Nick and Sophia
Nickname Nophia
Intimacy level Flirted
Species Wizard and Witch (twiceblessed)
First met Unknown
Duration 2 months
Status N/A

You are one bad-ass wonderful beautiful magical being
— Nick to Sophia

This is the relationship between Sophia Greene and Nick Thornton.


Nick and Sophia met when he visited Waterfall Creek once more after his departure. He meets Sophia at 15 years old, and is amazed by the legend standing in front of him. On Sophia's end there is mostly confusion about the boy who is seemingly in his 20's, but she knows he's way older. They get to talking about Nick's slowed down aging and Sophia's rapid growth (mostly her magic side, not so much physically). Nick expresses he struggles with his powers because he hasn't been around witches, yet withing 10 minutes he is already able to make a fireball, something he hasn't done in years.

The two of them remain talkative throughout his visit, as they both exchange pieces of their souls. When Alena asks about a romantic relationship, Sophia denies anything is there, but truthfully she might have developped feelings. They share one kiss, before deciding they should not get involved with one another, stating 'There are already too many old dudes in this family with girlfriends that are way too young', potentially indicating Sophia's aunts. The two jokingly seperate and go their own ways again, but they remain close friends over phonecalls and e-mails.

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