Lucy Green
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1972
Turned N/A
Died Vampire attack (2009)
Age 37
Occupation Owner of a flowerstore
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Witch
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Agrokinesis
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children none
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Portrayed By None
Lucy Greene is a recurring character in the earlier parts of Touch of Magic. She is Christopher Greene's sister and was Claire and Payton's guardian untill her death in the summer of 2009.

She was a witch of the Greene Bloodline before her death, and belonged to The Greene Family


Lucy was the youngest child and only girl of the 3 Greene siblings : Marc , Christopher and Lucy. Her father was from the less powerfull Greene bloodline , so Lucy never expierienced an upbringing revolving around magic. She learned how to control the basic powers when she was around 12 , and that was it. However , in her teenage years she discovers the ability to do more then just that. She finds out she can manipulate life essence. In secret , she practises (resulting in many dead plants due to 'a lack of watering'). Eventually she discovers she can bring things to life , as she did with her dog , Mickey , when he got run over. 

Her eldest brother went ccross the country to become a priest when she was a teenager , and hasn't seen him since. He died during construction works on his church. Chistopher , her other brother , lived under the same roof, but she didn't have a close relationship with him. She did attend his wedding with Lillian Silverstone though. When she is in her late 20's Christopher dies during a vampire attack , leaving her to care for his two daughters ; Payton and Claire. Her parents had died in a hurricane while on a holiday shortly before that. She was pushed aside and the elders took over their upbringing from the minute they left the hospital, and she was only used for legal stuff they couldn't handle. In exchange , she was given a new identity and protection from any vampires.

Season TwoEdit

When Payton and Claire got the Elders angry, they lifted the protection and Lucy was killed soon after. She never revealed her secret power , and thus it remained a secret.

Luckaly , Liam Miller took over the custody of Claire , who was still a minor at the time. Liam was also the one who drove Payton to Texas to identify her aunt. However , Liam never saw her body , as he was still a vampire back then.

Season SixEdit

It was Liam also who discovers the power with himself and he goes through family records to detect a connection to his paternal family. He discovers a diary Lucy kept , writing down all her little 'experiments' involving her power. Liam uses these to learn about his new ability. He later summons her , with the help of his sisters , and he thanks her for it.

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