Payton and Phoebe
Nickname Phayton
Intimacy level Teacher/protegé

Close friends

Species Witches
First met Unknown
Duration 2010-current
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and Phoebe Curtis.


Payton and Phoebe met each other when Phoebe suddenly showed up at their doorstep. After troubles occured in her family home in Salem, she decided to live with her grandmother for the summer. Upon arriving in Oregon, her grandmother knew she'd have a hard time covering up the fact that there were very powerfull witches living a few miles down the highway. When Phoebe found out about the Silverstones living at driving distance, her curiosity and excitement got the best of her. 

Luckally, Payton and Claire were very kind, but with a natural dose of sceptisism about a young girl suddenly showing up on their doorstep. But as soon as Payton noticed the questions Phoebe asked, and the aftermath of a family fight evident in Phoebe's emotional state, she decided that she wanted to give this young witch a chance and opened her home for her. She started to like the fact that this girl was so curious about their life and she believed that she had sincere intentions about wanting to meet them. 

Payton soon offered to teach Phoebe some of the basics of magic and Phoebe couldn't be more excited. Phoebe was eager to learn and soon she spend every weekday of her summer vacation at the house. Late night sessions about the moon and it's power, or the stars and it's formations turned into sleepovers. 

When fall arrived, Phoebe was reluctant to return back to her family and high school, a place she never fitted in. She eventually had no other choice and returned home, but she remained a frequent face in school breaks and occasionally long weekends, much to Payton's amusement seeing as Phoebe also shared a connection to Alena, her eldest daughter. 

Around the holiday season, Payton started to notice Phoebe's family was far from pleasant. That was when Payton proposed that Phoebe should take the second semester of Junior year at SJBS, because of it's highly profiled language program. Phoebe ofcourse had to check with her parents, who didn't protest to much about it due to the  fights they were having with Phoebe's older siblings. 

Phoebe then moved into the famous Silverstone House and attended SJBS. It granted her the opportunity to learn even more about witchcraft, something Phoebe never learned because her parents pretty much never talked about it. Payton was happy to teach it, really caring for Phoebe who had become her little protegé.

When fall came around again, Phoebe decided to stay in Waterfall Creek, having made new friends who she'd want to spend Senior Year with.