Nina Ward
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 232 AC
Turned N/A
Died 2015
Age 23 (1783)
Occupation Spy for The Anconi
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Vampires
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Extreme Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color dirty blonde
Eye Color green
Portrayed By None
Nina Ward is a character in Touch of Magic. She is an old nemesis of Jade Miller.

Nina is a vampire and a spy for The Anconi. She is very notorious within the Anconi and has a reputation similar to Jade.


Early LifeEdit

Nina was born in the ancient times, and she was the daughter of a merchant. When she was found by members of the first coven she was turned into a vampire for her beauty. She gained a lot of attention in her earlier vampire days, but these days she's tired of man drooling on her. She quickly learned she prefered being a bit more in the shadows, and so she was trained to be a spy.

Season SixEdit

In Season Six, Nina is one of the first vampires to appear in Waterfall Creek. On the battlefield, she gets tasked with taking out Jade, but she is not succesfull in this. As soon as she notices the Anconi is loosing, she decides to leave the fight and she hides out in the woods. 


Nina is very determined, driven and loyal


Nina has lived for thousands of years



Jim is Nina's sire, and she was one of his most loyal followers, untill he gave up her training to Frey Waldor.

Nina is Frey's oldest trainee. They have a strong connection, and she is very loyal to him. There have been rumors of a romantic relationship between them.


Nina is rumoured to have a seduction power similar to the old myths of a succubus, which might be based on her.


Nina is a talented spy in the Anconi, potentially one of the most talented ones. Her experience gives her an advantage, but she has weaknesses that for example Jade doesn't have which makes her not thé best.



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