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Liam and Mason
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species None
First met Around the millenium change
(+/- 2000)
Duration N/A
Status Estranged

This is the relationship between Liam Greene and Mason Woods


Liam and Mason met when Liam was around 12 years old, and Mason stumbled upon the little town in England where Grace had chosen to raise her son. Grace initially freaked out over a vampire around her age near her son, but when she saw the two together she invited Mason to stay with them and act as a male figure in Liam's life. Mason and Grace briefly dated, untill Thomas Chamberlain found out. Mason then left, but stayed in touch with Liam. The latter, being highborn, always got treated better, much to Mason's dispise since he was centuries older. When he got rejected at the Millers upon Liam's return he broke off any contact.

The two reunite in a pub in Dublin and become friends again when Liam hits 18. Over the next couple of years, their heritage keeps the friendship strained for a big part, but they often find a place to have a drink and enjoy life.

When Liam discovers his connection to the Silverstone sisters Mason is far from happy about that, as he sees it as just another thing to drive them apart. Liam proves he values his friend by asking his help in fixing the mistake he made by torturing Mila. He sends Mason out to spy on her in Italy.

When Mason feels like he isn't rewarded enough for this, he reacts in an attempt to attack Payton. When he gets word of this, Liam gets furious and breaks all contact with Mason. They then refuse to talk,even though Liam is kicked on the curb by his sisters. They exchange a few words about the money to get Mason to dissapear off the earth when Mason demands more, which Liam gives him.

In 2014, Masons sister gets kidnapped and he is forced to drug Phoebe or Chris during Liam (now human)'s shift in the Club. Liam discovers and hides it from his bosses, granting Mason leaves again. Mason expresses his regrets, and warns Liam who on his turn leaves a not about the Eurekas on Jason's desk.