Morgan and Riley
Nickname Morley
Intimacy level Sisters
Species Hunters (both , former)

Witch & Vampire

First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

You're my sister. Regardless if we were born on the same day.
— Morgan to Riley

This is the relationship between Morgan Davis and Riley Davis.


Morgan was born 9 months before Riley, and they were considered twins for a period in their life. Morgan's critical first few days were behind the evolving relationship between Vanessa and her doctor Stephan Silvester, resulting in the birth of her baby sister when she could not even walk yet. When morgan was 14 months, and Riley was 5 months, Stephan left his family to make sure they wouldn't be in danger because of who he really was. Neither of the girls remember him at all. They have little recollection of their mother too, as she gave them up to an orphanage a month after Stephan's departure.

Morgan and Riley eventually got separated in the orphanage and they lived their lives apart. When Riley got found by Tristan, she found a new home amongst the Davis hunters. Morgan, who had been adopted, met the then 15 year old Tristan in the local supermarket. Both girls were intimidated at first by the massive organisation of hunting, but they quickly found their place. Tristan helped introducing them both to the other members, and putting him at ease. He and Morgan were confirmed siblings, while Riley's paperwork was hard to track due to the orphanage.

The two sisters grew close from the moment Morgan arrived, as they were eachother's only reminder of their mother. They shared a bedroom in the first few months of their stay, and they proved naturally tuned in to one another for teamwork. After Riley's first mission, where she had to control Tristan's emotional state in a fatal situation, Morgan was not happy because her sister was in danger too. However she didn't say anything about it, and just prayed both her siblings would turn out okay.

When Morgan gets to attend college in Portland, it's a no-brainer that Riley would go with her. When she falls in love with Chris Saphire, the two sisters realise this could mean big trouble, but they decide to keep it a secret. When no record of Riley's birth can be found after a year, they decide to do a blood-test, something that is officially against hunter code because they hunt blood-thirsty vampires.

In the meantime, the sisters and Tristan get send out on a mission. When Morgan gets injured and trapped, Tristan attempts to help her while Riley continues to hunt the others. They get seperated, and Morgan watches more vampires emerge and surround her little sister from afar. When the vampires are at a few feet away, Morgan sees a bright light coming from the place her sister is standing. Distracted by the light, Morgan and Tristan are able to get released and they head over to Riley, who has been stabbed by a toxic laced knife. Riley gets rushed back to the hunters, but recovers faster then usual because of her genetics. Morgan immediatly knows something is off, and she escapes from the medical ward and heads to a safe house, where she fights off Parker. Riley is fully recovered shortly after they arrive, and she starts to investigate. When the hunters arrive at the safe-house, the sisters are gone again. Tristan finds a hidden message from Riley, saying she is not Neill's child. Tristan knows this would result in her death, and he sets fire to the lab to cover up any evidence. Morgan, Riley and later Tristan travel to Waterfall Creek and inlist the help of Morgan's boyfriend Chris, and his extended family. Riley arrives at the Silverstone house, and with the support of Tristan and her sister she presents herself as their second cousin. Morgan explains the story of their mother and their different fathers, before she gets taken out of the room.

Riley stays behind with the Silverstones, who agree to temporarely help her. They magically conjure up a secret letter by Vanessa Long, pretended to be directed at Neill in which she tells him about their daughters, plural, Morgan and Riley, focussing on the latter, telling him they are in fact twins. Morgan returns and the letter arrives soon after. It puts the rumors to rest that Riley was turned into a vampire. Morgan is questioned about her sister's whereabouts, but states she was separated from her and doesn't know where she is right now, which are not lies.

The sisters stay in touch over the next few months, and eventually Morgan decides she wants to leave the hunters. Knowing there is only one way out, dead, she asks the Silverstones for the next best thing; to turn her into a vampire. Riley doesn't like the idea at first, but gets persued by Amanda that it is better then dying because then she gets to be with her siblings. Morgan thanks Amanda for getting Riley on board. The sisters then talk about how they're going to show the hunters who they really are, and get unexpected support from Tristan.

Morgan is turned into a vampire by Seth, and goes into hiding too. Several months later, Morgan and Riley both return to Salt Lake City and they attack their own people. Knowing their ways, they take out half of the hunters. Tristan, who is in on the plot, gets attacked by Morgan who tries a little to hard to make it look good. When Riley sees he is no longer moving, she runs to him and Morgan gets control over her body back. When Neill is aming a gun at Morgan the following second, Riley stops the bullet halfway and drops it. She immobilizes Neill, and magically alters his heartbeat to match Tristan's, then switches up them both to revive Tristan. Neill lives, but is diagnosed with a mysterious heart disease. He is forced to retire as a field operative.