Liam and Payton
Intimacy level Paternal half-siblings
Species Twiceblessed Witch and Wizard / Vampire (former)
First met Unknown
Duration 2008-2010


Status N/A

This is the relationship between Payton Silverstone and Liam Greene

Payton and Liam are paternally half-siblings. Liam is approximatly 3 years older than Payton. They were close for a while during Payton's first year of college. After that they never became close again untill Liam becomes human and Payton decides to give him one more chance.


Season TwoEdit

Originally , Payton hates the idea of Liam due to her issues with her father. When he and Alyssa end up keeping an eye on her, she warms up the the idea of having a brother and they connect when Payton wants to train and become stronger. 

Season ThreeEdit

Season FiveEdit

At the end of Season Five, Liam attends Claire's birthday party uninvited which causes some tension at the celebration.

Season SixEdit


  • Take Care - Drake



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