Mila Romano
Biographical information
Full birthname Milena Maria Romanov
Also known as None
Titles None
Born December 20th 1991
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 16/17 (Season One)

17/18 (Season Two)

Occupation High School Student
Employe at Down the Rabbit Hole
Residence SJBS dorms (S1 - S2 )
Silver Fox Hideout House (S3 - captive)
Mike's Apartment (S6)
The Romano-Sampter House (S7)
Supernatural information
Species Human
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Planning
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Bisexual
Relationships Katie Sampter (Fiancée)
Pierre Ambroise (one night stand)
Mike Creeton (Summer fling)
Lucianna (ex-girlfriend)
Children Olivia Romano-Sampter (Adoptive daughter)
Caleb Romano-Sampter (Adoptive son)
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Skyler Samuels
But I'm only human
— Mila to Payton and Claire when discussing her part in their plan.

Mila Romano (born Milena Romanov) is a recurring character in Touch of Magic. She is one of the closest friends of ClairePayton, Mike and Pierre as well as the girlfriend of Katie Sampter.

She is an SJBS alumni and studied in Europe during her college years. Mila works for Claire at Down the Rabbit Hole and for the culture comittee as photographer on town events. She later becomes director of photography at Payton's paper. 

She is human but has affiliations with the Silverstones as high school classmates. 


Early life

Mila at a younger age
Mila was born in Russia. She grew up with her father and mother, both young immigrants. She had a very difficult relation with her parents, because they were highly religious and Mila would rather play outside then go to church. At the age of 6 they send her to America because they wanted her to get a good education to solve their money problems. Mila lived with a host-family in a Seattle suburb until she was sent to SJBS where she met Pierre, another foreign student. She subsequently also met Payton and math class, and Katie in her AP science classes.

Season oneEdit

In season one we meet Mila for the first time when she is a good friend to Payton and Claire Silverstone. She supports them with the new strange boys that show interest in them, but at the same time she is interested in them too. Where do they come from and why are they here? She doesn't want her friends to get hurt, so she does some research. None of it really mattering. But when Payton gets involved with Jason and Claire with Seth she is delighted. She couldn't find anything strange on them, unless you count the fact that they don't have any social media, so she blessed their relationships.

At the end of Junior year, Mila attends prom with Mike, who she has grown closer to in the past few weeks. After prom, her life gets shaken up when Claire ends up in a coma after an attack. Mila and Mike get informed about witches, magic and vampires and from that point on Mila's life is forever changed.

Season TwoEdit

In the summer Mila gets bitten by, then an unknown vampire, Liam Miller, she suffers from severe nightmares. When she finds out he is actually Claire and Payton's half-brother she doesn't want anything to do with him.
Mila at school
. When Claire and Payton decide that they want him in their lifes, Mila is hurt and mad. She doesn't understand why they would pick someone they don't know over her and their relationship gets a little harder. With Payton moving to Portland and Claire being constantly with Seth or Liam, Mila looses touch with her friends. During senior year, she decides to emerge herself in extracuricular activities and her relationship with Mike, while she tries to discover herself. During that journey, she ends up sleeping with Pierre Ambroise on his visit.

At the end of Senior Year Mila graduates, and she restores her friendship with Payton and Claire when she realises why they chose to accept Liam, because he is their family after all. She also reunites with Mike, and the two of them go to Europe together for the summer.

In the late summer they return to the USA so Mike can look at colleges. Mila meets up with Payton but then she suddenly dissapears, and Payton thinks she has decided to break contact so it would be harder when she permanently returns to Italy. In reality, Mila is kidnapped by Liam.

Season ThreeEdit

Mila spends a total of 4 months being held in a house by Liam. Although he seems not to have any intend of hurting her, she is not allowed to go outside and he keeps a very close eye on her. He also feeds off of her repeatedly, causing her to get very low blood pressure and a general bad health condition. That winter, the Silverstones find out and they come to save Mila. After the traumatizing experience, Mila is very wary of any human contact. She leaves the Dawson house unannounced, only leaving behind a note saying she can no longer stay because all of them remind her of the verbal abuse from the past few months. She moves back to Italy after that. For Mila's sake, Claire and Payton claim to be done with Liam forever.

Season FourEdit

Season SixEdit

Mila returns to Waterfall Creek in Season Six after she hears about Mike's mom. She soon signs on to work with Claire at the store. She agrees with Mike on her staying over at the appartment, but shortly after moving in there she gets told by Alyssa that she will become roommates with Jade, Alyssa's sister, and Pierre, Mila's former friend. This is when Mila finds out about Jade's secret identity, and Pierre's true name when he reveals to her he is a wizard.

Mila then decides she doesn't want anymore lies, and she pushes Pierre to tell Payton and Claire about who he is at the 4th of July party which they attend as a couple to get Pierre into the door. Mila is also shown to work out a lot and when Jade leaves back to the Anconi she encourages Pierre to train with her to distract him.

When Mike returns home, Mila welcomes him home and cooks for the three of them. They note at the awkwardness the three of them are in. During the same dinner, Mike asks Mila about Liam to which she admits seeing him around is painful for her, but she has moved on. Mike later discovers medication for panic attacks in Mila's stuff as he is moving his stuff back into the bathroom.

Mike and Mila talk about this, and he also apologises for accidentally snooping in her stuff. Mila forgives him, and she offers to pay part of the rent, which Mike is due to Alyssa. The following day she goes and drops off the money at the Miller Motel, where she bumps into Emilia.

Mila and Emilia get talking and Mila grows an admiration for her when Emilia recalls about feminism back when she was still human. They then discover they also share their sexuality, and the two talk untill Alyssa walks in and Mila hands off the money. Alyssa then talks to Mila in private, saying Jade will be sent back to Waterfall Creek soon, on a kill mission this time. Mila informs Pierre of this, and she worries of her friends being unprepared for an attack from the Anconi. The next morning Mila and Mike find a note from Pierre, stating he has gone to the Anconi to offer himself as a double agent in hopes of staliling the kill mission.

When Jade and Pierre make it back and go into hiding being presumed dead, Mila struggles being on top of their relationship and she frequently goes out clubbing. There she slowly gets used to the idea of Liam no longer being a threat. Shortly after she finds out what happened with Liam when he kidnapped her, she spends an afternoon distracting herself with old photo albums. In one of them, she finds a photo of her and Katie. Jade then reveals she knows the girl in the picture, and even explains how Katie is alive and at The Anconi. Following the reveal of this shocking news, Jade explains Katie has been part of her personal entourage and she is protected by the vampires there because she does valueable work. Jade then explains how Alyssa brought Katie to Jade, to which Mila reacts in shock, because she knows Alyssa was aware of what Katie meant to her. Mila then goes to confront Alyssa about keeping Katie a secret from her, but she just ends up crying after processing the fact that a person she thought was missing was now revealed to still be alive. Jade then calls in a favor of Elliot, one of her trustees in the Anconi, to transport Katie to Waterfall Creek. Mila and Katie are then reunited at the motel near the end of the season.

Season 7Edit

When Mila tells him about her plans to adopt her niece and nephew, Liam is curious as to why Mila feels so guilty towards them and her sister. He later finds papers from the Romanov family, where Mila's name is filled in as Milena Romanov. When Liam approaches the situation to her, Mila admits she is from Russian descent, and apologizes in her native language. Liam replies in Russian, saying he doesn't care where she came from, only where she's going.

They buy a house together after a while and adopt Mila's niece and nephew, after Mila finds out about their terrible fate. They also concieve their own daughter a few years later on their weddingnight.


Mila is very kind, and values her friends and friendship in general. She has a reputation of being very strong-willed and determined. Some people unrightfully describe her as a bitch and a boyfriend-stealer, but she's none of those. 


"You're beautiful, inside and out.."
Mike about Mila when she's feeling insecure about herself

Mila is a young woman with a pale complexion and victorian blonde hair. Her hair is curly and medium lenght. She often wears braided updo's. Occasionally she staightens her hair. She usually wears make up and knows a thing or two about it which she used to help Claire with the debutante parades.

Her style can be described as a bit bohemian, but she also likes the basic style. She prefers wearing heels.

To see Mila's outfits throughout the season, see Mila Romano/Appearance

Education and CareerEdit






Tommy Danvers was Mila's first real boyfriend, back when she was 16 in early sophomore year. The relationship only lasted two months, but was significant for Mila because Tommy was the first guy she had sex with. She mentions Tommy to Dean when he asks her about her sexuality.

Mila and Katie were good friends, who developed a bloosoming romance in Season One, however Katie's fear of coming out to her parents was an obstacle they had to overcome. They publically kissed on Prom Night, but soon afterwords Katie dissappeared leaving Mila heartbroken. (see more : Katie and Mila)

Mila and Pierre were close friends as they were both foreign students in their freshman year. Pierre dated and subsequently broke up with Mila's close friend Payton. When he comes to visit his friends in Season Two Mila and Pierre end up sleeping together. In Season Six Mila agrees to give Pierre shelter, and the two restore their friendship which was affected by their hookup. (see more : Mila and Pierre)

Mike and Mila have been classmates and friends since freshman year, but their romance didn't develop untill senior year when they grew closer in the wake of Katie's dissappearance. After sleeping with Pierre as a rebound, Mila slowly allows herself to love again and she starts dating Mike. When Mike is considering going to college, Mila decides to break up with him to set him free. She is kidnapped shortly after, and Mike is unable to fight for their relationship because of it. Mila moves back to Europe after she is rescued but they reunite when Mila flies in on vacation. They spend the night together to get closure of their relationship, and then they remain friends. (see more : Mike and Mila)

After being held captive by Liam, Mason is tasked to keep an eye on Mila. He befriends her, and is one of the few americans Mila knows during college. When she finds out he has ties to Liam she distances herself from him and threatens him with telling Payton and Claire who would kill him.

Mila dated Lucy, who studied at the same school Mila did. Mila enjoyed dating someone who wasn't connected to her time in America, but still missed her friends dearly. They broke up amicably when Lucy wanted to tour Europe but Mila chose to stay in school. Lucy comes to visit her in Season Six, having extended her tour to America as well. They go out together but remain friends.

Mila and Liam started of disliking eachother, and Liam kidnapped Mila at the end of Season Two to get back at his sisters. However during that time he admitted he doesn't really have family, and Mila sees his soft side. She then realises Liam is not acting out of his own free will, and questions if The Millers are behind this. Mila tells him she knows he won't hurt her, and the two of them create a connection during the time she is with him. Ultimately she gets rescued, and when asked if she played him in order to get away, she answers she doesn't know. In Season Six they meet eachother again, and Mila forgives him for what he did. Liam then goes through a worldwind when he finds out he was stripped of his humanity when he kidnapped her. Several months later Liam finds out his former girlfriend broke up with him because she was pregnant, and he becomes a father. Mila offers her support and suggests he moves in with her so she can help take care of the baby. Their romance blossoms from there, ultimately leading to Mila formally becoming Sophia's mother, as well as Liam adopting Mila's niece and nephew and having a baby of their own. (see more : Liam and Mila)






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  • Mila has various talents. She is pretty creative and took a drawing class together with Claire. Although she is not as talented as Claire, she is really good with a pencil and can draw pretty good pictures. She also likes photography. During her time in America she has taken several classes to improve her skills. She once won 100 dollars in a photography contest. She is also really good at planning things and keeping track of all things involved in an event. She helped Claire with everything around the Junior Prom Contest. She even helped Claire create the dress that she won in. She loved fashion almost as much as her best friend does. That's why she said yes to working at Claire's store.


  • Mila is from Scandinavian and Russian descent, but due to legal issues and paperwork, she used a new name to get into the united states and study there. We will later find out that Mikeala was forced into prostitution because of this.In Season Seven, Mila tells Liam when she plans on adopting her niece and nephew.
    • Mila is one of the two characters changing their name to hide their Eastern-european roots. May was born as Mashenka Ashran.