This page outlines certain relationships with the characters of Touch of Magic. The relationships aren't always about lovers, but also about friendship, family, sibling rivalry, or even between arch-enemies.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Payton SilverstoneEdit

Claire Silverstone: Payton cares about her younger sister Claire a lot. After their parents died, Payton took on the parenting role from a very young age, and swore to look after her sister. They made a pact to never be appart for a long time. That part gets broken partially when Payton goes to Portland to study, but she visits her sister at least twice a month on average. Payton is willing to give up a lot for her sister, even considering her own true love to stabilize their reputation so that Claire could stay with Seth. Beside from college , they have lived together all their lives , even living in their family house when they have a family of their own , often creating a whirlwind in the house with so many people , but they make it work.
Main article: Claire and Payton

Jason Dawson: Payton loves Jason more then anything in the world. He is the father of her three children and her husband. Payton met Jason in high school, and was anything but fond of the fact that vampires had returned to the town. She hated him at first. The two were in the same year and shared a lot of classes. It wasn't untill he saved her life again (after he had done so on the very first day) several times that she gained his trust. They bonded over a trip to Paris and she fell in love with him there. They have been together since right after that. They have had their share of ups and downs , including Jason being taken away to the Anconi for killing John and Jason transitioning during their break-up as well as a dose of exes trying to ruin their lives. But Payton loves him more then anything and that's the bottom line in their relationship. There have been few occasions that they had troubles , once including right after their transitioning when they were not together over the summer. Another time when May was in their lives and was stirring things up between them.
Main article: 'Payton and Jason'
Known as: Jayton

Mike Creeton: Mike is one of the most important people in her life, as he is one of the few people who have been a constant part of her world. She considers him a brother because they know eachother since childhood , where she was placed in his family's team during a quiz at school with all the kid's families. Payton never lost the feeling of looking at Mike as a brother , and still does up to this day. She hid her secret from him for 12 years mainly because she didn't want him to get hurt, or to be afraid of her. In her current daily life , she often meets Mike at the club, which she and Jason mostly own and which is next to her sister's store. They can still talk for hours and they have a lot of hun together.
Main article: Payton and Mike

Liam Miller/Greene: Payton and Liam had a rocky start, being that he was her father's son and Payton had a bad relationship with him. She warmed up to the idea of him when he offered to help her train, often resulting in him posing as a punching back to work out her anger from her split from Jason. They became friends in Portland and spend a lot of time together, basically living across the hall for a little while. When Payton and Jason reconnected and she went to Waterfall Creek again more often, she lost the connection with Liam and they grew apart. This lead to Liam kidnapping her best friend and torturing her, causing Payton to give up on him and hate him forever. This hatred lasted untill he showed up at her door being human. Having lost his vampire-side when the Millers were defeated, he begged her for help and she could help but take him in. Ever since they have been working on their relationship and with Mila forgiving him , she starts showing forgiveness too.
Main article: Payton and Liam

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Claire SilverstoneEdit

Payton Silverstone: Payton and Claire are sisters, and Claire's earliest memory was of Payton reading her a bedtime story. She has always been able to depend on her big sister, and the two of them are as close as it gets.
Main article: Claire and Payton

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Seth DawsonEdit

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Jason DawsonEdit

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Alyssa MillerEdit

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Justin SaphireEdit

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