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Liam and Mila
Nickname Lila
Intimacy level Enemies


Species Wizard (former Vampire) & Human
First met Unknown
Duration 2009-2014
Status N/A

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  This is the relationship between Liam Greene and Mila Romano.


Liam and Mila first met on the 3rd floor corridor in Sint-Joseph's Boarding School. Liam was send out there after he had completed his training to fully join the Millers. Behind Grace's back, May Miller ordered Liam to assasinate the Silverstone sisters, who were believed to be weak while the Dawsons were on a one week hunting trip and with a weak celestial force. Liam accepted the task with pride, and travelled from the compound to Waterfall Creek with 5 other vampires. They all dissapeared during the trip, causing Liam some concern, but he decided to go into the attack after all. Later, it will be revealed in a mission report that Liam was to go solo, and die in his attempt because May didn't want any other heirs to the Miller throne.

Liam went in and caught Claire in an unguarded moment while she was on the phone with Payton who was checking out Portland. Mila was supposed to be in the development room to develop some pictures, but she forgot the camera roll in her room. Upon Mila's arrival in the dorm room, she found Liam and Claire in a struggle. She hit Liam in the head with a lamp, causing him to turn around and come after her. He smacked her against the door of Seth and Jason's room, and bit her. Claire was able to immobilize Liam by stabbing him in the back with a piece of wood, before she locked herself and Mila inside their room with a spell. Claire treated Mila's wound the best she could, while Mila was slipping in and out of conciousness.

Payton arrived eventually, and she was able to heal Mila. The following day, Mila did not speak to anyone and she just laid in bed with the lights off. Upon Payton's return, the sisters prepare to fight Liam and kill him in the defence of their friend Mila.

When it is revealed that Liam is the son of Christopher Greene, all three siblings are amazed. When Mila hears of this, she asks Payton to kill him afterall. Payton is willing to do this, but Claire stops her. Mila then leaves, and calls out Claire and Payton to be liars for promising she'd be safe, after she learned about magic. In reality, Mila is more mad at herself that she was so poorly at fighting off a vampire with bad intentions. She had let herself be blinded by the Dawsons and their good nature, instead of learn more about vampires and how to fight them, and prevent exactly what happened. Mila levels with Payton over their shared hatred for Liam.

When Liam goes to Portland, Mila is shocked to find out Payton knew, and she allowed him to watch over her. Mila blames Payton's fragile emotional state after her break-up with Jason. She goes to Mike for understanding, but Mike sides with Payton stating he is the only family she has besides Claire. While Payton learns to accept Liam, Mila still remains resentfull, and she is not able to accept her own faillures and weaknesses. For one month following, she does not talk to Payton, and she also declines Payton's invite for Christmas Eve. Mila reluctantly agrees to invite Payton on a new year's eve party she is hosting. When Mila spots Alyssa, she is allarmed, but Liam is said to have stayed in Portland.

At this point, Mila starts to show understanding for why Payton allowed him to stay around, and the two make up that evening. Mila also tries to understand the reasons Liam had for attacking her, but it takes her well over a few more weeks to be remotely recovered from the trauma she had suffered. When Liam comes to Waterfall Creek to attend the wedding of Alyson and Dylan from a distance (as support for Payton), Mila avoids him at all cost. That summer, when Liam announces to get more involved in Claire's life in Waterfall Creek, Mila makes plans to take Mike on their summer holiday to Europe, before they both head their ways in university. Mila finishes off her senior year before doing so, and she leaves town just in time for Liam's return.

Mila and Liam don't interact with eachother directly during the following school year, but Liam keeps in touch with Mila's life through his friend Mason. Mason has, at Liam's request, befriended her in University, and the two actually get involved with one another briefly before Liam breaks that up. That is when Liam realises he does not like other guys around Mila. When Mila discovers Mason is in fact stalking her, he says he was in assignment of The Anconi and not Liam. Mila cut off all ties with Mason, which made Liam angry. As a result, he had her fly into town with an excuse. He then kidnapped her. He held her hostage in a Miller safehouse for a month, during which she was 'not a prisoner, just a guest'. When Mila attempts to break free, things go wrong and she falls, wounding herself badly. The blood causes for Liam to loose his control, and he feeds on her. Since he now knows he can't leave the house to go hunting, he keeps feeding on her (yet not turning her because one can not be turned by the toxic created through their own blood). After 28 days, Claire and Payton find Liam with the help of Alyssa. Payton is ready to kill him, but Alyssa stops her and says she knows the Millers will grant him a bigger punishment. She does this, knowing it will please her mother. Eventually, she makes it a win-win by describing Liam's crime to her mother as a mild one. Alyssa gains good point with her mother, while Liam gets a milder punishment then what he deserves.

When Payton and Claire apologize to Mila, she looks at them and tells them they couldn't have done anything, because they didn't know. She embraces them both, and apologizes for being angry at them because they wanted to have family. Claire and Payton both state they will never want anything to do with Liam ever again.

Mila departures back to Europe, which is where she remains over the next few years. She calls Payton, Claire and Mike often. Liam does not have any contact with his sisters in the meantime.

In 2014, things change. Liam tries to warn his sisters about a plan his aunt has been making, but they simply burn his letters and ignore his emails the minute they arrive. Liam decides to take matter into his own hands, and he shows up in May at Claire's birthday party. He is receive with so much hate, that he decides not to warn them about the dangers ahead. He sees Mila at the party too, and the two don't talk to one another for the majority of the day. While Liam has decided not to help his sisters, he knows he can not have a clean start as long as he still gets hated by Mila. He explains to her what happened that time. He adds on the fact that he was send on a suicide mission by his aunt, and that he was trying to get into good graces with her, and become a true vampire. Mila says she understands why he attacked her originally, but she states she will never understand why he took away her freedom for a whole month if he himself felt a hostage among the Millers. This leaves Liam to think, and he leaves the party shortly after that.

In the meantime, Mila has realised by her encounter with Liam, that she is still as weak as she was the last times she was in town. Her family situation at home confirms that image, but the fact that she was able to get away from that situation inspires her. She picks up a strong workout routine and she tries to learn everything she can about magic, so she knows what she's dealing with, yet she tries to do this with as little people as possible knowing, so she can maintain an element of surprise when time does come.

When Liam returns to the Silverstones, Mila is standing by. He announces he is human now, and after the defeat of his entire family he has nowhere to go. Mila can see the trouble and pain Liam is in, and when Claire asks her if it would be okay, she does not say no. Mila keeps her distance from Liam, as she tries to accept that he is back.

Liam and Mila first met when Liam came to SJBS for the firs ttime, then with the intent of killing his sisters. Mila happened to be there, and she actually saved Claire, but she got attacked by Liam herself in the proces. 

Mila originally held a grudge against him, but she was forced to live with the fact that he'd stick around when they discovered he was the half-brother of Claire and Payton. Still, she managed to avoid him because he was pure evil in her eyes. 

That image was proven when he used her as revenge to his sisters. He kidnapped her and tortured her because he knew it'd hurt his sisters when he took their friend. She was tortured for about a month, in which time he also fed on her. Neverthe less he was never really able to hurt her, and kept her in an partially underground safehouse he and his mom had. It wasn't such a cruel place to live, but she was kept there against her will and when he'd be upset he did take it out on her.

She got out eventually when Payton and Claire found them. This resulted in them shutting him out, and Mila being traumatized. After that his guilt quickly set in, and he send his friend Mason out to Europe to keep an eye on her. His spy would notify him if she ever had any intend of returning to America. 

Liam eventually tried to reconsile with his sisters occasionally, but most of the time he spend on a beach somewhere in the pacific. During Claire's 23rd birthday party he comes in crashing it. The reason for that is that he got message of Mason saying Mila'd be there. Mila tells him multiple times to back off while Liam does his best to make her forgive him, putting his best charms in the battle. But she doesn't cave in the beginning.

It takes Liam's vampirism to be taken away and for hem to be beaten down by it for her to face him again. She agrees to talk, and to try and work on their relationship because let's face it, they're going to see eachother more. He explains to her he didn't know what gotten into him when he kidnapped her. He apologizes but Mila says she can't forgive him for what he did just yet, literally still wearing the scars of that period.

When Liam starts dating Chloë, Mila is happy that someone in his life can help him feel good again, and she focusses back on helping Pierre. She and Pierre pretend to be a couple in different occasions, to which Liam makes some funny comments. He originally doesn't like it and is partially jealous about it, because he knows that what he did was terrible, but Pierre treated Mila equally bad or worse. When Pierre's secret comes out Liam has a hard time ignoring all Pierre's mistakes, but Chloë manages to convince him that Mila is clevver and that she knows what she'd doing.

When Chloë is in a car-accident it is revealed that she hid a pregnancy from Liam and that it was the reason why she ran off months before. Liam is devistated by the lost of his girlfriend, and Mila finds herself comfortable in the positioning of guiding him through his grief. When the baby makes it and finally ends up in Liam's arms, she is only a few steps removed from the event that changed Liam's life. 

Two weeks later, she gives Liam a keys to the appartment, saying she is unable to watch him battling parenthood on his own in the tiny condo he and Chloë used to share. She offers him his support and help with Sophia, his daughter. The two bond and Mila ends up being the one getting up in the night. She develops a true maternal instinct and with that feelings for Liam. They have little moments such as the time where Liam rescues a kid from getting hit by a car, but gets badly wounded in the proces. Mila helps him, cleaning and bandaging the wounds he refuses to get treated by Payton. There are stares involved, and touches and they both feel certain things.

Despite that she is very careful because of his fragile emotional state. When she goes out on a roadtrip with a friend she knew from College, she tells him about Liam. Marcus doesn't like her new taste in men, knowing Mila and Liam's history very well. But she tells him that Liam has changed, and he attempts to see the good in this guy. Mila gets called off by Liam who has a flat tire. She drives to him and drives him home. After putting Sophia to bed, Liam returns to the porch where Mila still is. Mila talks about her day, but Liam interrupts her when he kisses her. At this point Marcus pulls up and spots the two, outing his displeasement. Mila breaks the kiss, and goes after Marcus telling him it didn't mean anything. Liam is hurt by her saying this, and Mila instatly regrets it. Mila then goes to check up on Sophia after Liam slammed the door harshly. She talks to the little girl and hums parts of the song 'Make You Feel My Love' to her, which Liam can hear.

They don't really talk much and they mainly avoid eachother in the days following. However, when the news of hunters in town gets out, Mila has to talk to him. But when she does, she fears Liam might have already left. He says he was planning that the next morning, and Mila pretends like everything is fine. She realizes she has never felt this worried in her own life and she goes up to him to kiss him, ignoring the voice in her mind that said to spare him. But when he kisses back and guides them to the bedroom, Mila's guilt goes away. Liam promises her he has changed, and Mila says she trusts him, while the back of her mind tells her that this is keeping him safe from the hunters, and that she'll be able to pretend it didn't happen the next morning.



  • We found love - Rihanna



  • who’s the cuddler: Mila
  • who makes the bed: Mila
  • who wakes up first: Liam
  • who has the weird taste in music: Liam
  • who is more protective: Definitely Liam
  • who sings in the shower: Mila, and she is pretty good
  • who cries during movies: Mila
  • who spends the most while out shopping: Mila, she really has a weak spot for cute dresses
  • who kisses more roughly: Liam
  • who is more domineering: Both equally
  • who controls the remote: Mila, because she can't miss an episode of Gossip Girl
  • what pets do they have: None
  • who decorated the house: Mila
  • who does the cooking: Mila, Liam would burn the house down
  • who is more organized: Mila
  • who iniatiates bedroom fun: Liam
  • who suggested kids first: Mila
  • who is the big-spoon/little spoon: Mila is the little spoon.
  • what's their favorite non-sexual activity: Watching a movie on the couch (which usually ends in a sexual activity)
  • who comes home drunk at 3AM: Liam, he works at a bar
  • who kills the spiders: Mila
  • who falls asleep first: Depends on who is the most tired.
  • do they have any rituals: Not yet
  • who is louder: Liam
  • who is more experimental: Both, it depends on the mood they are in
  • who takes more risks: Liam
  • do they fuck or make love: Both
  • lights on or off: Depends on the mood they are in
  • who is more spontaneous: Mila
  • who does the laundry: Mila
  • who gets up in the middle of the night for the baby: Mila
  • who is most likely to steal the others clothes: Mila to steal Liam's
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over: Who's turn it is to feed Sophia
  • who steals the blankets: Liam
  • who remembers anniversaries: Mila
  • who gets the food and who stays at the table: Liam gets the food
  • who stays up untill 2AM reading: Mila
  • who initiates pda: Liam
  • who gives nicknames: Mila
  • who apologizes first after an argument: Mila does
  • what kind of gifts do they get for eachother: Liam would get Mila a book, because he has no clue what to buy for a woman. Mila would take him to a fancy restaurant to teach him what real food tastes like.
  • what's their favorite place to be together: The living room, by the fireplace
  • their song: We found love - Rihanna
  • where did they first meet: At the boarding school, where Liam attacked Claire and Mila.
  • who are the godparents of their children:
  • what do they do when they're away from eachother: Mila takes care of the household, Liam is usualy at work

◾who says I Love You the most: Mila

  • who is the dirty talker: Liam
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt: Liam would call his sisters, Mila would take him to a hospital.
  • who spoils the kids the most: Mila
  • who proposes to bathe/shower together: Liam
  • who's the messiest: Liam
  • who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown: Liam
  • Living space has a leak! Who fixes it: Liam
  • who buys the groceries: Mila
  • going out to eat, who pays: Liam
  • would they go to the beach: Yes
  • can they swim: Yes
  • is someone multilingual: Yes, Liam speaks English, Spanish and French, Mila speaks Italian, French and English.
  • baths or showers: Showers
  • who stays up late: Liam, because he works till late
  • how often do they have sex: on regular basis
  • oddest place they have sex: in the VIP-room behind the club
  • favorite positions: Mila on top
  • quickest turn ons: For Mila that's a romantic gesture, for Liam it's Mila cooking for him
  • first to orgasm: Liam
  • how are their afterglows: Cute and romantic

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Sophia Greene, born 15th of april at the hospital
Caleb Greene,
Olivia Greene,
Lilly Greene,

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  • Liam and Mila were first sworn enemies. Liam attacked Mila while she was still in high school and kidnapped her a couple of months later. She was never able to forgive him, until he became human again.
  • Liam tried very hard to get forgiveness from Mila, but it didn't always work out the way he wished.