Louis Ignatius
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Species Wizard
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Sexuality Straight
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Louis Ignatius is a character in Touch of Magic. He is a wizard of the Hainasoni-bloodline. He is the older half-brother of Laura Thornton  and Lydia Thornton.


Louis's father and mother's relationship was set up by his grandparents. They cared for eachother , but have both admitted not to have loved one another. Never the less, they had him. Growing up , he lived with his mother in Seattle. Only during the summer he would live with his father , which was when he learned about magic when his powers came out around the age of 9. As a human , his mom couldn't handle raising a wizard and he moved to his father. He and his mother always did stay in touch while he grew a connection with his father. He also grew a good relationship with his paternal younger half-sisters Lydia and Laura , but not so much with his step-mother.

When he was 10 his mother married his step-father Jacob Ignatius , descendant from the Ignatius-branch of the Hainasoni bloodline. After this , Louis decided to change his name to Ignatius to carry on the name. This improved his relationship with his mother and  His half-sister was born shortly after that.

When Hailee started to develop her powers and Louis returned from University he offered for his mother and step-father to return to live in Alaska. They agreed , and Louis built a house for them. He then spends time in both of his families : with his father and his sisters Laura and Lydia , who were 1 and 2 years younger then him , and with his mother and his sister Hailee , who was 10 years younger then him.


Romantic relationshipsEdit

  • Flora and Louis

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  • Despite his father is Peter Thornton , he carries the name Ignatius (off his stepfather). He chose for this himself when his mother got married because the name was on the verge of extinction. His half-sister Hailee also has the rare last name of her father.
  • He is the only one of Isaac Thornton's grandchildren with a university degree. He has a degree in Architecture.
  • The only person in his family he doesn't get along with is his stepmother Victoria