her sister, but is still one of the youngest to get one. The leaders thought Wikipedia would suit her because of the fact she is really smart, really really smart. When her sister goes to study at Portland College she follows. Not to study, but to keep an eye on things. Mostly because her father asked her too, but she also wants to spend more time with her long lost sister. When her sister finds out about Chris being related to the Silverstones and the Millers Riley is the first one she tells. They both decide not to tell anyone and see where things go. 

However, soon the thruth comes to light. When they discover the birth certificate is false, RIley and Morgan's DNA is tested. They are proven to be half-sisters, and Riley turns out not to be Neill's daughter. Knowing this news would mean the end of Riley, Tristan destroyed the evidence by setting fire to the lab.

Riley, Morgan and Tristan are then set out to a simple chase when Tristan tells them what happened. Riley is shocked about this, and accuses him of being reckless and risking all their lives. She then accidentally cuts herself, causing the vampires they were chasing to notice her specific blood. They obstruct Morgan and Tristan's way to her and then suddenly Riley is the pray instead of the hunter. She gets chased to the edge of a building, which is where her powers get activated in self-defence after they were bound by her father. She ends up wearing the vampires off with the shock, but they quickly stab her and she is led to bleed out. Sooner then without Riley's powers tho, Morgan and Tristan make their way to their little sister. They manage to keep her alive by bringing her back to the hunters, but when she starts showing symptoms of healing (disabled by her comatose state of being), things go for a bad turn.

Riley is suspected of being turned into a vampire, and Morgan has to take her and run. She brings her to a safe-house, where she fights off Parker. Eventually she makes it to the house, in time for Riley to be fully healed. That is when she tells them about what she experienced on the roof. Being the wikipedia as she is, she pulls up the research she had done herself, from the moment the birth-certificate was falsed. She was able to track down her legacy to the Silverstones on her own, linking her mother's admission, Stephan being fired and his connection to the Silverstones all by herself.

Now that they have a bigger connection to the clan of witches and vampires living in Waterfall Creek, they decide to face them. On the invite of a family party for Chris' birthday they enter the Silverstone house, which recognizes one of their own. 


Riley has always been the more bad ass one of the twins. But that also means she is more reckless than her sister. She could get in trouble pretty fast, but she always gets out of it. Riley is the smart one of the whole group. Ask her anything and she can give you an answer. That is why she is the brain behind most of the masterplans. Riley also cares a lot about what is right and wrong and she will always act on what she thinks is the right thing to do. 


Give Riley a book and she reads it within a few hours, almost twice as fast as a normal person. She is a walking wikipedia (it's also her codename) and she knows everything about everything. And when she doesn't know something she will find out what it is and how it works. Apart from that she can handle weapons just like her sister and she is able to do a little bit of martial arts. 




  • Claire
  • Payton


  • Neill
  • Phoebe
  • Justin




  • Riley has many family members she didn't find out about up untill later in life. She has two older second cousins (Payton Silverstone and Claire Silverstone). She was also once believed to be a child of Neill Davis and one of the Davis Hunters, until she found out she wasn't related to them.
  • Riley is slightly addicted to cotton candy.