Pierre Ambroise
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born October 9th, 1989
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 16/17 (Season One)

17/18 (Season Two)
18/22 (Season Three)
22/23 (Season Four)
23/24 (Season Five)
24/25 (Season Six)

Occupation Unknown
Residence Mike's appartment
Supernatural information
Species Wizard
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Quinte-/Vitakinesis
Tactile hypnosis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Charlotte Ambroise
Oliver Ambroise
June Ambroise
Physical description
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By None
Everyone says I'm born to lead. But my whole life I have been wondering without purpose. I don't know if I even have a destiny at all.
— Pierre about his title as true king of Solos.

 Pierre Ambroise is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. He is the ex-boyfriend of Payton Silverstone and current boyfriend of Jade Miller. He will be the father of three children ; Charlotte Ambroise , Oliver Ambroise and June Ambroise.

He is a wizard of the Ambroise Bloodline and magical royalty as the true king of Solos. He is part of The Ambroise Family and The Carrington Family through Jade with strong connections to The Silverstones and The Millers 2.0.


Early LifeEdit

Pierre was born in Europe , but moved to America because his parents wanted him to be able to get into mayor universities in the USA. He went to SJBS and got into a relationship with the (unknowingly) young witch Payton Silverstone.

However , after a long time he broke up with her. He faked his cheating so that she'd be fine with him moving back to Europe. The real reason behind the break-up was Pierre finding out that he and Payton had been set up by magic , and that their love was forced on by the elders. When returning to Europe he never spoke to his parents again after they confessed purposely sending him to the USA to 'fall in love' with Payton. 

Pierre decided to travel the world. But he noticed he was being followed. Jade , a spy from the Anconi , was assigned to keep an eye on him as the Anconi had heared about trouble in the magical Ambroise family. However , Jade had her own agenda and she didn't want to hurt Pierre. They fell in love after a while , and have managed to hide their relationship.

Even since he is with Jade , Pierre travels parallell with her across the world on her missions.

Season SixEdit

When Jade is sent to Waterfall Creek , Pierre is a bit sceptic at first. However he does join Jade after a while and works along with her and Alyssa to find a plan. When Jade has to return to Europe, she doesn't want to leave him behind, but Pierre makes sure they stay in touch. 

After a while, Jade starts to feel guilty for their long-term relationship, and breaks up with him so he can find someone better for him. However Pierre won't have it,and he travels to Andros. There he offers himself to the Anconi, to be their advisor and their council in taking down the Millers and The Silverstones all at once.

Jade is mad at him for risking his life like that, but when he gets accepted into The Anconi they can finally begin with their plan, plotting it together.

Throughout the next few months, Pierre finds out the difficulties of communicating with the people in Waterfall Creek. He then tries to use his brother as a middle man. He learns Bash has began dating Chloë Curtis, and is concerned about the nature of their relationship. However current matters don't allow him to elaborate on it more, and he proceeds to asking Bash' help, which he receives.

After several months, Jade and a team get send to Waterfall Creek to lay the groundworks for a big attack. Once they arrive back in town, Jade and Pierre fake their own deaths in an altercation with the local people. Assumed death, they now have the time to be together, while they help the others prepare for the incoming attack.

It is their information that proves to be valuable, and it gives them a big advantage in the battle. However despite having the upper hand the Anconi has some backup plans, and one of them is able to wound Pierre severely. His status declines rapidly and he lives for mere seconds before he dies in front of Payton, while Jade is being held back by Jason. Payton assures him she will fix it, stating they (the elders) owe them something. Payton then uses her healing power to bring him back from the death. She succumbs to it herself, and Pierre is devastated about it, untill the elders revive Payton again.

Season SevenEdit


  • He had no idea he was a wizard untill adolesence. He truely believed it when he returned home and confronted his parents with it.
    • According to him , this was one of the reasons he decided not to go throught with the plans for him and Payton , as he felt lied to by his family
    • While his eldest brother was 8 years old when he found out and his younger brother was raised with magic from the age of 10 Pierre was the eldest to find out about magic at 16.
      • His older brother was send to England at the age of 9 (when Pierre was 7) to live with a cousin of his mother (developing a brittisch accent.) just like Pierre was sent to America right after his powers started to develop fully.
      • His younger brother was raised with magic by his parents.
  • Pierre unknowingly saved his younger brother of 10 (at the age of 15) when he almost drowned by using hydrokinesis to save him. Pierre was send to America due to this (see above)

Jade and Pierre

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