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Nate and Payton
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met Dawson Charity Ball
Duration N/A
Status Ended (caused by Nate's death)

You are more like a brother to me then my real brother ever was...
— Payton to Nate

 This is the relationship between good friends Nate Dawson and Payton Silverstone .


Nate and Payton first met at the Dawson Charity Ball. Although Payton disliked the vampire family, she was impressed by their organisational skills, especially the security it took to safely gather this many vampires. One of the aspects of this was Nate, giving her clear instructions on what she should do if anything happened.

Although this didn't reàlly help Payton feel safe around the many vampires, she knew that her sister would at least not get sacrificed. Nate expressed his envy for Seth, for being able to be with Claire. He is also one of the person to comment on Payton and Jason's chemistry, although he does it when the Silverstone sisters are not around.

When Payton starts to warm up to the family, and mainly Jason, Nate is happy for Jason to 'finally get laid'. He puts it jokingly, but Payton is offended at first. Nate explains it was a joke, and then continues to show her the control room, including over 15 cameras of the house. Nate says he can watch them have sex in Jason's room, to witch Payton laughs, getting the hang of Nate's sense of humor.

Nothing of that sort happens, yet when it does Nate always makes sure he and Lauren stay at their cabin. Nate says that he started seeing Payton as a little sister, and he can't be in the same house when Jason and Payton sleep together. Nate's protectiveness is a red wire thoughout the next few months. 

He even offers to learn Payton how to drive, to which Lauren notes that he doesn't have the best driving style out of all of them. Jason eventually teaches her, yet Nate contributes to the proces. For her birthday he gifts her one of the cars he completely remodeled with Dylan. Other noticeble moments include their movie-debates and Payton learning how to put a password onto her files from Nate. He is the only one who knows it (tho indirectly) through his built-in looking window.

Payton originally is against Nate and Lauren moving to Portland, but later comes to terms with it when Jason abandones her in their breakup. Nate is resented against seeing her hanging out with Liam, but realises family is important to her, and he lets it be. Payton makes sure to visit plenty when Lauren and Nate move back to Waterfall Creek.

Many months later Payton reveals she is pregnant with Jason's child. Nate immediatly draws plans in his head to built a fortress around the Dawson House to protect them. Eventually James decides on a slightly smaller version of it, including Nate's suggestion of doing patrolls in the woods. He assists Jason in building a crib, yet near the end he struggles with Payton's pregnancy a bit as he can hear a second heartbeat clearly. Nate is on the verge of dulging into human blood to still his nerves, but Payton and Lauren manages to keep him from it.

Shortly after he gets his urges back under controll the Anconi show up, causing a fitt for Payton and Claire, and Jason's offspring. Nate is one of the first to go into defence against the Anconi. In a fight that follows afterwards, he pays the ultimate price with his death, yet he died protecting Payton and her unborn child. Payton promises him her child will learn of her brave uncle Nate and aunt Lauren, when she stands at their graves.

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