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Payton and Alyssa
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met At the Dawson Charity Ball
Duration N/A
Status Alive

This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and Alyssa Miller


Payton first met Alyssa when they both attended the Dawson Charity Ball. She didn't really wanted to meet any vampires, but her sister wanted her to just say hello. After that the girls didn't even talk and Payton went to bed early. They didn't see each other for a long time after that. 

The next time Payton encountered Alyssa was when Alyssa attended prom as the date of Justin Saphire. Payton thought that Alyssa was being really rude to one of her friends and she wanted to talk to her about that, but Alyssa didn't want to hear it. Payton found Alyssa a spoiled brat and she was happy to see her leave. But when her sister got kidnapped and Alyssa joined in to help them find her she started to feel a little sympathy for the vampire. 

The following months Alyssa joined the Dawsons a couple of times and payton started to notice that Alyssa might not be as bad as she thought when she met her. They discovered that they had some things in common and they started to have little conversations about all different kind of things. 

When Payton broke up with Jason and was left to live alone in Portland the Dawsons decided that it was better if there was someone with them. As Alyssa didn't want to go back to her mother, she agreed to keep an eye on Payton for a while. They rented two appartments and soon Payton moved in to one of them. 

For the years that Payton was in Portland Alyssa was almost constantly with her. Protecting her and taking care of her. Making sure that everything as okay with Payton. Physically and mentally. They really bonded and Payton found a true friend in Alyssa. So when Alyssa finally started dating Justin Payton was more than happy. 

Things were quite well until Alyssa's mother came along and had to screw everything over. Despite the good relationship that Payton and Alyssa had, there were still some tense moments. When Payton killed May Miller by letting her drink her blood, Alyssa los het mother. But she never blamed Payton. She knew that this was what had to be done and that there would never be peace if Payton hadn't. 

Alyssa went into detox because of the fact that she was supposed to die when her mother did. Payton felt really guilty and tried to get her out of it as much as she could. When Alyssa finally is able to live a normal life again she becomes the ruler of the Millers, because of the fact that her mother was. She had to do this together with Jason, Payton's husband. Because of the fact that Payton's husband is co-ruler of the Millers she becomes his mate, as they call it. Therefor the relationship between Alyssa and Payton gets even stronger. They rule the Millers together and spend a lot of time in each other company. 

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