Lydia Thornton
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born December 16th, 1991
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 23
Occupation Unknown
Residence Hainasoni Compound
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Advanced Pyrokinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Camille Ambroise
Lucas Ambroise
Physical description
Height 123
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color 132
Portrayed By None

Lydia Thornton is one of the characters in Touch of Magic and one of the main characters of The Heart. She is the sister of Laura Thornton and the cousin of Nick and Naomi. 

Lydia is a witch and a member of the Hainasoni Bloodline and The Thornton Family. She is part of The Ambroise Family by lineage. She is an allie of The Silverstones too.


Early LifeEdit

Lydia is the younger sister of Laura Thornton. She grew up in the shadow of her bigger sister, who had done some amazing spells at a very young age. But when her parents found out she had the same strength and witchpower as her sister she soon was treated the same. She got lessons in spells and dangerous witchcraft at a very young age. A lot of the spells and potions containing blood and fire. 

When her sister got in an arranged marriage she soon found out that her sister´s husband wasn't treating her well. She talked to her sister and she found out that he was abusing her. When she walked in on him hitting her something inside of her snapped. She got so mad that she killed him. They wanted to cover up the murder, but Laura got caught and went to jail for 2 years. Lydia wanted to confess, but Laura convinced her otherwise. 

When friend of the killed husband found out Lydia was actually the one who killed him they kidnapped her. They thought she was guarded well, but she escaped anyway. She was about twenty years old when that happened. Ever since then she has had the desire to get away from her family and the toxic magic they are involved in.

Season One (The Heart)Edit

In Season One, we see Lydia trying to better the lives of herself and her cousins and siblings. Lydia tries to ensure they have it better then her, but in the meantime also struggles with her soul. She feels like there is no saving left for herself, untill her brother Louis convinces her otherwise.

Season Six (Touch of Magic)Edit

When Lydia is able to escape Alaska along with her family she is approached by Phoebe Curtis. Although Phoebe is a young witch, Lydia is impressed by her knowledge of witchcraft. When Phoebe asks her about the blood and sacrificial magic, Lydia is confused. Phoebe explains her ability to sense that kind of stuff, to which Lydia eventually opens up to her. (see more : Lydia and Phoebe)


Lydia is very caring and has a very protective personality. She always wants people to be safe and healthy and she would do anything for the people that she cares about. Don't underestimate her though, because she would kill anyone that comes between her and her family. She always puts others first and she will always want others to have it better than her. Sometimes she neglects herself because of that, but she has her own struggles too. She has had some issues with her mental health, but she would never tell anyone about that. She can get very insecure about herself, but you wouldn't see that from the outside. Only if you know her really well you would notice. 


Lydia has the appearance of a Hainasoni witch. The dark hair, the olive colored skin and the brown eyes are typical for them. But she also has some of her own characteristics. She isn't that tall, but she has a great figure which she likes to keep working on. She has wavey hair and guys always tell her that she has those cute little dimples in her cheeks when she smiles. Her clothing style is simple and comfy, but she likes to dress up once in a while too. 



Lydia and Bash are both magical royalty, who fell in love after they both happened to be in Waterfall Creek at the same time. (see more : Bash and Lydia)


Lydia and Laura are sisters, close in age. They have different personalities, but they can work together very well. They've been through a lot together, such as escaping their family home and taking care of Caitlyn. (see more : Laura and Lydia)

Louis is Lydia's bigger half brother. They share the same father but have a different mother. They have a typical brother-sister connection, but they also have something stronger. Because they are fighting for the same cause and have the same demons they know they can trust and rely on each other. (see more: Louis and Lydia)


Lydia and Naomi are cousins through their fathers and they have spend a lot of time together since they were very young. Lydia thought Naomi a lot of what she knows and Lydia sees Naomi almost as a sister. (see more: Lydia and Naomi)

Lydia and Nick are cousins through their fathers. They grew up in the same compound and therefor share a close family bond. Because of the fact that they all hate their parents their relationship gets even stronger. (see more: Lydia and Nick)




Lydia and Phoebe are both magical royalty and close friends. (see more : Lydia and Phoebe)







Lydia has a talent for knowing when people are lying to her. She isn't able to read minds or feel what other people are feeling, but she is just very good at reading peoples faces. She would also know when something is up with one of her friends or family members. 

Aside from the being able to read peoples faces Lydia is also very good at cooking. She loves to spend time in the kitchen and try out new things. She knows all of their family recipes and one of her big dreams is to bring out her one and only cookbook. She also likes to put random ingredients together and see what happens. Sometimes this works out really well. Sometimes it doesn't. 





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