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Payton and Sebastien
Nickname Bayton
Intimacy level Childhood friends
Rejected proposal
Good friends
Species Witch and Wizard
First met Unknown
Duration 1993-now
Status N/A

No, we didn’t date. Technically he wasn’t an ex-boyfriend. But he was an ex-something, an ex-maybe. An ex-almost.
— Payton talking about Sebastien

You and I, we will always be an almost. We will always wonder. I will wonder if you will recall the way we danced as kids. You might wonder if we would ever have any of our own. How my head would feel on your bare chest, our bodies close like our minds have been for a long time.

You and I, we were always on the verge of almost. Never nothing. Never something. But never again.

— .

This is the relationship between Witchcraft Royalty Payton Silverstone and Sebastien Ambroise.



Payton and Sebastien are both magical  royalty, and met through this common quality as kids. Lillian Silverstone took her daughter on a trip to France for a very specific herb, which is when the duo stayed with The Ambroise Family for a while. Payton met Bash there, who was a few yeard older. Young Payton didn't remember much of it, but Bash still remembers the vibrantness. 

At her departure, Lillian then promised Bash' parents that she would look after Pierre, Bash' little brother, when he would come to Waterfall Creek. Payton was then supposed to be send to London to keep her safe as the first twiceblessed witch to have been born. However as Lillian died soon after her trip to France, those plans didn't go through and Payton never joined Bash in London.

Following the death of her parents, Payton lived in the Magical Dimension in the critical years between 4 and 7 where she learns about magic and the importance she plays in the magical community. The elders tried to put her on the path that was intended for her, to marry a young wizard, from an early age. Meanwhile Sebastien's powers were kept under wraps as soon as they started to develop.

When Payton returns to the normal world to attend school in SJBS, she reaches out to her friend Bash in France, knowing he is a young wizard all alone without his parents guidance too. Bash receives her letters when he finally gets taught magic and his powers start to develop more. He then recalls the girl who magically made a flower grow and the two become good friends through frequent writing.

When Bash' parents visited for his 18th birthday and found out he was in touch with Payton they had hopes for their eldest son again. It is hinted that Pierre was then send to America to fall in love with Claire.  However that plan didn't work and Payton fell for Pierre instead, not knowing he was a wizard and Bash' brother. Bash finds out about this and gets angry at his parents. He then marries a human girl in rebellion against their plans. His parents then reluctantly agree with Bash' marriage, given he provides them with an heir.

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two, Bash and Celeste both appear at The Silverstone House to attend the portal initiation. Payton meets Celeste, and finds out about their infertility issues. Both being considered the example of their bloodlines, they are watched throughout the party. Bash decides to give the people something to talk about, and actually approaches her. He tries to hide his identity, seeing as last time they met they were mere kids, but Payton had recognized him before. He playfully asks her to do her flower trick, which she knew was something only greenes did and she hadn't done it since her father died, hence how he blows his cover.

The two dance and flirt, and Bash opens up about the mistake his marriage with Celeste was. He then touches upon Payton's romantic problems and the displeasement from the elders, and makes a bold move by proposing to her, to form a political marriage and to see how things develop from there. Payton doesn't decline, to the displeasement of Lauren Dawson. There is lots of gossip in the following few weeks.

Payton then meets Bash in New Orleans, where she tells him she still loves Jason. Bash takes his loss and they agree to remain friends and stay in touch, when Bash travels back overseas. He gets involved with some sceemy stuff, working together with witch hunters to ensure the safety of his fellow witches and wizards.

Season Six - Touch of MagicEdit

In Season Six Payton hears Bash is in New Haven while Payton is in New York, and they meet up while Jason is at a meeting for The Millers 2.0. Payton tells him she is happily married and just gave birth to her third child, inviting Bash to Waterfall Creek to meet her family. She then tells him she knows Pierre is a wizard and his brother. Bash apologizes for having to keep it a secret, stating it was a condition from his parents for him to be allowed to marry Celeste. Bash then defends Pierre, stating Pierre had no idea who Payton was, and when he did he broke up.

Later that year Bash mentions to Payton that he is falling for a girl with a complicated situation. When Payton finds some pictures of Chloë and Bash on Chloë's phone after her accident, Payton finds out the girl was Chloë and travels to Dixie, all the while Bash is on a plain to go and pay his respects in Waterfall Creek. There he confesses who he was to Chloë to Liam, Payton's brother, stating he had agreed to raise Chloë's baby as his own. Liam thanks him for loving Chloë, and states he can stay as long as he wants, and he can be in the baby's life. Lydia Thornton is visiting Waterfall Creek in the meantime, keeping Bash company.

When Payton returns, she confronts Bash about the liasons with hunters she found in his place. Bash says it has been his task to watch the hunters in the UK, and he got a bit too involved. Payton shows signs of understanding, but it strains their trust and their friendship. Bash then starts dating Lydia and Payton disapproves of this considering their history with twiceblessed marriages. However Bash convinces her this time he is really in love, stating witches and wizards can be in love without the elders having a hand in it, using Payton's own parents as an example.

Season Three / Seven - Bloodlines / Touch of MagicEdit

Payton congratulates Bash when he and Lydia announce her pregnancy, and Bash frequently asks Payton and Liam for guidance in the road to fatherhood. Bash becomes a true family friend like Pierre and they frequently visit eachother on birthdays and holidays.


  • Bash has been Payton's friend the longest, even longer than Payton's best friend Mike Creeton.
  • Bash kept Pierre's secret from Payton for over a decade. Despite that, their friendship remained strong because the both of them understood the situation.
  • They're both royalty in the Magical Dimension
    • While they are both rightfully Queen and King, they share/gave up their throne with their younger sibling
  • They have an enhanced connection which has been shown on several occasions including the housewarming party (when the energy was unbalanced), and Paris where Payton powertapped his pressence. 
  • Their potential offspring would have been heir to 3 bloodlines and would rule half the magical dimension with the combined kingdoms of Solos, Slivatica and Divitia. They would be trice-blessed witches and/or wizards, potentially containing enough magic to permanently inbalance the magic in between worlds. Pierre has commented on this, by stating his and Payton's children wouldn't even feel like his, as they would have been locked away for being too special to handle. 

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