Morgan Davis
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born September 5th 1995
Turned N/A
Died N/A
Age 18
Occupation Hunter
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Hunter
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Is a master in lies and deceit as well as hiding. She is not afraid to use a gun and she can manage a bow and arrow reasonably.
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children N/A
Physical description
Height 5'2"
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By None
Morgan Davis is a recurring character in Touch of Magic and Once Upon a Blue Moon. She has a twin sister named Riley Davis. She is the half-sister of Justin Saphire and the daughter of Neill Davis. Through him he is part of the Davis family of hunters.

She is a vampire by the bloodline of Seth Dawson and part of the Dawsons as a result of that.


Morgan's mom gave birth to her when she was only 19 years old. Back then she had no where to go and that guy just seemed really nice. When he left her as soon as she got pregnant she had no idea what to do. She knew she could not tell her parents, because they would never approve, so she moved to one of her best friends' spare bedroom. She almost died giving birth to Morgan. When the newborn baby and new mom were in critical condition they were both rushed to the hospital. There, Vanessa started a romantic relationshipwith her doctor, resulting in to her little sister Riley. When Riley was less than 6 months old, Stephan left his girlfriend and the two infants to protect them from his enemies. One month later, Vanessa gave Morgan and her sister to an orphanage because she couldn't take care of Morgan, who has a learning disablitiy, and Riley, who was a very busy and advanced toddler, together. She told the nurse they were in fact twins, so they wouldn't be seperated.

From before her second birthday she spend her life in foster families. When she was about twelve years old she started playing outside a lot with the older kids on the block. When she meets a boy just a little older than she is she plays along with him just like the other kds. He decides that he has to show her something, because she reminds him of someone.

When she walks into the building the first thing she notices is that the people there look really scary. But her curiousity tells her to just see what happens. When the guy opens a door she looks into the eyes of a girl who could be her sister. When the girl tells her she is her sister she doesn't believe it. Everybody always told her that she was an only child and that her mother died giving birth to her. After a really long and good conversation with Riley she is convinced of the fact that they are twin-sisters since Riley can show her the birth certificates faked by Stephan. Morgan decides to stay with her sister and get to know her. That also means that Morgan has to take on her fathers job and become a vampire hunter. She is intriged by this and decides she wants to start the training right away. 

Morgan gets her codename when she is only 15 years old, making her almost the youngest one to officialy join the group of vampirehunters. She gets her first assignment when she is 17 and she finishes it to much pleasure of her supervisor. After that she decides she wants to go study something else so that she has a degree. She knows she can't be a vampirehunter forever and she turns to her father to ask for permission to go to the Portland College. He allows her to go and there she meets a lovely boy. They fall in love rather quickly and she wants to meet his brother who lives in Waterfall Creek. She is intrigued by this boy and his story and starts to think there is more to him then meets the eye. When she finds out his brother is the spouse of Alyssa Miller it scares her, but she really loves Chris. She decides not to tell her father and keep her being a vampirehunter a secret. 


Morgan is very loyal. Once you've earned her trust there is no way she will ever betray you. But when you betray her she will shut you out immediately. She can be quite serious when it comes to her work, but she is actually really funny. Apart from that she is also smart and she has the ability to see through people really quickly. Almost as if she can read your mind, but she is actually just really good at predicting behaviour, because of what she has been through during her childhood. 


Morgan has many talents because of the training she got when she decided to become a hunter. She is a master at deceit and can make you believe anything. Because of that she can see if you are lying too. Because of her height she is also very good at hiding and spying on people. Because of her training she also has the ability to use a gun and she can manage a bow and arrow quite well. Although she isn't really a fan of fighting without weapons, she did have some training in martial arts. 








  • Morgan ties with Justin for having the second most siblings ; Justin ,Tristan , Parker and Kit are her paternal half-siblings, and Riley is her maternal half-sister giving her 3 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters.
  • Morgan studies law at the Portland Community College. 
  • Morgan is addicted to watching series. 
  • She loves white chocolate. 

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