Phoebe Curtis
Biographical information
Full birthname Phoebe Esme Curtis
Also known as Pheebs
The Pink Princess (People in Divitia)
Titles Queen Phoebe (Amertas)
The Pink Princess (People in Divitia)
Born February 22nd 1997
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 15/16 (Season Four)
Occupation Student at SJBS
Residence Salem (1997-1998)
Arizona (1998-2004)
New York (2004-2010)
her grandmother's house
Silverstone house
Supernatural information
Species Royal Witch
Bloodline Curtis Bloodline
Abilities Powers:
  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Amokinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Linda Curtis (mother)
Unnamed father
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Hayden Curtis (brother, deceased)
Eloise Curtis (sister, deceased)
Connor Curtis (brother)
Ariël Curtis (brother)
Chloë Curtis (sister, deceased)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Chris Saphire (boyfriend)
Children Quinn Saphire
Logan Saphire
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By Indianna Evans
I'm basically cupid but i've never experienced love myself. How would that work?
— Phoebe to her older brother Connor

Phoebe Curtis is one of the mayor characters in Touch of Magic. She is a young witch and the pupil of Claire and Payton in witchcraft. She currently stays in the Silverstone house.

She is a witch of the Curtis Bloodline and magical royalty as the true queen of Amertas. She is part of The Curtis Family and the The Saphire Family through Chris Saphire with strong connections to The Silverstones and The Greene Family.


Early LifeEdit

Phoebe was born as the last daughter of Linda Curtis and ... Curtis. Her mother is a gynecologist in Conneticut, and that's were her family home is. When she was 2, her father was assigned to teach in the University of Arizona, where they lived for 6 years. After that they move to New York for Connor's reforming education. When Connor graduated, she moves back to Salem with her mom and her sisters. When she was a little older she found out that she was a decendent from one of the ancient witches, Myrya. She wanted to find out who she really was and left Salem, although her mom really didn't like the fact that she wanted to know more about her being a witch. Her brother and sisters didn't have any active powers, leaving Phoebe with a lot of questions. 

Season Four Edit

She moved to Waterfall Creek to go live with her grandmother, because she found out Claire and Payton Silverstone lived in the little city. She figured that if she wanted to know how to do magic, she had to be with the Silverstonesisters. She enrolled in SJBS and did some research on Claire and Payton. One day she decided she should just do it and went to their house. 

The moment she got there she kind of blacked out and didn't know what to say. She told them she knew they had kids and she was cheeky enough to ask them if they maybe needed a babysit. She explained who she was and what she actually was doing there. From that moment she moved in with the Silverstones and became the babysitter of the kids in exchange for magic lessons from Claire and Payton. She also enrols in Magic School for a couple of classes. Leaving her as Claire and Payton's pupil. 

Because she is friends with the Silverstones she automatically gets to know their friends. When she meets Chris, Justin's younger brother, she immediately likes him. He is a nice person and he is almost the same age as she is. The only problem is that he has a girlfriend. When she dies, Chris is heartbroken and the only thing Phoebe can do is support Chris where she can. It is difficult, and even more when he leaves to live with his aunt for a while, but eventually they come together. 

Season SixEdit

in Season Six, Phoebe shows off her new advanced magic skills when she awaits the others at the hospital. While Payton is being taken in, Phoebe performs a spell to mas all external injuries, and reveals her family's history of dometstic abuse and the usage of the spell in the past. She then tries to reach out to Chris, and comforts him while he grieves over the loss of his girlfriend, Nora.



Phoebe has blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. She has a tanned skin from living in Arizona from the age of 2 to 8.



Phoebe and Chris have a close friendship from when they met at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School. Their relationship evolves into a romantic relationship when they live in Portland together. (see more : Chris and Phoebe)






Sophia is Phoebe's niece, and they have been very close since the day she was born. Phoebe was one of the people supporting the idea that Liam should get custody of his daughter. She has helped raising Sophia in her spare time, and also helped her with her magical training.






Before she was born, her mother took her siblings' powers and meant to give them to herself, however Phoebe ended up absorbing the powers instead, making her as powerful as all her siblings combined.

Her powers started to manifest in her early teens, and when her mother refuses to tell her more than just the basics, Phoebe goes to Waterfall Creek to learn from the Silverstones.

With them she learns to control her rapidly growing powers, spells and magical history. Eventually she gets encouraged by them to take her birthright, the throne to Amertas, but she declines that position, chosing for love over power 'like any other Curtis witch would.'

Powers and TalentsEdit