May Miller
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 14th century
Turned N/A
Died She drank the poisoned blood of Payton Silverstone
Age Unknown
Occupation Leader of the Millers
Residence Miller compounds
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Supernatural hearing

Supernatural speed

Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Alyssa Miller

Jade Miller

Physical description
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By None
May Miller (néé Mashenka Ashran) is one of the main villains in Touch of Magic. She rules the Miller vampiregroup and has friends in high places. She was the former lover of Jason and the mother of two daughters , Alyssa and Jade , with his brother Jared. She has one half-sister named Grace.

May is part of the Millers as she is the founder of them. She is slightly part of The Carrington Family as she is the mate of Jared Carrington and the mother of his daughter Alyssa. She is descendant from The Ashran Family, a wealthy oligarch family. May had influences in the Hainasoni tribe and has influence in the council of the Anconi, because she gave them one of her daughters. 


Mashenka Ashran

May was born somewhere in the 14th century near Kiev as Mashenka Ashran. When she was just an infant her mother , who was only 19 at the time , fled away to the  with her because May's father wanted to assasinate both of them. She travelled from Kiev to Budapest and so on to the region of Venice.

Arriving in Italy , May's mother found help with local farmers and fell in love with their son. They were safe and healthy for a while. But soon , May's mother got pregnant and they had to move to the barns due to a lack of space. 

A few months after the birth of May's half-sister Grace the plague set in and killed her recovering mother and her boyfriend. As a miracle , May and her younger sister were saved by a doctor.

He took them in and they were raised by him for a little while to get healthy again. After that , he took them to an orphanage. May lived there from the age of 5 untill she was to old. When she was forced out she offered to stay and become a nurse , so that she would be able to stay with her sister. When Grace was too old , she became a nurse too.

May Miller

When she was 26 , the orphanage/hospital was raged by vampires. May and Grace were both bitten and turned. However , their creator separated them sending them off to different places and took away their memories. When May woke up , she suffered from amnesia and the only identity she had was a name tag saying 'Ma' , so she named herself May from then on. After years passing she started to remember bits and pieces and remembered the farmers , the Milano's , where she used to live. That's when she turned her name into May Miller.

The years following she spent trying to discover her new nature of being a vampire. She quickly got it under control when she found the satisfaction of human blood. As one of the few vampires however , she learned not to splurge on it , and she became stronger instead of taking a lot of risks and get killed off eventually. She decided to use her knowlegde to help others. She found many vampires left from what used to be a big vampire-group that tormented Europe's countryside for centuries. She teached them how to control being a vampire. One day , she also met Grace. They reunited and began to expand their followers and soon the group became a strong force.

When the transatlantic travel from Europe to the New World emerged , May took that opportunity and went overseas to find new blood. Literally. May and Grace were one of the early vampires in the New World , and dominated the southern West-Coast.  Soon , the Millers put up a headquarters in Coral Gables , Florida. The number of members grew and May took a new approach : She decided to recrute human possible candidates and train them , in orde to make sure they were as strong as possible before transition , to make them even stronger vampires. This became an elite groupe. But she also still recruited vampires who were lost , wondering around. But she never turned them herself. Usually it was Thomas , who turned people.


May's personality is very much that of a sociopath. She is driven by rage and revenge for the people who left her to die. This includes both her parents, as well as her lovers Jason and Jared.

In an extent to Jason's hate, she also dispises the Dawsons and the Silverstones, for having more power of her. This shows her self-centered nature. She will focus mostly on herself during combat, never assuring the safety of others. She will not doubt to kill if it endangers her.

On a remarkable note she is shown to care for Jared as the father of her children, repeatedly requesting him to forgive her. He seems to be the only person she seems caring towards, aside from momentarly love for her eldest daughter Alyssa. May also tolerates her sister Grace, but only because Grace killed her parents, earning the respect of her sister. This shows she is capable of love to a certain extent. 

Appearance Edit

To see May's outfits throughout the season, see May Miller/Appearance


1372-2014 : Type A

The only people May turned are Jason and Jared Carrington and Thomas. However, her bloodline technically continues to Alyssa Miller, who has her vampire blood. Through Alyssa May's bloodline expands to [[Alyson Dawson and Dylan (who on his turn turned Lauren and Nate) as well as Damien. Through Jason her bloodline continues with Beth Raleigh

May, like some other vampires, has a limited power linked to the way she died as a human. The vampire who changed her made her forget everything about herself. 

  • Supernatural hearing:  May can hear far better than humans. 
  • Supernatural speed: May can run faster then humans. 
  • Miller-Amnesia: May Miller can make everybody she meets forget about herself. She can make if happen on purpose. Quickening the process. Or when time passes this person will forget about her too. People say this might be because she forgot about herself for a very long time, but some said it was inflicted by a potion made by the Hainasoni. 


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May and Jason are former lovers, and later enemies of one another. They are both vampires, and May is Jason's sire. Their romantic relationship began when Jason was a new vampire, and ended when Jason discovered she was sleeping with his brother. While May enjoyed the male attention, she grew jealous when Jason had started a family of his own. Because of this she started a plan to tear down his happiness. (see more : Jason and May)

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May and Alyssa are mother and daughter, but they do not have a close relationship. They are estrange ever since Alyssa's early teenage years. Alyssa has openly stated she hates her mother, but May has never really been bothered by these claims, untill Alyssa finally settles down and she has something to loose. May tries to break Alyssa's spirit, and her life. Alyssa has been able to fight back with the help of her family and friends. Ultimatly, May's death caused one more final loss for Alyssa, when Alyssa died and suffered a miscarriage because of it. Upon reviving, Alyssa takes on the task the lead the Millers and improve the whole group into something better, using herself as prime example. (see more : Alyssa and May)

May and Alyssa are mother and daughter, but they have never spoken to one another. Jade was offered to the Anconi shortly after she was born, when May wanted a truce with her enemies. Over the years, May has written letters to Jade, but never send them. Jade has been tasked with spying on May a few times, but she was able to complete the mission effortlessly because she doesn't see May as her mother. When Jade finds out May is death, her main emotion is relief.

May and Grace are sistes, halfsisters, with the same mother. They grew up together during one of Europe's darkest periods, and fought their way through. They got turned by the same person, and after reuniting they started the Millers together. (see more : Grace and May)

May and Liam are related through Grace, May's sister. May was disapproving of Liam's existence, but ultimatly couldn't stay mad because she had children of her own. They never had a close relationship, and mostly just tolerated eachother.



  • Live fast, die young
  • Be more like me and less like you
  • Run this town
  • Stand still look pretty
  • Love the way you lie


  • May has a talent for seeing potential in vampires. She can see whether she can use a person or not. Apart from that May can manipulate people as one of the best. She only has to blink her eyes and people do for her what she asks of them. It could be due to her physical appearance. Another talent of May is warfare strategy. She can make plans so difficult she will only be able to understand them, but most of the time they get her what she wants. May is also a very good fighter, with weapons and without. 
  • May has an alliance with the Hainasoni witches. They provide her with whatever potion she needs and they obey her will instantly. 
  • May has had an eventfull lovelife, and she has had the most boyfriends in the show. She had a different type of relationship with every one of them. Twice she was involved with two man simultaneiously. She gained a reputation for this among the vampire community.
  • May traded her own daughter to the Anconi in return for their protection. 
  • May is , like Mila, originally descended from Russia. Both have changed their names to hide their descent.
  • May died at the hand of Payton Silverstone, by drinking her blood in the last battle.