Magic is the entity that is present in all Witches and Wizards and is used to carry out spells and drive magical powers. Magic is genetically enherited and can not be created to a human, however it can be hidden among one.

Magic used for spells Edit

Magic is used to execute spells. Through the usage of the native Magical Dimensional language, spells can be cast by witches and wizards. Technically any phrasing of words can be a spell, but in reality it is very difficult to make new spells that actually work.

In order for a spell to work, the words that the witch or wizard pronounces must have a link to their internal magic. The witch or wizard must have enough instristic motivation to make the spell work. Even then, it is possible that the genetical element of magic doesn't connect with the spell because of contradicting morals and beliefs.

Because of this, witches tend to stick to their own bloodlines' spells.

Magic used for magical powers Edit

Magical powers are manifested when magic influences elements of a witch or wizards's physical humanity. As rooted in all magical bloodlines, witches are able to endure and create elements of nature. A specific genetical component could make a witch or wizard more leaning towards one or more elements.

Other magical powers, such as Telekinesis or a magical shield are a manifestation of magic influencing the human world around the witch or wizard.

Magic as a lifeforce for witches Edit

Magic was created at the beginning of days, and has survived through the creation of the first witches, the Ancient witches, and since has been spread through 7 witch bloodlines.

As a result of this evolution, witches and wizards can sense each other and are sometimes also drawn to each other, because of their magic. Especially Royals feel this magical connection, since their species is so endangered.

For a witch to maintain a healthy balance between physical life and magical life, they must have a steady pressence of magic in their life. If they loose touch with their magic because they don't practice it or they're not around other witches or wizards, they die. The physical life (the human body) of a witch or wizard will seize to function. This can not be declared by human medecine, as there would be no physical indication of this. The same result can occur when a witch or wizard strains itself, also upsetting the balance between magical and physical life.

Magic for immortality Edit

See Vampires for more on the vampire species.

Magic can be used to create a immortality, as was the case with the First Coven. The magic cursed the physical body with the ability to regenerate and to leave the body in a state of undead. It's only weakness, a failsafe included by the witches, is the ability to be killed when the heart is destroyed by wood.

Other instances of magical immmortality occur among the Ancient Witches, who are immortal because of the high tolerance of magic they embody.

Witches of the Garfunkel Bloodline have tried to generate immortality through magic like the ancient witches did, but thus far haven't been able to be succesfull. Such attempts are condemned by the magical commmunity and witches or wizards who attempt to alter someone's mortality in this way, are tracked down and punished by the Ancient Witches themselves.

  1. Ambroise-bloodline 

The Ambroise bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the oldest Ancient Witch , Yara. The name Ambroise is the European (French and English) version of the latin word Amber , which is also the name of the stone that represented the bloodline ; the lapis Amber or the lapis Electricum. This stone is seen in the middle of a spiral ,the sign of the bloodline. This spiral is part of a special objects such as a necklace , bracelet , …</span>

The bloodline hasn’t been activated because the main branch of the bloodline is situated in Europe, and by this it is far away from other bloodlines in America , or other triggers. This results in the fact that the Ambroise-bloodline is the ‘weakest’ of all in the hierarchy , but it stands up in numbers by being the largest bloodline with over 36 witches alive in current time setting.


The Hainasoni bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the second oldest Ancient Witch , Doraeha. It is the second activated bloodline , after the silverstones , but unfortunately the bloodline has died during the territorial wars in the USA. Their specialty was fire and the only active power was pyrokinesis. Because this was the only active power , this bloodline is considered rather weak (also due to the fact that its main specialty is just an additional ability on an element)

Because its only specialty is an element , they used a lot of natural spells. With these, they often use blood and therefore they are known as the ‘Red Bloodline’ , referring to both fire and blood. The use of blood draw the attention of one May Miller , who used the main tribe in Haines ,Alaska , as her personal stock of magic.

The name of the bloodlines thesedays is Hainasoni because of the place where the tribe lives. This results in the fact that the Hainasoni bloodline is  one of the two whose name is not related to the stone that is to be found in special objects , such as a necklace or a ring. The shorter version is simply Haines (after the town) , and can mean Hawthorn (again a reference to the blood and fire)


The Silverstone bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the 3rd Ancient Witch , Samyra. The name Silverstone is an English translation of ‘Lapis Argentis’, the name of the stone that represented the bloodline. This stone is now still seen in the middle of the triquetra, the sign of the bloodline and is part of a special objects every witch of the bloodline possesses (f.e. a necklace , a ring , ...)

The Silverstone-descendants are characterized by strength , leadership and wealth. Especially the last characteristic is known in the magical dimension. Their castle , the Silver Castle , is known all over the magical dimension. The Silverstones have always had the most power in the council of Magic School until it was shut down because of the vampire/witch war. The strength is accompanied with leadership one of the best qualities. The witches and wizards from this bloodline tend to be great leaders and social people as well. They often have powers such as heeling or telekinesis , without doubt the most wanted ones in the entire magical dimension.

Until 1621 the bloodline was not activated (see powers). Only when Gracie Charlotte Silverstone was born , the bloodline was activated due to the beginning of the vampire/witch war. (see vampire/witch war) Hereby , it was the first bloodline to be activated and is the strongest , because it hasn’t died until present day.

The current generation in the Silverstone bloodline is formed by Payton and Claire Silverstone and their children. Their children , although their father is a vampire , continue the bloodline. They are the only active witches(besides their children) of their bloodline , since both their mother (Lillian) and their grandmother (Caroll) have died early on in their lives.


The Greene-bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the 5th Ancient Witch , Lysra , and the bloodline that is still related the most to pure nature ; earth and woods. Because of its specialty it is often considered weak because earth and woods are the first elements any witch can control.

It is the second activated bloodline , and therefore the second longest active until today. The current generation in the Greene bloodline is formed by Liam Greene , Payton and Claire Silverstone. Liam is the biological son of the late Christopher Greene , and therefore he continues the bloodline. He might be a vampire , but his biological DNA is still present and therefor will be able to pass on the bloodline to any children. The Silverstone sisters are also the children of Christopher Greene , but because of the fact that their mother’s bloodline (the Silverstone-bloodline) is older, they have the last name.


The Curtis-bloodline is the bloodline of the descendants of the sixth witch Myrya.  It is (besides the Ambroise-bloodline) the only bloodline with a base in Europe (where it was named the Courtois-bloodline) , but the main branch of the bloodline moved to America quickly.

Its name origins from the stone that represents the bloodline ; the Lapis Rosa Quartz. The pink sight of the rock symbolizes the kindness , which is the strongest feature of the bloodline ; they are known for their compassion and ability to love endlessly.

The current generation of the bloodline although is small. Only one witch , Phoebe Curtis , has active powers due to the fact that she was born after her family being strapped from their active powers. Her siblings , Connor , Ariël and Zoë and also their mother Linda , were punished and lost their powers but the cause is unknown. Being the only active witch of the bloodline she is being taught about it by none other than the Silverstone witches. She will eventually claim that her family gets their powers back after more than 20 years, and she will be successful.

Bloodlines can die when the last witch (non-active/active) dies ,without offspring and the bloodline can’t be continued. Any offspring is good to continue the bloodline. The death of a bloodline happens very rarely (only 2 have died within the existence of witches) because every single descendent of every branch (even non-active) has to die.

The bloodlines of the fourth and seventh witch have died. The bloodline of the fourth Witch was activated, but died. The bloodline of the seventh witch died , but was not active.

The fourth witch , Nerilla , had the special ability to control the element of water. Unfortunatly this meant that she was the opposite of Doraeha. When May Miller noticed this ,she felt that the tribe loyal to her (the Hainasoni) was in danger , and she sent her army to kill every single one of Nerilla’s descendants.

The seventh witch , Ayla ,was the youngest but often to most underestimated. Her descendants are characterized by ferocity and fearfulness. It is also believed that descendants of the seventh witch practice dark magic that tap into the powers of death and cruelty. Therefore , the seventh bloodline was killed by followers of the Council of Elders because it was evolving into a dark bloodline.

Witches or wizards can only have active powers when the bloodline is activated. A witch line will activate when the lives of the witches are in danger (f.e. by presence of vampires , the natural enemies of witches). From the moment a bloodline is activated , it can never be de-activated. Every single descendant will be an active witch/wizard.

You can lose active powers (temporarly) due to a descission made by the elders. In this case witches/wizards are still considered witches/wizards because they are able to practice the basic powers (Spells ,…)

Known cases of people losing their powers :

  • Christopher Greene , due to objection in the decision made by the elders.
  • Payton and Claire Silverstone , due to rebellion against the elders
  • Connor , Ariël and Chloë Curtis , due to unknown reason

The Silverstone bloodline was activated by Gracie Silverstone , the first witch born after the start of a vampire conflict (vampire/witch war that started right after the Medievals).  She was the first one who could control the basic powers and in addition an extra power : telekinesis.


When a vampire is in transition , the choice has to be made between feeding on animal blood (Type A) or feeding on human blood (Type B). Without feeding , the body will die anyway.

The differenceEdit

There is an equal amount of red and white blood cells and proteins in both human and animal blood , but the red blood cells (rbc) with humans lacks a nuclei while animals have red blood cells with nuclei. It can also be comforting that you don’t have to kill humans in order to survive.


Nuclei in animal blood isn’t important in a normal world ,  but it provides a ‘weakness’ to type A-vampires. But most importantly : it prevents the vampire to produce toxics , which a normal vampire gets from that nuclei in human blood. That’s why only Type B-vampires can turn someone , because the toxix is what makes a human turn into a vampire.

The effectsEdit

Type B-vampire often have more preditorial instincts because of the short duration of the blood. They have to feed more , and will be willing to go to extremer points than Type A’s , because animals are easier to be found. But , it requires a lot of discipline : when a vampire gets changed, the muscles and tissue will crave for new blood , and automatically they will please with the best next thing , similar to what was in the body before : human blood.

Changing preference Edit

When a vampire decides to change from type B to type A , it usually takes a long while. The tissue will not be satisfied with the animal blood , and originally will be craving for a bigger amount, but with the addition of orther nutritions , the craving will downcrease. Changing from type A to B is usually less difficult , since it is more of a vampire’s instinct , to be a type B. But it can be moraly tricky , and for that reason most Type A- vampires can’t cope with it.

When type A-vampires do give in to temptation the results can be dramatic when it involves a big amount. Little amounts of human blood don’t harm , and it’s rather easy to resist it again afterwords. It depends on how quick the body adjusts back to human blood , and how strong the will-power is to resist it again.


Adding human nutrition can be a relief for a Type A-vampire. It can fill up the need of certain nutrients. This way of dieting (the combination of animal blood and human blood) is also called a Type C vampire : it needs no human blood but still an amount of animal blood in addition to nutrients. And a vampire who feeds on none blood at all ,will eventually die after all.

The Type C-vampires are specialized by another ability : their interaction with human. The nutrients and the lack of any human blood in their system will automatically put the craving for human blood (the nuclei) down , which gives them the ability to interact with humans without wanting to slice their neck open. It can also happen the other way around : when a vampire has lots of contact with humans , and is able to resist the blood , the need for human food will increase, and that way the need for human blood will downcrease. But it takes a lot of discipline to overcome that craving…


·           Type B-vampires are not fertile* because of the nuclei inside human blood. It stops creating oocytes and all other fertility substances ,which are replaced by the toxic.

·           Type A-vampires have fertility substances but the never lead to a fertilization because they break down when in contact with human blood (you could interprete it as animalistic cells, fertilizing with human ones). Two Type A-vampires can’t have a child because the female vampire body isn’t capable of carrying a pregnancy (due to a lack of other –human- fertility substances and because of the chances in the body.)

·           Type C-vampires in theory can be fertile. Because of the human interaction the production of fertility substances should be increased (instead of a craving for the human blood , the production will be motivated by the presence of it).

è When a Type C-vampire procreates the child will usually not survive very long. The head of the vampire-community and one of the pillars of the Council of evil , the Anconi , will prevent the matter, in order to protect the secret about the existence of vampires. The children will be killed , or (only happened twice) trained to join the Anconi (in case the child is too strong to be killed already).

è The offspring of a Type C-vampire (rare) and is called a Dhampir or Type D-vampire. Usually these children are created with the unknowance of the other parents and the pregnancy usually (*) doesn’t fulfills (Human body isn’t capable of vampire foetus , and vampire body isn’t capable of carrying a child)

* = Dhampirs càn be successfully born thanks to a loophole or the fact that one of the parents is a witch/wizard (more fertile because of nature).

·         Type D-vampires(a rare species) can procreate

The only known Dhampirs that has procreated is Alyssa Miller.**

The only known Dhampirs that could procreate*** are Liam Green (Née Miller) , Alena Dawson , Andrew Dawson , Amanda Dawson , Alexis Dawson , Damien Saphire , Amore Dawson.

**The case of Alyssa Miller:

Alyssa Miller was born to a type-B- vampire mother (May) , and a mortal Father (Jared). Thanks to an ancient witch spell and herb mixture , Alyssa didn’t die as a foetus and May was able to give birth to her daughter , making Alyssa half-human, half-vampire and offspring of a type-B-vampire. She wasn’t killed as a child either because she was a member of the Miller-coven (princess, actually) , and the Anconi couldn’t rule over them. To prevent that they would kill her eventually , May made her daughter a full-vampire with a potion. Hereby practically removing Alyssa’s human side. Theoretically , she remains a type D-vampire , and has children of her own (Type E) : They have vampire-needs but in a very much downcreased amount that they basically can live with very few blood. Children of type E vampires aren’t classified as vampires anymore.

Liam Miller is to be categorized in the same category, although he is still half-human so his children won’t be called (type-E)-vampires because of the lack of vampire-dna.

***The case of Alena Dawson and others : Alena Dawson was born to a type-C-vampire father (Jason) and a mortal mother , who is a witch. The combination of type-C and Wicca was enough to make a fertilization possible. The Anconi tried to kill her (and conveniently her mother too) as a foetus , but this failed. They tried once more when Alena was born , but this time the Elders stopped them. She was the first person to be a descendant of both and active witch bloodline (Silverstone) , and (the most powerful) vampire bloodline (Miller). Later on she will have 3 siblings , 2 nieces and a nephew to join her in this species.


TYPE B (majority)


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