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Payton and Seth
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met Seth and Jason's first day at SJBS
Duration N/A
Status Living in the same house

This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and Seth Dawson


Payton and Seth first met each other when Seth attended SJBS with his older 'brother' Jason and they introduced themselves. Originally, Payton was anything but fond of the new neighbours. This resulted in an arguement with Claire, who was willing to give them a chance in contrary to her sister.

Seth was quickly mesmorised by Claire, and made big effort to get Payton to at least not hate him. But Payton quickly informed him that she did not appreciate his pressence and that she disliked his entire race. However Seth noticed different things, and he saw how Payton's "hatred" was aimed at Jason in particular. Seth was the first to hint the fact that Jason might have made its way to Payton's heart, and she could very possibly like him. It went perfectly along to his growing relationship with Claire,  that became romantically rather quickly. 

The next few months Payton fought her feelings, while watching Seth and her sister grow close. At Claire's request, she ends up putting her prejudices aside about them. Eventually, it lead to Payton being able to admit she had feelings for a vampire too, after some encouragement from Seth while in Paris. Following Payton and Jason's revelation about their feelings, Payton grew closer to Seth too. Their shared concern of Claire's life created a connection. One that lead to strolls in the school garden when Jason would be out hunting during their breaks, and long conversations about the history of Waterfall Creek. They usually ended up agreeing to disagree.

Seth was also there for Payton when Jason got taken away. He was, next to Claire and Alyson, one of the main contributors in the distraction party in Honduras, as well as one of the main people responsible for the privacy of Jason and Payton upon their reunion. 

During Claire's kidnapping, Payton returned that favor by helping him remain calm and think things through, despite her own worried mind. But perhaps that was the one thing that helped, seeing as they both cared for Claire with equal amount. When Claire was saved and comatose, Payton and Seth took turns but also spend a lot of time at her bedside together, in which Seth would tell stories about the clumsy things Claire would do when she was with him, and Payton would talk about Claire's childhood, her first bike and the trips they took in their childhood with the Saphires.

Having come to like the person her sister was in love with, Payton had no problem in offering their parental home to them, granted Seth took care of Claire ànd the house. He did so, and he always accompanied Claire on her trips to Portland in the years Payton lived there. Ever since, they have helped eachother out whenever they could. Ofcourse they had several more 'agreements to disagree', but they always had eachother's back, and proved to be true family to one another. 

They have proven to trust one another with their lives and those of their children, and they have also shown to be a big impact on recovery. This includes Payton detecting Seth's paranoia and laced bullets, and Seth being the only vampire besides Jason and Elisabeth to remain in the room when Alena was born.

Another aspect of their mutual trust lies in magic school, something Payton trusted Seth with, despite it being an ancient old family tradition of the Silverstones to watch over magicschool. 

At first she was against the relationship, but soon she realised that Seth really cared about her little sister and that he would never hurt her. He would even protect her with his own life. So when Claire got in danger and Seth was the one that went to the rescue without even thinking about it, Payton accepted the fact that maybe this wasn't that bad of a situation to be in. She started to like the guy that her sister seemed to be in love with. 

Payton and Seth soon became friends through their shared concern for Claire's life. Because of their same goal they had something to talk about and something to agree on. So over the years their relationship changed from having the same goal, to really being friends. Payton started to like the person behind the vampirism, because of the fact that he was a genuine guy. 

Over the years they tried to help each other out as much as they could. And of cours there were some moments where they would not agree with each other. Where Payton, for example, held an athame at his face, just because she needed to be left alone. But they always apologized and tried to make it better. For the sake of their friendship and for the sake of Claire. 

Their friendship still lasts and they even live in the same house. Because the house is property of both the sisters, they both live there with their spouse and children. When Payton becomes co-ruler of the Millers her relationship with Seth gets a little bit more complicated, because of the fact that he is a teacher at magic school. They need to make sure that their friendship is politically correct. 

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