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Portland is an overall location throughout Touch of Magic and Justice. After the return of the Dawsons and their alliance with the Silverstones in Waterfall Creek it became a rogue-vampire city. This was resolved when Payton, Alyssa and later Jason relocated there, and resolved the town's issues.

Payton studied journalism, and Chris later studies Criminal Law here too.


We were first introduced to Portland in Season Two, when Payton gets to graduate early and start studying journalism in Portland. It is deemed a safe option, as it is still nearby Waterfall Creek. That opinion changes when the city has recently turned in an epicentre of rogue vampires. After the arrival of the Dawsons in Waterfall Creek and the Silverstones forming an alliance with them, Portland became the home for all the vampires who missed their shot. 

Payton originally lived in a small studio, which she insists on paying for herself, despite Jason's protests. These disagreements continue to occur more frequently and tension between them rises because of the move to a new city, the arrival of Payton's paternal half-brother and stress about school. Upon breaking up, Alyssa enters the stage in Portland, keeping an eye on Payton who crashes deep after breaking up with Jason. Liam is by Alyssa's side, and together they reside in the Portland Lofts across the street from Payton's studio.

They take her in when Payton's financial plan fails due to a miscalculation in her tuition, and Liam stays very cautious towards Payton. The two don't start to build a relationship until they end up exploring the city together, and stumble upon a group of feeding vampires near the waterside. The vampires take off before Payton or Liam can interfere, but they started a fight inside of Payton that won't be easy to give up.

After a month of Payton coming home late with bruises, Alyssa intervenes, and she confronts Payton. After learning Payton has been hunting vampires, without her powers, Alyssa decides to train her. A master in avoidance of tapping into one's abilities, Alyssa trains Payton in hand-to-hand combat with a vampire, and Liam pitches in too. Together they drive all of the vampires to the north-east of the city.

When Alyssa looses her humanity, she actually ends up killing a lot of those vampires before she goes after Payton herself. Payton suffers severe nerve-damage at the hands of one of the vampires and Liam's old friend, Mason, which Alyssa uses to her advantage. They have a fight, which Alyssa easily wins since she is the one who taught Payton.

Seth and Jason end up interfering before Alyssa can finish things off, and Alyssa leaves Portland to go through detox. Payton is left in Portland, but unable to accept living close to Liam, so she says goodbye to the loft and she signs up for dorms in the second year of college.

Her dorm-situation goes well, untill her roommate starts to comment on Jason's pressence in the dorm, now that Payton and Jason are growing towards eachother again. Jason overhears, and he decides to make a bold move by buying a condo for him and Payton to live at during the second semester, and for much after that.


Portland StudioEdit

The Portland studio is the first condo Payton resides in after she moves to Portland. It is a small one bedroom crappy studio in a bad neighbourhood. Jason tried to get her to get a descent apartment but Payton wanted to be independent and so she declined. Eventually Payton and Jason had a fight about Liam, causing them to break up. Payton then cancels her lease, and moves into the loft owned by Liam and Alyssa.

Portland LoftsEdit

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Portland DormsEdit

The Portland Dorms are an on-campus dormitory residence at Portland University. [1]. They include 75 double rooms, and the housing type is coed.

Portland CondoEdit

Payton and Jason's second Portland residence.