Nate Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname Nathaniel Louis Bolton
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 23th April 1825
Turned N/A
Died Smoke inhalation/suffication (turned)

Protecting Payton from The Anconi

Age 22 (physical age)
182/183 Season One
Occupation Ran an underground club in London

Owned a record store

Residence The Dawson House
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard vampire abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By None
Payton give me the gun!
— Nate to Payton Silverstone

Nate Dawson (born Nathaniel Louis Bolton) was an important character in Touch of Magic. He was engaged to Lauren Dawson at the time of his death. He died protecting Payton

He was part of The Dawsons, being turned by Dylan McKenzie. </p>


Nathaniel Louis Bolton

Nate was born in Chicago as Nathaniel Louis Bolton. His parents did not have a lot of money so they worked very hard every day to make sure Nate could go to school and had the life he deserved. Because of the fact that his parents weren’t home all day Nate was on the street a lot. He got some bad friends and started stealing some little stuff. Just because he thought it was cool and he wanted to help his parents out. He never had a better example.

When he met a girl he had never seen before he started changing a bit. She was one of those girls that he felt like he would never be good enough for. She seemed nice and sweet and not like the girls he met before. He felt like he had to be a better person for her, but he also wanted her to enjoy her life the way she wanted to. Therefor he sometimes got her involved in things that weren't good for her, like smoking. He still regrets that till this day. They got together soon after and when she started attending the same school as he did he was really pleased. He finished school because of her, because if he had not had Lauren he would never have made it.

At new year’s eve he wanted to take her to a party in a warehouse he had heard of to celebrate the beginning of the year 1935.When they got there it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun. There was a lot of alcohol and music and when the clock struck twelve they shared a new year’s kiss. Outside you could hear the fireworks and everything seemed perfect. Until something went wrong and suddenly the whole warehouse was on fire. Nate couldn’t get them out of there in time and he got stuck under a big piece of wood. He could see that Lauren was already unconscious and that was the moment he thought he was going to die. Everything went black in a few minutes and then there was nothing.

Nate Dawson

When he woke up he felt very thirsty and he had no idea what had happened. Everything from his past just didn’t seem important anymore. He was in a house he didn’t recognise, but he could sense that Lauren was there too. When a man entered the room he recognised his face from somewhere but he had no idea where he had seen him before. Dylan then explained what had happened to him and told him he was the one that changed him into a vampire. That was the only way to save his life. He knew that Lauren would be very upset and he needed to talk to her. But she wouldn't let anybody finish. He then told her that she needed to listen to what people said sometimes and that was the moment that she accepted that they were saved by the Dawsons.

Nate had to adjust to being a vampire for a while, but then everything started to feel normal. He and Lauren had the task to make sure the shield around the house was active and make sure the security worked. When Alyson and Dylan to back to Waterfall Creek, Nate and Lauren stay behind in Europe. Nate runs an underground club in London, while Lauren works as a typewriter for a while. When the war kills are 3 other members, Nate and Lauren leave the city in 1944 and move to Portugal, Spain and later Switserland before moving back to America.

They decide to stick together with James and Elisabeth the following few years, occasionally going on a holliday for a few weeks. In 2000, Nate owns a record store. After their time has run out on Chicago, they agree to move to Waterfall Creek, a place Lauren and Nate had never been before. They assigned to securing the house. Nate hacks into must systems to require professional surveilance material. Lauren and Nate also opperate as the other 2 fosterchildren of James and Elisabeth, yet they maintain their most private life so far. Lauren moves to Portland when Nate decides that someone has to watch over Payton. When Payton and Jason break up there is a moment when she is alone in Portland and Nate feels like he is the one that has to make sure she is okay. He feels like her big brother. When everything seems okay again they move back to Waterfall Creek. There things soon get pretty heated up when the Anconi are threatening the Dawson’s because of Payton and Claire. They try to fix things but the Anconi won’t listen. This results in them killing both Nate and Lauren for trying to protect Claire and Payton.


Nate is a very protective person as it comes to the people that he loves. He wanted the best for Lauren when she was still human and then he wanted to protect Payton and Claire as much as he could. Therefor it was such a good thing that he did the security for the Dawsons. It made him feel like he could really do something for their protection. Besides his protectiveness, Nate has always been kind of a bad boy. He always liked doing the things that weren't good for him, but that were so much fun. Nate was a person who lived in the present and didn't think about what the next day would bring. He would deal with that when the time got there. 


Nate is one of the few vampires that never drank any human blood. He wanted to be there for Lauren, so when she decided to never drink human blood, he admired her and planned to do the same. 

1935-2009: Type A



They met as young teenagers during Nate's rebellious fase. They fell in love swiftly, and got turned together. Ever since they've been inseperable. (see more : Nate and Lauren)


Nate and Meghan were neighbours back in the UK when they were both still human. They were friends as one of the few kids in the neighbourhood. In 2014 Meghan finds out Nate was a part of the Dawsons, and she gets access to some of Nate's belongings from James. MeghanNate

Family Relationships Edit

  • Nate and James
  • Nate and Elisabeth
  • Nate and Jason
  • Nate and Seth
  • Nate and Alyson
  • Nate and Dylan


  • Nate and the Dawsons
  • Nate and Payton
    • Nate was originally skeptical of Payton and Claire's pressence, and especially Payton's hatred towards their species. When she apologized to him for what happened with Claire's spell, he saw a helplessness inside of her. Soon after he offered to train with her, and in doing so he got to know her better. Payton once stated she regretted that Nate and Lauren weren't the ones that came to the school. When Payton decided to move to Portland, Nate agreed to go with her. He provided her with pepperspray and was generally very protective of her in Jason's abscence. He died to save her and her unborn child.
  • Nate and Claire
  • Nate and Justin
  • Nate and Mike
  • Nate and Alyssa


Nate has a great talent for everything that has to do with music, as well as security. From hacking to protecting your stuff from hackers, he is the person you need to ask for help. Nate is mostly a pacifist but he can be very protective of his friends and family. He is known to de-escalate conflicts  such as those between Alyson and Alyssa.


  • Requiem for blue jeans - Lana del Rey (with Lauren)
  • We are


  • Nate once owned a night club, like Jason does, and he has had several bands throughout the years. His passion for music extends to collecting music from all eras.
  • Nate is responsible for security of the properties that the Dawsons own, including their house in Waterfall Creek.