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Matt and May
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met 1702
Duration N/A
Status Ended (due to May's death)

This is the relationship between May Miller and Matt O'Connel. They were lovers, and even got married at some point. Despite the status of Jared Carrington, it is generally known that they were in love. Matt is the close second in the list of men May loved. Upon May's death, Matt tries to take over The Millers 2.0 in her honor.


May and Matt first encountered in the early 18th century in Dixie when May was expanding her territory. Matt was a rather young, yet ambitious vampire, something May admired. She offered him a deal she wouldn't offer just any new vampire; his lands in exchange for a spot on her coven. Back at the time the Millers were only a dozen strong, so for May this was a big deal. Soon they went from partners in business, to allies when Matt called in some favors from his neighbours to provide safe passage for The Millers. But it wasn't untill several campfires in 1735 that things developed. After being absent for a few years to find his little brother, Matt had returned to come clean to the woman he had fallen in love with. May never spoke words after his declaration of love, but they slept together that night.

Throughout the rest of the 18th century, Matt is a loyal friend to the Millers. He and May never interact or have any direct contact, but he is their liason and enabler for anything from guns to feeding territory. When May moves up north, Matt says his power only reaches as far as the south, and the two go their seperate ways on good terms. While in the north, May recruits Jared and Jason Carrington. While pregnant with Jared's child, she hides in one of the safehouses Matt once mentions to her, without him knowing himself.

Somewhere around 1834, Matt stumbles upon vampire activity in Texas, which is where he finds May's holdings. He originally has the intention of confronting her and preferably a good outcome of that confrontation. However, he catches her talking with Jared Carrington about a certain girl named Alyssa instead. While Matt's fantasies crumble, May sees an opportunity and May asks Jared for a moment alone. Instead of explaining to Matt who Alyssa is, she tells him she is a rogue vampire and he needs to collect her. May knows very well how Matt feels about her, and without having the time to settle in Texas, he sets out across the country to find Alyssa. He returns, but it is Alyssa who is dragging him around. She drops him off at her mother's desk pretty brutally, and asks her if this is another one of her flings. May answers by saying Matt is more then a fling. She helps patch up Matt, feeling genuinly guilty for having him search for Alyssa, knowing the mood she put her own daughter in. They spend the night together again, but in the morning May has left the base along with Jared.

After May's departure, Matt and Alyssa both feel like they have been stood up and the two get talking. They start a sexual relationship just for the sake of getting back at May, which eventually turns into something more. Matt has said he at some point had feelings for Alyssa, but none like how he felt about May. When May returns, they both do not hide their tension. May spots it, and plays them both. When she informs Alyssa about the turning ceremony, May says it's private. However both Matt and Jared are invited by May. Matt watches Alyssa go through transition, which is when Jared tells him Alyssa is his daughter and he is May's mate. Matt feels betrayed, and leaves.

When May establishes a truce with the Anconi the following year, Matt is curious as to how she succeeded. He goes to visit her halfway through the 19th century, which is where he finds her in a very fragile state. After loosing Alyssa again, this time it being more then a rebelious teenage fase, May seeks out Matt's comfort. Matt ignozes his original intentions of coming back, and the two of them start a romantic relationship again, now that Jared is out of the picture again. When asked about him, May lies to Matt and she says Jared doesn't mean anything to her, and that he was simply needed to get pregnant. Matt accepts her declaration of love and they practically co-rule well into the early 1900's.

Around that time, May encounters a new men named Thomas Chamberlaine. Matt watches as she recruits him, and actually attempts to befriend him, al the while May repeats her pattern. When he gets romantically involved with Thomas, Matt ignores the sign at first. He briefly seeks out Alyssa, but goes on to be with May in the end. He tells Thomas he will remain alive if he does Matt a favor. This is where Matt and Thomas develop a frenemy relationship. May soon starts to notice, and she has to choose to drop one of the two before they go kill eachother. She tells Thomas their affair is over, but secretly she continues the affair. In return, Thomas keeps turning people for her.

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  • Matt is May's first big vampire ally
  • Before she fell for Matt (romantically), she had fallen for Jason and Jared. After Matt she also had a relationship with Thomas Chamberlaine.
  • After May left Texas, Matt grew close to Alyssa Miller. After May's death, Matt falls in love with Aria Woods, and are the sub-dominant leading couple amongst the Millers 2.0.

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