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Magical Dimension
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The Magical Dimesion is the homeworld to the magical population. It is a parallell universe to the 'real world' where only the royals are able to survive. It's a land divided into 7 kingdoms , one for every witch-bloodline. It has been existing as long as witchcraft existed. However it wasn't discovered untill a portal was created by accident. 

Parallell UniverseEdit


The Magical Dimension is a parallell universe to the 'human world' and has been existing since the birth of the Mother Witch. A few hundred years later a witch accidently mixed the wrong herbes creating a portal without knowing it.


Several other portals popped up around the world in the course of the next few decades. Portals are the only way of transporting to the magical dimension, and they require an active pressence of magic on both sides of the portal to sustain it. Different bloodlines are now 'assigned' to one portal each, in order to limit transportation between the two worlds. One of the most prominent portals is the one on the attic of The Silverstone House, which was shut down in 1993 when vampires attacked the house.


To this day, it requires a lot of power to travel through a portal, as is evident by the fact that royals can, but common inhabitants of the magical dimension can not. Travelling through the dimension can also affect the person in question. 

Royals returning to their homeland encounter little or no side-effects. They can experience time-displacements, with time going slower or faster in the other world. It is also proven that in an extended stay, the witch or wizard will loose pigment in their hair, resulting in white/zilver to light blonde hair depending on their original haircolor.

A native to the magical dimension would be unable to sustain life in an environment with so little magic, and would die within a few days. However like royals, they also experience a change of hair-pigment, as their hair gets darker. Vampires are unable to cross the portals, and they die if they attempt to, as was proven in 1993.




Portal Locations
Region Human World Magical Dimension
Solos bar in New Orleans Cave in Sothros Bay
Sanguis Thomb under the oak tree at the Hainasoni Compound Cave on Bonfire Island
Divitia Silverstone House Magicschool


The magical dimension is a monarchy-orientated universe. The royal families are praised by the common people, and they give back a lot to their 'subjects' (a term most royals even despise). Some highborn families becoe gready and they want to take power, but the birthright of those in the royal families protects them.

The main culture of the magical dimension are to be found in the books, written by the royal families. They are accesible in magicschool. They contain stories and tales, as well as recepies, advice and guides.

The Magical Dimension also has it's own narrative language. For an overview of known words, see Magical Dimension/Language

Royal FamiliesEdit

Royal families do not like to show their wealth, but common culture leaves them little choice. Royals usually wear long fancy gowns and suits. The female members of the royal families wear floor-lenght gowns. Despite the fact that they live almost exclusively in the human world, they still represent this attire when they are around other witches and wizards, which is a very old habbit

Higher born familiesEdit

In the higher born families, the respect for the royals has decreased over the recent years. Many higher borns are jealous of the royals, and decide to do only that much that is absolutely necessary for them. It is a silver lining throughout all kingdoms, though the most jealous branches are those of the Sanguis and Divitia.

higher born families do not have specialties in a certain craft, but they are known to be good with money. This keeps the wealthy families wealthy, and the lower borns not so much.

Lower born familiesEdit

In the lower born families, it is considered a privilege if you have the chance to read the books of the royal families. Lower born respect the word of the royal families a lot, as they get immediate rewards of it, often being located close to the bloodline's castle and directly serving them.

Girls of lower born families are often handmaidens, nannies or housekeepers of the royal families. It is considered an honor when one works this close to the royal families. They adress the royals with 'your highness' or 'Queen/King/Prince/Princess in a more informal way. Most royals however prefer their royal titles to be disgarded, which they try to respect as much as possible.

Lower born families are known for their trademanship and wise knowledge of crafts, some kingdoms more then others.


The EldersEdit

The Elders are meant to overlook the dimension , but in the recent times they have come to rule due to the absence of many royal families. They have also fallen out of favor with many witches and wizards due to their strong measures such as the removal of active powers and creation of sirebonds.

The Elders were responsible for several big discisions , including some actions that affected the magical community

  • removing active powers
  • creating bloodbonds 
  • trying to interfere with the upbringing of twiceblessed children (Payton, Claire, Sophia)

Because of this some witches and wizards are in the opinion that a new council should be composed, but this goes against the accords. As a result of this many witches and wizards have started to ignore the rules initiated by the Elders.

There are 10 elders in total. The bloodlines are divided as followed : Silverstone (3 members) , Greene (2 members) , Hainasoni (2 members) ,Curtis (2 members) , Ambroise (1 member) . The members are the 3 latest deaths in the bloodline when over the age of 18. When a bloodline hasn't known a death in over 25 years , the members of that bloodline are considered permanent as they have shown to have strong descendants. They get a permanent spot on the council.

Current EldersEdit

  1. Lillian , Caroll and Amelia Silverstone - mother , grandmother and great-aunt of the current generation (4 years left untill permanent)
  2. Marc and Lucy Greene - Uncle and aunt of the current generation (21 years left untill permanent)
  3. Beverly and Jonathan Hagano - Grandparents of the current generation (1 year left untill permanent)
  4. Lawrence and Marcella Curtis - great-unle and great-aunt of the current generation (permanent)
  5. Francis Ambroise - Uncle of the current generation (15 years untill permanent)

Future EldersEdit

As a result of this rule at Claire's 27th birthday the members of the Silverstone bloodline will become permanent too creating a permanent majority for the first time in history unless Marion Thornton has died within that period , as she is the eldest member of the Hainasoni and the latest death dates of 24 years ago.

Other inhabitantsEdit

The inhabitants of the Magical Dimension are all witches or wizards. Almost all inhabitants were born there, and the inhabitants make up 97% of the total witch population. Below are all higher born families (with last name) listed, and several specific members of lower born families (without last name)