Pressed On
Type: Commercial
Founded: 2015
Founder: Payton Silverstone and Elisabeth Dawson
 Pressed On refers to a building, featuring Pressed On Publishing and the coffee shop, Pressed On at the main floor of the building. 


The idea of Pressed On was first mentioned by Elisabeth in Season Six. In the early summer through the fall, the idea was finalised and put into action. The publishing agency was founded on November 3rd, 2014. At this point, the offices were not fully done yet. Pressed On Coffee opened on November 19th, 2014.  

Significant EventsEdit

  • Publishing agency founded 
  • Coffeebar opened
  • Payton hires Samantha Washington


Pressed On is the company founded by Elisabeth and Payton. The concept of it was created when Elisabeth wanted to go into the horeca business, and Payton had the ambition to get back into her writing passion.

The publishing company contains an online magazine, headed by Payton and her former school newspaper collegue Samantha Washington.

The main floor of the building is largely occupied by Elisabeth's coffeebar.


Pressed On PublishingEdit

 Pressed On Publishing is the publishing firm owned by Payton Silverstone. She first gained interest in the publishing industry in Season Two when her friend Ruby Lennox was going on an interview for an internship position at a publicist. After the situation with Simon Fell, Payton felt that she didn't love journalism as much anymore, but instead she looked into publicing. When she decided to become a publicist she contacted Samantha Washington to be a part of the company.

The first work to be published by the company was a collection of short stories, inspired by James' real life dairy-entries. She later also published a story that Elisabeth found written by Nate, called 'Midnight'. She soon published many more books, and expanded the staff, making it her full-time job. At the end of Season Seven, Pressed on Publishing gets acquired by Silverstone Enterprises, along with Down the Rabbit Hole. Payton created an office in Los Angeles, but still maintained in charge over daily activities in the original office.

Pressed On (Coffee)Edit

Pressed On is a coffee shop located on the main floor level of the Pressed On Publishing offices, owned by Elisabeth Dawson. Elisabeth opened it after the fight with the Anconi, to have something to distract herself with. The coffee bar rose to popularity when Elisabeth stared adding little pastries to the menu.



Witches and WizardsEdit



Pressed On is located in Peter Street, in the same street as Decade and Down the Rabbit Hole.

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