Payton Silverstone
Biographical information
Full birthname Payton Paige Silverstone-Greene
Also known as None
Titles In Magical Dimension:
Born June 6th 1990, Waterfall Creek
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 18/19 (Season One)
19/20 (Season Two)
Occupation High School Student
University Student
Journalist at the The Creek Daily
Manager at Decade
Owner of Pressed On
Residence The Silverstone House
Supernatural information
Species Royal Witch
Bloodline Silverstone Bloodline and Greene Bloodline
Abilities Powers:
  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Healing
Family & Relationships
Parents Lillian Silverstone (mother)
Christopher Greene (father)
Lucy Greene (guardian)
Siblings Claire Silverstone (sister)

Liam Greene (paternal half-brother)

Relatives Lucy Greene (maternal aunt)
Ava Carrington (step-daughter)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Pierre Dumoulin (ex-boyfriend)

Jason Dawson (husband)

Children Alena Dawson
AJ Dawson
Amore Dawson
Physical description
Height 5'7"
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Portrayed By Minka Kelly
Payton is so real. She knows she's the best yet she can be so insecure. She doesn't trust easily but she wants to be loved. And when she trusts and loves you, she TRUSTS and LOVES you. Payton is brave, yet scared. She does what needs to be done. She is my best friend, and I'm so proud of her.
— Mike talking about Payton

 Payton Silverstone is one of the main characters in Touch of Magic. She is the older sister of Claire and she has an older half-brother, Liam. She is married to Jason Dawson and she's the mother of their three children: Alena,Andrew and Amore

She was a student of SJBS where she graduated, before getting a journalism degree. She is best friends with Mike Creeton and close friends with Mila Romano, Justin Saphire and Alyssa Miller.

She is a twiceblessed witch of both the Silverstone and Greene Bloodline giving her the title of Queen Payton in Divitia and Princess Payton in Slivatica. This makes her part of the The Silverstone Family and The Greene family . She is also a part of The Dawsons and The Millers  by marriage to Jason. 


Early lifeEdit

Little payton
Payton was born to a happy family consisting of her mother Lillian and her father Christopher, but that soon changed when her father became an alcoholic after landing in a depression when his powers were taken away. When she was two, Payton's little sister Claire was born. Grasping onto the final happiness he had, Christopher started to favor his youngest daughter who he hadn't hurt yet contrary to Payton. Payton was being neglacted by him, to the point where he threw beer bottles at her when she'd ask him for something. Payton has blocked most of these memories out though, and she rarely mentions her father to this day. (see more : Christopher and Payton).

Her mom tried her best to be there for both her children , but she had to work since her husband had gotten unemployed. Payton remembers her mom very well, mostly her perfume and her laugh. She spend a lot of time in the kitchen of their family house and in the back yard. Lillian was also Payton's main tutor in learning magic. At some point shortly after Payton's 3rd birthday she went to France with her mom, which is where she met Sebastien Ambroise. (see more: Lillian and Payton)

Her parents died when Payton was four , and she was raised in the magical dimesion as princess Payton for two years. After that , she end her sister were raised by Lucy Greene who got custody over the girls. In 1996, Payton started attending Primary School and then went on to middle school. When she was 13, she became a freshman at Sint-Joseph's Boarding School and she started dorming. Her original roommate was Katie Sampter. The following year Katie transfered to a single room and when Claire became a freshman Lucy arranged for the sisters to be roommates, before she would leave to go and live in Texas. Although she is still their guardian, Payton hasn't directly spoken to Lucy in over a year, since Payton wasn't in the dorm the day Claire moved in. (see more : Lucy and Payton)

While attending SJBS Middle school and High school she meets most of her close friends, including Mike Creeton and Mila Romano in their first year together, as well as her boyfriend Pierre Ambroise.  and they have been friends ever since. 

Season OneEdit

In her Junior Year , Payton meets Jason and Seth and immediatly dislikes them. Her main motivation is her general hatred for what his kind had done to her parents. When several attacks happen, including an innocent dying, Payton has enough and she makes an agreement that forces the Dawsons to leave after one month. However Claire hijacks the spell and allows entry to the Dawsons. It is then revealed Payton and Claire messed up the spell, causing Lauren and Nate to loose control over their powers. Ultimately Payton agrees the Dawsons can stay after she hears about Seth saving Claire's life.

Payton struggles with the guys being around at school, but she tries to deal with it to the best of her capabilities while she tries to mend the relationship with her sister. When the news arrives that old enemies of the Dawsons are on their way, Payton attends a meeting held by James, including other important vampire leaders such as Vincent Taylor and Pearl Price. However they are reluctant to cooperate when they find out who the hostiles are, something Payton is kept in the dark about.

Despite Payton's frustration, Claire convinces Payton to fight alongside the Dawsons. Payton impresses them with her fighting skills and then it's revealed that the hostile vampires were James siblings. Payton then shows sympathy to the fact that James just had to watch them die, and she invisions her own reaction to the betrayal of Claire, causing her to relate to Julie and John who came to have revenge.

Conflicted by her own emotions about the Dawsons and the impending holiday season, Payton finds comfort with Mike, and distracts herself with the social life of her friends and the school newspaper. In early December Payton is invited to a dinner honoring Seth's 205th birthday. There, Claire tells her she kissed Seth, and Payton surprises herself when she is actually happy for her sister. She then attends Winter Formal with Mike.

After the Dawsons return from their vacation over the holidays, Payton confides in Jason about her past relationship, as they now both have front-row tickets to Seth and Claire's romance. Payton talks to him about Pierre, and Jason does a similar story about his first love, Beth. She also finds out Jason used to be in the army.

On Valentine's Day, Payton is involved in Operation Cupid, orchestrated by Mike to get Mila and Katie to admit their feelings for eachother and open up. Payton enjoys having all the loving couples around because for once it means she does not have to receive all the negative emotions. She then realises she has been holding on to negative emotions for herself too long, and she decides Jason deserves a chance to prove himself.

Their relationship then grows into a real friendship, where they talk to eachother in private sub-conversations at the lunch table, to the point where Mike feels like he is being replaced. Payton then explains that there is a big difference between Jason and Mike, hinting that she might start to have feelings for Jason.

Payton and Jason's almost-romanc goes on untill they finally admit what they both really want to say. Payton a dmits she has feelings for him she never thought she could have, and they share a kiss. Their relationship develops slowly from their on. Their spring picniks are consisting of him telling her old ancient stories, and their summer afternoons consist of showing off their skills at the pond, or at the Dawson house. Meanwhile Payton tries to find Mike a girlfriend too, but with little success.

In the spring, they find out her parent's house will be demolished and she is furious. Because of this, Jason offers his family to buy the house in Payton and Claire's name, so that their family legacy can continue. But the elders are less happy about this, and they threaten to call Payton and Claire back to the magical dimension if they agree. Faced with choosing between their love and their family, Payton makes another offer, which gives up Claire and Payton's active powers so the can prove they can protect themselves without the Elders. The Elders agree and that June , Payton celebrates her 18th birthday without her powers.

At the end of Junior year, Payton attends prom with Jason and the two are seemingly headed for a normal senior year. But the next day, Claire doesn't show up and Payton's biggest fear appears to be coming true. With the help of Alyssa, they are able to find Claire and keep her alive in a coma. Payton never leaves Claire's bedside, not even when she finds out she can graduate a year early because of her extra credits from working at the school newspaper.

Season TwoEdit

After Claire wakes up, Jason reminds her that life is precious and Payton enrolls in college in Portland. She gets an apartment which she insists she pays alone. When Liam shows up, Claire is willing to embrace a new family member. However when she calls Payton, Payton says she doesn't want anything to do with him. But it's too late and Liam is already on his way. Once he gets there, Payton says no more then 10 words to him before throwing him out again.

Jason is trying to be supportive of his girlfriend, but finds it hard to see her block out one of the few family members she has left. When one night he says he called Liam up to give it another try, Payton freaks out saying she doesn't want any part of her dad in her life, nor any of the people who killed her parents. She says this because of Liam's vampire genetics, but this also applies to Jason and Jason takes off because of this, and they break up.

The next morning, Payton has gotten barely any sleep when Alyssa knocks on her door in a worried mind. According to Alyssa, news about the breakup has spread because vampires in Portland had been keeping a close eye on Payton. Now they assume she's weak, and they might be out to get her. Alyssa is understanding enough not to mention Jason in any way and she offers a distraction by constructing a plan to keep Payton alive in a town where rogue vampires reside and where she no longer has any magic.

Originally Payton plays the act of a week little thing. She enrolls into college and takes the same route home every day to make it easy on the vampires. But secretly Alyssa is right there and she takes down any vampire who goes after Payton. Once Payton is over Jason and she realises Alyssa's plan was also therapy, she feels empowered. Payton asks Alyssa if she wants to train her so she can become strong and take down the vampires herself.

Alyssa reluctantly agrees, but says Payton will have to come to dinner with her and Liam first. Payton agrees, figuring she doesn't have anything to loose now that Jason is gone and she wants to show Claire she is fine. So Payton and Liam agree to come over, and Alyssa keeps a close eye on them. Liam's story on how he was isolated during his childhood are stuff Payton can relate with, and the two siblings show to be very similar in a way. They bond over the fact that their father wasn't there in their lives. When the evening comes to an end, Liam offers that the two of them go jogging in the morning, and Payton agrees.

From that moment, Payton starts to train with both Alyssa and Liam. She hangs out more often in their loft across the street from her than in her own appartment, and so she decides to get rid of it because it contains memories of Jason. She then moves in across the hall from Liam and Alyssa. In the fall, she returns to Waterfall Creek where she becomes Homecoming queen. She accepts the crown, but dedicates it to her mom, who was also homecoming queen. Her speech sparks the attention of the culture comitéé, where her mom Lillian was formerly a member off. When they ask her to join, Payton politely declines, and she continues spending the weekend with Claire. She tries to comfort her sister in Seth's absence, after he has left to go into transition at a safer distance. In the winter she hurdles through her first set of exams.

In december she hosts a dinner party on Christmas where she invites all her closest friends and family. Seth is able to attend, but he si on edge throughout the night. At a certain time, Alyssa takes Seth outside to talk to him. Payton overhears, and she finds out Seth is not the only one going through transition, but that Jason is too. This explains Alyssa's frequent abscence. When Alyssa hears Payton at the other side of the wall, she uses her Miller amnesia to make Payton forget. However this only works short-term because of the strong emotions Payton feels (and her former empathic powers) and after the holidays Payton wakes up realising what is going on.

Liam convinces Alyssa to tell Payton, and the three of them drive up to Canada where Jason has been staying in a cabin that Alyssa is frequently visiting. Payton feels conflicted as she realises what is going on. Jason's transition indicates he loves her greatly, and a certain feeling of guilt gets at her. She realises Jason will not survive transition without her, and she agrees to help out his transition but she handles the matter very practically, instead of emotionally.

In March, the worst part of Jason's transition is over and Payton focusses back on school after getting side-tracked. Jason manages on his own, and gets updated by Alyssa which Payton is aware of.

In February, Payton finds out one of the vampires she killed has consequences, as her former guardian is found dead in Texas. She realises her aunt's identity was no longer covered by the elders, making it easy for the independant vampires to find her and kill her in revenge for Payton's actions in Portland.

Around early March, Liam knocks on her door saying The Millers are on its way to clean up the vampire mess.When Grace finds Liam a few days later, she pretends to be shocked to find him with Payton. Liam states he rather stay with his sister than go with his mother, showing great loyalty to Payton. When she asks him if he meant that, she says he does. He decides to go a step further and offers to become Claire's guardian untill she is old enough, preventing Claire to become a foster child for the remaining few months untill her 18th birthday.

In April, Payton attends the wedding of Alyson and Dylan at their beachhouse. While she's there she meets friends of the couple who ask her if she has any plans with her paternal house, suggesting she might want to sell it. Payton says she won't ever sell it, and as she glances off to her sister and Seth she makes the first plans in her head to make it a home again. That evening, Jason and Payton encounter at the wedding for the first time since their last talk back in February. Jason starts talking about their future and overwhelms Payton, who says she needs time before she can have a relationship with him again. Jason is upset, but he understands. Payton tells him she has been looking into dorming, because it will allow her for more social interactions.

When she is back in Portland, Payton picks up her life again as she prepares for the final exams. Jason keeps an eye on her throughout this, which she is unaware of. One night she is out at a bar with some friends, when she goes out to the alley to catch some air. Out there, an old vampire named Mason awaits her. He attacks her and causes a great amount of injuries, the biggest one of which by stabbing her in the back.

Jason jumps in and handles Mason before taking Payton to the lofts. Liam offers to help, but Jason says he doesn't trust him around all of the blood. Alyssa attempts to help, but ultimatly she and Liam have to leave. Jason calls Elisabeth, who then gives Jason instructions to prevent her from bleeding out. He chooses to accept her wish not to go to the hospital because she is afraid to die there just like she had seen her mom die. Jason assures her that's not going to happen and he stays with her untill Elisabeth arrives to tend to her wounds.

Payton realises she would have been dead without Jason. However, Payton is still careful and they take things slow. Whenever Payton is back in Waterfall Creek , they start hanging out a bit more. The rest of her time in Waterfall Creek she spends renovating her parent's house, which takes up a lot of her time. (2x17) In the middle of those renovations, the elders decide to invite many of the magical royalty for the activation of the portal. This reunites Payton with her old friend Sebastien Ambroise. The two start talking and Sebastien suprising her by suggesting a marriage between them, which would solve all of their problems. Payton says she needs to think about it. Jason overhears this, and he talks to Payton about what it means for her. Payton tries to explain to Jason why it would make sense, but truely she knows that it wouldn't. Payton ends the conversation there, and takes some time to think.

Throughout the next few days she is very confused about her feelings, and Jason tries to make sure she doesn't make decisions she will regret. They have a conversation in the woods where Payton lets go of some of her anger. Afther that, she states for the whole Dawson coven that she will not accept Bash' proposal.

The next day she travels to New Orleans with Elisabeth. There she explains to Bash she is still in love with Jason. She gets a suprise text from Mila, who has come to the states to look at universities for Mike. (2x19) They meet up in the NOLA arts district and go to an exhibition, where Payton finds out Mila plans to break up with Mike. Even though Payton advises to break the news gently, Payton doesn't hear from Mila and neither does Mike, suggesting that Mila might have ignored her advice and left back to Europe without saying goodbye to either of them.

Halfway through of August, Payton starts to realise she might be ready to get back together with Jason. They start hanging out, and Payton for the first time witnesses how hard their seperation has been on Jason, considering he has transitioned after all. (2x20)On August 11th, Payton shares a story from her childhood after realising the date of today. Jason listens to her and is right there to comfort her. In their embrace, Payton looks up at him and she kisses Jason's lips.

Aside from occasionally hanging out with Jason, she also rekindles her friendship with Nate. Nate starts to frequently spend time around the Silverstone house, to keep Payton company now that Claire and Seth have basically locked themselves in Claire's (own!) room.

A little bit before school starts for Claire and Seth they go on a double date. Later that night she finds him listening to their piano song. Jason offers her to dance, which she accepts. They end up doing more than just dancing, and they sleep together that night.

The next morning Mike calls Payton because he is worried that he still hasn't heard anything from Mila. Payton then decides to look more for her friend.

Season ThreeEdit

With Liam upset and storming off, Payton is left to deal with the final push of Claire's guardianship, but she is glad that her sister is now no longer in any danger.

While Claire distracts herself with senior year and her desire to be a designer, Payton is very supportive of her. She even visits Waterfall Creek on the first day of school for the seniors. She is happy to see that Alyssa has returned to town. She also tells her sisters and the other Dawsons that she and Jason are back together. When she mentions to Alyssa that Liam suddently left, Alyssa offers to help her out in looking for him and she puts her contacts to use.

A few weeks pass and Payton and Jason attend the homecoming celebrations in Waterfall Creek. Payton asks for an update from Alyssa, but she hasn't found anything yet. Shortly after homecoming Payton receives a letter from Bash, saying he has ended his marriage with Celeste. When Payton tells Jason, he feels intimidated and scared that he might loose Payton again. Payton reassures Jason that he has nothing to fear from Bash, and that they are just friends.

As October begins, there is still no word of Mila and neither of Liam, Payton starts to get more and more scared. She starts to think that Liam and Mila's disappearance are not a coincidence. The next day, Alyssa finally gets a tip. Payton and Jason go to the safehouse Alyssa had told them.

They stumble upon some members of the Millers, and Jason fights them off. Payton realises Jason's past with the Millers is bigger than she imagined, but before she can think more about that she goes in to confront her brother. Payton rushes to Mila before Liam enters from the other room. Payton asks him why he did this, and when he replies with 'I don't know' Payton furiously lashes out at him. She is about to use one of her athames when Jason stops her. Seeing as Liam doesn't make any effort to run, Payton watches how Jason beats him up. Meanwhile Payton looks after Mila, and guides her out of the house.

After the betrayal of her brother, Payton tells him to never come near her or her family again, and tells him that he is dead to her. She regrets ever allowing him in her life, and she apologizes to Mila for what he did to her. Payton continues to feel guilty but she tries to focus on school again. When Mila says she can't stay around any longer, Payton understands and they agree to stay in touch.

As the weather begins to get colder, Payton can finally focus on school without worrying about a million and one things. Now that she has stopped hunting vampires and her best friends are safe, things are a lot quieter than before and she is able to relax a bit. Jason makes sure she does plenty of that by taking her camping on their anniversary and stuff like that. When Jason takes her to an old building in Waterfall Creek, he suggests to her to make it into a nightclub. Payton is originally a bit hesitent, but she agrees after all when Lauren talks to her about it. Lauren and Jason start working together on the project, and Payton is happy that Jason has found a job that works for him.

When Mike comes to visit her a few days before thanksgiving, Payton wonders why he does not seem to be talking about school. Instead he seems very interested in the club idea and avoids any school related subject. When she finds out he has quit, she is dissappointed but Mike explains to her that college wasn't his thing and with everything that happened to Mila he didn't want to be at the other side of the country from his friends.

Payton agrees, and she starts to feel a bit homesick herself. When the holidays finally arrive, she is very happy to finally see her family again. They spend Christmas Eve at the Dawson house and they spend New Year's eve at the Silverstone House. STOPPED HERE

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit


"If she ever becomes a vampire, I don't kknow if there is much room for improvement in her beauty..."
Nate about Payton during the Dawson Charity Ball

Payton is a very beautiful, attractive young woman with a long squared face, light olive complexion, brown eyes and brown hair, variating from dark to light. Her hair is usually shoulder lenght, occasionally shorter or longer. Her eyes are not green like most of her paternal ancestors.

She prefers wearing her hair half up or fully up in a ponytail. She usually wears make up, not a lot but not a little either. She jokes it's her way of looking flawless like others in her family such as Alyson and Elisabeth.

Her style can be described as casual, but with a classy touch. She has a thing for pastel colours, and loose fitted items. She also buys dresses, but those somehow make it into Claire's closet as she said herself. She has a style that mixes work and party for when she is at the club.

Assigned Outfits

Education and Professional CareerEdit

Payton lived in Divitia from the age of 4 until she was 7, and she started Elementary school at SJBS at that age being one year older than the other kids in her class. She attended SJBS Eementary and SJBS Middle School until she started attending SJBS High School at age 15. That year she also became a boarding student, and the next year their aunt Lucy left to go back to Texas.

Payton was a Senior in the 2008-2009 school year. She took

Payton got a fully funded offer from university to study Journalism, on an unknown sponsors money, which turned out to be Pierre Ambroise. She attended her first year, during the first half of which she was broken up with Jason and the second half of which they reunite. She takes a break from school to raise her newborn daughter and starts her second year in the January of 2011. She finishes her degree in the summer of 2014, during which time she lived in Portland.

Right after graduating, Payton and her family move back to Waterfall Creek to be in town when the new baby is born in November 2014. Around the holidays, Payton gets a job offer from The Creek Daily. Payton takes the job, and works there from Januar to May 2015. She then quits, however, because of the fact that Simon Fell wants to run a story on her and her family.

She works at Decade for a while throughout the remainder of 2015. She becomes co-owner when she gets married to Jason in August 2015. She takes a step down from the club in late 2015 when she is revealed to be pregnant again. After giving birth to their third child in May 2016, Payton start making plans to create her own publishing company with adjecent coffeebar/bookstore, in a joint-venture with Elizabeth.


Payton took the responsibility on her and grew up very fast , because she had to take care of her sister. She has developed a great skill in leadership. Her powers make her very understanding and she is a listening ear to all her friends. She is also a hard worker , because she had to prove herself at a young age.



Payton and Pierre once dated, but broke up when he 'cheated' on her. Eventually they cleared up the misunderstanding when Pierre reveals himself to be a wizard. Ever since they get along fine, and they are friends with. They are both magical royalty which creates a special connection between them. (see more : Payton and Pierre)

Payton and Sebastien are both magical royalty and this is the base of their friendship. They met as kids and they've been in touch ever since. When the Silverstones held a gathering to re-introduce the Silverstone House, Bash attended and he proposed to Payton for them to get married. Payton declined, but they stayed friends. (see more : Payton and Sebastien)

Payton and Jason are lovers, soulmates, husband and wife and best friends. They have a very close relationship despite the fact that they didn't have the best start. They fell in love eventually and have been through a lot, but ultimatly their love persevered. (see more : Jason and Payton)


Payton and Claire are sisters, best friends, roommates and twiceblessed witches. They know everything about one another and they have a bond that is unseen by most people. (see more : Claire and Payton)

Payton and Liam are paternal half-siblings. Even though they had a rough start Payton learned to accept him and have him in her life, untill he made a big mistake by kidnapping her best friend. They did not speak for several years, untill he turns up unannounced stating he is a human now. After that, Payton is able to fogive him for what he did when certain things are revealed, and she is supportive of him when he becomes a dad unexpectedly. (see more : Liam and Payton)

(see more : Christopher and Payton)

(see more : Lillian and Payton)

Payton and Alena have a very close connection. Alena looks a lot like her mother in the way that she has a big sense of responsibility. Payton has always taught Alena to be herself and never let anyone tell her she isn't good enough.

When Alena was conceived and Payton realised she was pregnant it was a never before seen occasion. Right from that moment, Payton loved her daughter more than she had every loved anyone. She was very eager to find a good name, and she decided on Alena as a suggestion by Jason. Payton added the names Lillian and Lauren in honor of the two important people in Payton's life. As a newborn Payton states Alena was the most perfect baby. When Alena was a toddler, Payton started to recognize a lot of herself in Alena's little personality. But she also recognized a pattern. This brought a fear to Payton that she'd follow the same fate as her mother and leave behind two small children. Payton feared this again when Alena and her younger brother got kidnapped by May. Ultimatly Alena and AJ were brought to safety, and shortly after that Alena was happy to finally meet her little sister. Payton recalls how Alena wanted a girl but AJ fought her on that stating it would be a boy. Alena was ultimatly right, and Payton was delighted to see her care for her little sister. Payton and Jason tried to give Alena the most normal childhood they could. When the question came which school she'd attend, they enrolled her in SJBS as a regular student. There, Alena attended with her cousins untill she was 18.

Payton and AJ are very close, despite the fact that AJ is more of a daddy's boy. AJ takes his parents into account whenever he makes decisions, and he has great respect for them and how they raised him. AJ stated he hopes his own wife is as great to their children as Payton was to him.

Payton and Amore share a special connection and they are particulary close. Even before she was born, Payton knew Amore was safe. After that, Amore kept surprising Payton with what she could do and how she thrived and succeeded in everything she put her mind to. Amore resembles her mother in her creative expression for music, and in her natural talent for magic and spells. TBC


Payton and Mike are best friends and have been so since childhood. TBC (see more : Mike and Payton)

Payton and Mila are very close friends and former classmates at SJBS. They met as children and have been close ever since, despite the fact that they lived in different continent for a long time. TBC

Payton and Alyssa are close friends and they have been so since Payton moved to Portland. Alyssa was originally very intimidating to her, ut when Alyssa had her back after Payton broke up with Jason, she proved to be a good friend. They bonded in Portland, and they occasionally still go working out together. Alyssa is the godmother of Payton's oldest daughter, Alena. TBC (see more:Payton and Alyssa

Payton and Justin are friends and have been since childhood. Justin is Claire's best friend but he and Payton also know eachother very well because they often went on day trips together along with Justin's family. TBC

Payton considers Phoebe as one of her closest friends, and she refuses to see her as a student of hers. Phoebe has stated she enjoyed learning from Payton, and besides learning magic they've also spend numerous afternoons just chatting and gossiping. (see more : Payton and Phoebe)

Powers and TalentsEdit

Like any normal witch or wizard, Payton has limited elemental powers under the form of Geokinesis. Likewise, she is also able to do different kind of spells in different kind of difficulties. She created one spell herself , a protection spell , to keep her unborn child safe from any harm. 

Aside from basic witchcraft, Payton was born with some specific special powers.

  • Telekinesis (enherited): She can move stuff and people arround with her mind, without touching them. Making it easy for her to lift stuff and put stuff back where they belong.  She enherited this power from her mother's side of the family
  • Advanced Agrokinesis (enherited): Payton can control nature and earth better then the average witch or wizard. She can make fauna and flora survive in otherwise harsh conditions. She enherited this power from her father's side of the family
  • Advanced Photokinesis: Payton can control light, both natural and synthetic. She can brighten rooms that do not have a source of light.
  • Flashing :Payton can, like many other important witches and wizards, flash. It is a power of transportation, that allows her to teleport to another place in case of a severe emergency. The power is mostly used to transport to the magical dimension without using a portal. It also usually requires two witches, one to go somewhere, and one to get back (since it's very draining)
  • Empathy: Payton can sense feelings of people around her. She usually knows when someone is hiding someone or lying as well , so the power goes beyond just emotions. She has conditioned herself into blocking out Claire's emotions, and later on she does the same with Jason, Seth and Alyssa (at a certain point being aided by a magical ring). She is the first empath to be born with the power.
  • Healing : Payton has the power to heal. She theoretically can also heal people without a hartbeat and bring them back, but that would stop her own heart because the amount of power it takes from her. She can not heal herself, and because of this Payton is often extra protected during battles. 
  • Omnikinesis (shared with Claire) : Payton and her sister Claire together are able of doing omnikinesis, having control over everything. This is a result of them being born as twiceblessed children. Before Claire was born, Payton had the ability to do this on her own, but she never manifested in this particular area of witchcraft at this early age.
    • Payton and Claire first use this power against The Dawson Group, but they have known the theoreticality of it since they were raised in the Golden Castle.

Secretly her true passion is playing the piano , because it reminds her of her mom. She also dances as an outlet and she writes. She usually writes for the school newspaper , where she is editor in chief , but also occasionally writes articles. 


  • Stronger : 
  • Cry (glee version) : 
  • The only exception :
  • Thinking of you :


  • She dropped her father's last name in high-school , but officially her full last name is Silverstone-Greene.Payton's middle name is Paige, something only Claire, Mike and Jason knew untill Jason's marriage vows.
  • Payton speaks several foreign languages including French and Latin.
  • Payton learned to play the piano from her mother as a young child and has taught herself from there on.
  • Payton has owned/co-owned three cars so far. The lastest beind a Acura MDX
  • She is potentially the most powerful character in Touch of Magic, both magically and politically.
    • She is the first of her species, and her experience makes her more powerful than her sister Claire (by a small margin) and her niece, Sophia.
    • She is a twiceblessed witch, combining the second and third strongest bloodlines and giving her very unique abilities such as Telekinesis.
    • She is married into The Millers 2.0 and is allies with another big vampire group
    • She is well-connected and respected as a royal, as shown in her contact with Sebastian Ambroise and The Hainasoni's youngest generation.
  • She owned a cat named Salem when she lived in Portland after Jason left. However she had to return it back to Mike because she was in no state to take care of it. Salem returned when Dianna died, and Payton agreed to take care of her again.
  • She, along with her sister Claire, have experienced the most death in their close environment. She once stated to Liam she has witnessed more funerals then she had birthdays.
    • Her maternal grand-parents died in a plane crash, triggering Payton's fear of flying.
    • She lost both her parents at the age of 4
    • She blamed herself for not knowing Lincoln was a vampire spy, and the death of Perry that it resulted in. She also blamed herself for not being able to protect her high-school friend Katie, who dissappeared and was presumed dead.
    • Her paternal aunt has died and she had to identify the body
    • Jodie and Keith Saphire, who partially raised her and her sister, have died.
    • She has suffered from the death of Mike's mother, Dianna, who was a mother figure to her
    • She blames herself for indirectly killing Nora by killing May, amongst many other innocent people in the Miller army. The Anconi confronted her on this kill, referring to it as the biggest genocide in the magical world.
    • She blames herself for Chloë's death because she insisted Chloë left when the magical world was inbalanced, leaving her unprotected to an attack.
  • Payton owns shares in 2 businesses
    • Decade (25% shares)
    • Pressed On (50% shares)
  • Payton has several huge fears, caused by prior trauma's:
    • Fear of lightning & storms
    • Fear of flying
    • Fear of hospitals/medical situations