Lillian and Payton
Nickname None
Intimacy level Mother and daughter
Species Royal Witches
First met Unknown
Duration 1989-1993
Status N/A

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This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and her mother, Lillian Silverstone.



When Lillian found out she was pregnant with her first child, she was over the moon. She always wanted to have a family and now she finally could start one. She felt a really strong connection with her unbron child from the very beginning of her pregnancy. So when Payton was born Lillian couldn't be more happy. She could finally hold her beautiful baby in her arms. 

Payton grew up to be a loving and happy child, but her father never gave much attention to her, due to his drinking problems. So her mother felt like she should give her child the love she needed and deserved. Payton always was a mommy's girl and when her sister was born that didn't change. Her father changed, but she still felt the love of her mother. 

So when her mother died when she was only a couple years old her heart was broken. She felt an emptyness that never could be replaced by anyone. She felt very lonely in the years after her mother died, but she had to take care of her little sister. She sometimes started to feel like her mother, because she wanted to give her sister the feeling that she once had with her mother. 

Over the years Payton started to accept the death of her mother more and more. But at specific events she still missed her and she would have wanted her mother to be there. So when her sister brought their spirits back to life for a couple of hours on her wedding day she was the most happy girl in the world. She could share that wonderful moment with her mother. 

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