Mila and Pierre
Nickname Mierre
Intimacy level Friends
One Night stand
Good friends
Species Wizard & Human
First met Unknown
Duration 2006-2014
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Pierre Ambroise and Mila Romano.

Mila and Pierre started out as friends with a similar backstory as they were both foreign students. Pierre than began dating Payton Silverstone before breaking her heart, causing Mila to be angry with him and break all contact. After Season One Mila realises she can't hate him forever, and when he is in town for a visit the two of them hook up and have a one-night stand. A few years later, they meet by accident in Europe, and they catch up. In Season Six their paths cross again when Pierre is revealed to be dating Alyssa's sister, and he needs a place to stay low. They become roommates in Falkland Apartments where Mila finds out he has been hiding the fact that he was a wizard since they met. She then urges him to tell Payton and Claire. Some time after, Mila tires to convince him not to go to the Anconi and she kisses him. Pierre goes anyways, and Mila is glad he is still alive. Mila tells him she loves him as a friend, and they hug things out. Later Mila becomes the godmother to Pierre's firstborn daughter.


Pierre and Mila first met when they both started attending Sint-Joseph's Boarding School as two foreign students. They both enrolled for the same course and met at the introduction week. During this week they got to know the school grounds and the country where they were going to study a little. But most importantly they met the people they would share this great experience with. Pierre and Mila soon became friends because they were both from Europe and they both seemed interested in the same kind of things. Mila met Payton when they sat next to each other at Math and through this way Pierre got to know Payton too.

They all started hanging out with each other and they soon became a close group of friends. Mila and Pierre never evolved beyond the point of friends, because Pierre soon fell for the beautiful Payton Silverstone. He grew closer to her and therefor less closer to Mila. Mila didn't really mind, because there were lots of other boys who got her attention. When Pierre suddenly left (he also left Payton with a broken heart) Mila was furious. He had hurt one of her best friends and he had just left without letting anybody know why. She decided that she never wanted to talk to him again. Her father had always told her that French guys were all the same. Pierre had only proved it at that point.

Season OneEdit

Pierre came back to Waterfall Creek when he was back for a couple of weeks (nobody really knew why he was suddenly back) he and Mila talked. They both struggled with some stuff at that time and Mila decided to steal a bottle of wine from the Saphire house like they had done when they were in Sophomore year together. Pierre booked a room at the hotel and they drank all the liquor that was there. Including the bottle of whine, causing both of them to be pretty drunk. Drunk as they were they shared the bed and from one thing came another. As soon as they woke up the next morning they knew that had made a mistake. Soon after Pierre left America again.

Season TwoEdit

When Mila went back to Europe after she had graduated from high school she met Pierre once. He was apparently travelling through Europe with a friend of his and he knocked at the door of her parents house one night. She opened the door, but as soon as she realized who he was she shut the door again. She didn't want to talk to him. So Pierre left with his friend (Jade) and they slept a motel that night. He had needed Mila's help to stay under the radar, but she had shut him out. He realized that he had made a mistake back in America and that he shouldn't have used Mila like that. He wanted to apologize, but she never opened the door again.

Season SixEdit

Years later Pierre returns to Waterfall Creek with a strange request. He has come to America with Jade and they've contacted Alyssa and Justin, because they need a place to stay and to get their plan together. Justin decides that they should be staying with Mila. And so they do. Originally Mila is anything but pleased with that. Pierre has to explain a lot to Mila, but she understands more of his situation now. And so she is able to forgive him the things he has done in the past. She gets in on the plan Pierre and Jade have, but she doesn't approve of everything. When Jade leaves for the Anconi Pierre is left alone with Mila. Mila convinces him to go talk to Claire and Payton so that they can help him. To soften the sudden introduction, Mila and Pierre pretend to date just to give Pierre access to the town and the rest of the people they care about. Pierre is anxious about the reaction he is gonna get, but it seems like Mila was right. The sisters are willing to help him out if he needs any help. Pierre and Mila then drop the couple act a while later, and Pierre misses Jade a lot around that time. Luckally Mila is there to cheer him up. She supports him whenever she can and their bond gets stronger over the course of a couple of weeks.

They decide to train together for the full-off. When on one of those runs, Mila talks about forgiving Liam (now that it is revealed his actions were made while poisoned) and Pierre tells her to follow her heart. He says he loves having her as a friend now and he adds that he is glad she was able to forgive him, so she should also forgive Liam.

The next week, Mila is test subject when Pierre tries out his power, to meassure just how powerfull he is. Mila ends up touching her toe just like he said, and they both fall into a laughing embrace of how funny it looked. Tom is there to spy on it, and he reports back to Jade about it.

When Jade contacts Pierre the next time she confronts him with it and Pierre denies that there is anything between him and Mila. Jade gets reassured, and Mila overhears it. She talks to Pierre to clear things out and everything is good between them from there on. Pierre continues to learn how to interact with Royals and be one himself.



  • Tonight - Lykke Li: Mila and Pierre's one night stand
  • Andrew Belle - In my veins: Mila tries to convince Pierre not to go to the Anconi. Mila kisses Pierre, Pierre leaves anyways saying he loves Jade. Mila finds a note he was going to leave for her.



  • Mila is one of the first person besides Jade to find out Pierre is a wizard. Justin finds out before Mila that he is Jade's boyfriend, but only finds out that he is a wizard at 4th of July.
  • Mila is the only one in on the whole plan that Pierre and Jade have. Even the part that Pierre hasn't told Jade about.
  • Mila and Pierre both have a foreign background and they speak the most languages out of all the people in the campfire crew.

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