Linda Lucille Curtis
Biographical information
Full birthname Linda Lucille Curtis
Also known as None
Titles Doctor (OBGYN)
Born 1966
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 50 (Season Six)
Occupation Geneacologist
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Witch (inactive)
Bloodline Curtis Bloodline
Abilities Limited magic
Family & Relationships
Parents Marcilla 'Marcie' Curtis
Unnamed father
Siblings Helen Curtis (younger sister)
Alice Curtis (younger sister)
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children Connor Curtis
Ariël Curtis
Chloë Curtis
Phoebe Curtis
Physical description
Height 5'2"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color light brown
Portrayed By Elisabeth Shue
Linda Curtis is a recuring character in touch of magic. She is the mother of Hayden Curtis, Eloïse CurtisConnor Curtis, Ariël Curtis, Chloë Curtis and Phoebe Curtis. She is a geneacologist and the second main doctor in Touch of Magic.

She is a witch, but her powers are inactive due to decisions she made regarding the safety of her children.


Linda was born in an ordinary family in Conneticut, USA. She was the oldest of 3 daughters, and was left to care for her sisters while her parents worked long hours to support her and her sisters. At age 16, Linda herself got a job at a local diner. One night, as she was closing off, she got attacked and barely escaped, because her father interfered. When he was killed, Linda went to her mother for answers. That's where she found out she was a wich, but that her magic had been cloacked away for the past 17 years.

Linda was furious and decided to move out, discovering the world of witchcraft mostly on her own. When she was moving around at the age of 19 she met Charles, an aspiring professor at the local college.  She and Charles moved into a house for themselves and they started kids straight away. In the summer of 1993, disaster struck when Hayden and Eloise got killed at 11 and 9 years old by The Valkyries.

The elders judged Linda had chosen a bad human partner and ruled her an unfit witch to continue the bloodline. As a punishment they wiped away the memories of the oldest kids from the minds of 7 year old Connor, 4 year old Ariël and 1 year old Chloë. While taking away the active powers of the entire family. The one person who is not affected by it all is Phoebe, the youngest child who is born afterwards.

From there on, Linda decides she doesn't want to have anything to do with magic, as she believes she has failed her species. She also starts to understand the choice her parents made to lock away hers. She joins the local church community and establishes a deep religious lifestyle. The following decade, Linda watches her children grow as she works as a geneacologist and her husband is a professor at a University now. All seems to go well, untill Connor  speaks up about his feelings. Charles tells Linda to quit her job and to move to the West Coast, where they would send their children to a more conservative school. Ultimatly, this controlling behaviour turns her children against her. 

Season FourEdit

When her three oldest siblings moved out for college, Linda watches her youngest daughter Phoebe slip through her fingers. Phoebe, who has by now also discovered her family is something special, relocates to a boarding school in Waterfall Creek, a city that she feels drawn to. Linda panics, fearing her daughter will suffer a fate much like her eldest children if she's across the country without protection. Phoebe hides the fact that she lost her dorm room, and pretends all is good when she calls her mom. However when Phoebe mentions the Silverstones, Linda is enraged and makes plans to go to Oregon herself to get her daughter. When she arrives, Linda repeatedly talks negatively of Payton and Claire, indicating that they are magnets for death and pain. 

Season FiveEdit

Linda makes an attempt to reconsile with her youngest daughter and the two are able to re-establish a relationship. Linda moves back to Salem too and opens up her own practise while her marriage with Charles is rocky. Linda turns to her religion to find strenght, but falls into old habbits again when she starts setting up Ariël with potential boyfriends. Linda decides she has to keep an eye on Phoebe and the Silverstones, and so she decides to introduce herself, becoming Payton's geneacologist.

Season SixEdit

When her oldest children all go to Waterfall Creek for the graduation of their youngest sister, the family gets into another big fight because Linda tries to convince them all one more time to stay away from Magic. She continously keeps pressuring Connor and Ariël into relationships while she expresses her displeasement of Chloë's relationship with Liam. Ultimatly Phoebe comes to her siblings defence. When Phoebe hears about her true destiny, she tells her mother that she will be a royal no matter what Linda tells her.

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