Mike & Mila
Mike and Mila
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met 2006
Duration N/A
Status Exes, good friends

This is the relationship between Mike Creeton and Mila Romano.


Mila and Mike met while being partners in a chemistry study. They became friends during the time where Payton was developping her powers and had less time to spend with her human friend Mike. Mike helped Mila from there on to get to know more people. Mike was the one introducing Mila to Payton, landing Mila a role as one of the photographers in the school newspaper.

They quickly became good friends, building a friendship they both valued at the base of their relationship, they were true sweethearts and best friends at the same time. 

Things hit a low when Mila confessed to having a one night stand with Pierre, after she got drunk. Mike blaims Pierre for not only breaking Payton's heart, but also taking advantage of Mila. Mila states he didn't take advantage of her.

After that, Mila announced she'd be returning to Europe to study Arts their, and Mike dreaded her leaving, so he went with her for the summer. They hooked up during this time, but ended things on mutual agreement and they stayed friends after that.

Several years later, Mila shows up in Waterfall Creek again. Having had a fight with her parents, Mike offers her a room in his condo. Mila takes it, despite the awkward situation but they both clear up the matter quickly that there isn't anything to be akward about. They become good friends again. Mila is actually taken back a lot by Diana's death, but she keeps up a strong front for Payton and Pierre, who by that time has come to her to hide. She flies out to Arizona to attend the funeral, and she is a huge support to Mike when he returns home later on in the summer after his grieving period in Arizona. The two remain close friends after that.