Nicholas Bryan Thornton
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born January 21st, 1993
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 21
Occupation Unknown
Residence Hainasoni Compound
Supernatural information
Species Wizard
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Pyrokinesis, Haemokinesis (advanced)
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'11"
Hair Color brown
Eye Color light brown
Portrayed By None
My whole life decisions have been made for me. People telling me what I can and can't do. Who I can and can't date. What job I can and can't do. I think it's time we change that.
— Nick to Kendall as they're about to run away from their homes.

Nick Thornton is character in Touch of Magic and The Heart. He is the older brother of Naomi Thornton and close friends with his cousin Kendall Hagano. He is an employée of Silverstone Enterprises.

He is a wizard of the Hainasoni bloodline, and he has the title of Prince Nick in Sanguis. He is fourth in line for the throne, after his older cousins Louis, Laura and Lydia. He is a part of The Thornton Family and an allie of The Silverstones and The Millers 2.0.


Early LifeEdit

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Nick was the second wizard of the new generation witches and wizards to be born, after his two cousins Laura and Lydia and the eldest wizard Louis.

As he was a boy, he was expected to continue the bloodline (a patriline) and thus he was trained extra from infancy. However, when he was a toddler one of the trainings went terribly wrong. He died, and was brought back to life with a potion, but he had lost the power of pyrokinesis. He also had to learn to use basic powers from scratch again. Despite the accident, his family grew closer. Although he is 2 years older, he got to learn all things magic allong with his sister. Ever since,  they are inseperatable, along with Kendall. Nick made it his personal duty to prevent from such thing happening to Naomi.

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When Nick grew older he started to hang out with his other cousins. They all shared the same hatred for their parents. Their parents reign was so hard that sometimes things would get out of hand. Children left. People died. And Nick always just watched. There was nothing he could do. They felt like they always had to listen. Always agree and say yes to everything. But because of that he grew even closer with his cousins. They had been through the same things and they started to stick up for each other.

Season One (The Heart)

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When his sister got picked to go to the Millers something snapped inside of him. He had always been very protective over her and now she was sent into something very dangerous. Somewhere he wasn't able to protect her. He tried to swop places with her. He told his parents he was going to the Millers instead of his sister, but they would not listen to him. The day before she left something happened, that changed things forever. His parents wanted him to marry a woman of their choice. Someone who had their approval, but she appeared to be someone he could never be with. She was already thirty years old and pregnant from another man. He could never raise that child. He was a child himself. He went against his parents and he got punished for that. He couldn't say goodbye to his sister and his father stabbed him in his shoulder, almost killing him. The months after that he spend in separation from his friends. He wasn't allowed to see anybody and was locked up in his room all day.
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When his cousins finally found a way to escape the rule of their parents he went with them. He is unable to drive but he takes care of food when they stop multiple times for gas. They finally arrive in Waterfall Creek and there met the Silverstone sisters.

Season Three (Bloodlines)

Upon his arrival in the town, he is very much impressed by the life the famous Silverstone sisters have created for themselves. He offers his assistance where he can, and he gains the priveledge of studying their spellbooks. He is the one to provide a cloaking spell for Amanda Delaine, to hide her from The Anconi's trackers.




Nick is kind and protective. His personality shifted very much after his father attacked him. He became very suspicious of everything around him and he has trust issues. He is also unsupportive of the vampires in Waterfall Creek, yet he pushes that part of Payton and Claire's life aside when he is in awe of their life. When he is forced to reflect on his life, he realises his judgement was misplaced. He returns to be a fierce young man who fights for what's right.


Nick is close with his cousin Kendall Hagano and his sister Naomi Thornton despite their sibling fights.He has a strained relationship with his father, Bryan Thornton.


Nick and Emilia were allies, both entangled with The Millers 2.0. They met this way and after being friends they evolved into more, ultimatly beginning a romantic relationship (see more : Emilia and Nick).


Nick and Naomi are siblings. Despite their differences sometimes, they care greatly about one another and they are close friends when it comes down to it. (see more : Nick and Naomi)

Nick and Kendall are cousins and best friends. (see more : Nick and Kendall)






(see more: Nick and Jade)

Powers and TalentsEdit

Like any other normal witch or wizard, Nick has limited elemental powers under the form of Geokinesis. Likewise, he is also able to do different kind of spells in different kind of dificulties. 

Aside from asic witchcraft, Nick was born with some specific special powers.

  • Haemokinesis: Nick can create,control and manipulate blood of himself, of others and of surrounding masses of blood (f.e. bloodbags or -bottles). He is the single living wizard who has this power.
  • Advanced Pyrokinesis: Nick can control fire or create it, better than other wizards except for those of his bloodline.