Portland Lofts
Location Information

Alyssa Miller
Liam Miller
Payton Silverstone
Justin Saphire
Chris Saphire






Park Street 26-32

The Portland Lofts were a main location during the time spend in Portland. It is the residence of Alyssa, Liam and Payton (temporarely), purchased by Alyssa when she was keeping an eye on Payton


Alyssa bought the loft right after hearing about the Payton and Jason break-up. She stayed there while she and Liam trained Payton. When Payton moved out of the studio across the street, she moved into the smaller appartment across the hall from the main loft. She then moves out again to go to dorms. 

While she reconnects with Jason, Alyssa occasionally invites the two of them over to check up on them. They have some dinners there. Alyssa was able to cut the lofts out of the balance of the Miller properties, and keeping it as a private residence. She and Justin occasionally go there to visit Chris, who also stays there up untill he has found a place to stay for his own.


Main LoftEdit

Additional SpaceEdit

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