Liam Greene
Biographical information
Full birthname Liam Elliot Miller
Also known as Eli, Elliot Greenberg (alias)
Titles King Liam (Slivatica)
Born November 12th, 1982 in Scotland
Turned at birth
Died None
Age 23 (physical age)
26 Season One)

29 (Season Six)

Occupation Member of The Millers
Bartender at Decade
Residence The Miller Compound (former)

212 Peter Street apartment

Supernatural information
Species half-Royal Wizard, half-Vampire
Bloodline Greene Bloodline & The Millers
Abilities Powers:
  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Standard vampire abilities (former)
Family & Relationships
Parents Grace Miller (mother)

Christopher Greene (father)

Siblings *Payton Silverstone(paternal half-sister)
Relatives *Alyssa Miller (maternal cousin)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Chloë Curtis (ex-girlfriend, mother of his child, deceased)
Children Sophia Greene (Daughter) with Chloë)
Physical description
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By Xavier Samuels
How glorious it is - and also how painful - to be an exception.
— Alfred de Musset

Liam Greene (born Liam Elliot Miller) is a main character in Touch of Magic. He is the older paternal half-brother of Claire and Payton Silverstone. He was the boyfriend of Chloë Curtis and the father of their daughter Sophia Greene.

Liam is the first know record of a half-wizard and half-vampire. He is a former member of The Millers and was trained as a soldier for them. He is also a part of the Greene Bloodline and subsequently The Greene Family. He is also a member of The Curtis Family by lineage though being the father of Sophia Greene.

Life Edit

Elliot GreenbergEdit

Liam was born in the UK as the lovechild of his mother and Christopher Greene. His mother hid her pregnancy for his safety due to who his father was, and never told Liam who he was either. Since birth, Liam was injected with a dampner to surpress his magical powers and he has never known about any abilities he might have had developed.

At the age of 4, Grace introduced humans into Liam's life at the advice of Skye Moreno. Liam adjusted well in a town where nobody really knew him, and kept his anonimity. Once he started attending primary school, Mason Whittmore became his primary guard.

Liam as a bad boy

Liam was homeschooled from the age of 15 because his mother didn't want to take any risks with his vampire nature rising to the surface in his teenage years. This resulted in Mason hanging out in the house more, and Liam ultimately watched how Mason and Grace became lovers. With this information, Liam started to rebel and to the best of his ability reject any interaction with his mom or his former friend.

As he became too detached, Grace Miller opted to return to the USA with him to surround him with the environment she saw Alyssa Miller thrive under. Grace asked May to allow Liam to train with The Millers. May agreed, despite priorly not knowing about Liam's existence. Despite May not being happy with Liam's existence, he was introduced to the rest of the Millers, and made a pact with his aunt May Miller that he would work his way up as a foot soldier.

Liam MillerEdit

Liam trained with the Millers from when he was 18 until fall 2008, when he was selected to go on a mission to Waterfall Creek. Liam excelled in his training and showed a lot of potential to progress. However May's plans included a suicide mission, which Liam was not aware of. To the best of his knowledge he was selected based on his skill. While in the reality he was picked because of his background, more specific his paternity, which May had eventually uncovered.

Season TwoEdit

Liam shows up at The Silverstone House as an assasin from The Millers during the house renovations. He arrives with the instructions to kill Claire and anyone in his way. At the time of the attack, Mila and Justin were both at the house helping with renovations. When Liam attacks Mila comes in between him and Claire, and so he knocks Mila across the living room, resulting in a severe concussion. Upon seeing Mila's bleeding wound, he is tempted to feed on her. He is stopped by Claire before that happens, and Seth arrives just in time to capture him.

Alyssa is called in when they identify a bracelet he is wearing, revealing he is from The Millers. This leads Alyssa to recognize him as Liam, her maternal cousin who she had never seen face-to-face because she had been on the road. Claire and Payton then ask the question of how Liam was able to infiltrate, and James suggests they starve him.

Alyssa convinces James to wait, while she attempts to pull up his file from the Millers archive. When Alyssa finds a picture in his file, she asks Liam about the picture which he doesn't recognize himself. However Claire does, as the picture is one of her father and Grace in college.

Claire then calls her aunt Lucy to confirm the relationship between Liam and Christopher, and when Claire then goes to see Liam she tells him she won't hurt him because he is her brother. Elisabeth later takes dna-tests and confirms that Liam is the paternal half-brother of Payton and Claire. This leads Liam to feel betrayed by The Millers and when Claire and Alyssa convince The Dawsons to let him go, Liam starts to look for answers.

He briefly considers to contact his sister Payton, but is adviced against it by Claire who informs him of Payton's issues with her father. As Alyssa goes to confront May about her plans, and Liam's part in it, Liam agrees to stay low so that May wouldn't be able to find him to tie up loose ends. Liam hears of the chaos Alyssa created, and wants to express his support, but he gets knocked out by Alyssa who is poisoned by her mother and later attempts to kill both of her best friends. Knowing he had a part in it, he retrieves an antidote for Alyssa.

A while later, Liam makes an attempt to get in touch with Payton, who is now tracking down rogue vampires. He helps out in a fight, and decides to introduce himself. Payton simply walks away from him in shock, and Liam later finds out that she missed her first day in college.

When Alyssa decides to permanently move to Waterfall Creek, Liam tries to talk to Lauren and Nate who are looking out for Payton. He sticks around Portland for a while, knowing the city is dangerous. Eventually his patience is paid off when Payton agrees to talk to him during fall break. During this talk, however, Payton finds out her aunt has been killed by The Millers, an action which she accuses Liam of conspiring. When Liam denies his involvement, Payton refuses to believe him.

Liam worried
Upon finding out their aunt has died, Payton shuts Liam out entirely, and Liam is not invited to the magical gathering that takes place. He remains in Portland though, until Jason eventually tells him to walk away because he will never be family. The two have a fight, in which Jason is the stronger vampire.

Liam then ends up leaving town, and realizes that he is truly on his own now because The Millers would lynch him if he returned to them. He ends up travelling to Waterfall Creek to try and talk to Claire, but when he sees she is happy with Seth he decides agains that idea. He then goes to Alyssa who tells him that being like them sucks. She gives him the adress of a safehouse where he could lay low for a few years, and promises that things will get better eventually.

Liam is on his way there when he runs into Mila. Remembering her being there when he first attacked Claire, Liam grabs her and abducts her with him to the safehouse Alyssa informed him about. Mila's dissappearance remains undetected by her friends and Liam keeps her at Silver Fox Hideout House for several months.

Season ThreeEdit

Unsure of what to do, Liam keeps Mila alive. he considers killing her to prove his allegiance to the Millers, but he realizes May won't accept anything other than Payton and Claire's head. Mila tries to talk to Liam for the sake of her own survival, and she gets him to give her relative freedom at the hideout, knowing he has blocked the one hideout.

Mason is shown to bring Liam bloodbags which he survives on. However when Mason's delivery runs low, Liam is losing control over his bloodlust and eventually he feeds on Mila. Shortly afterwards, Payton and Jason find his secret location when they finally realized Mila was missing.

Payton is hard on Liam, taking out her anger on him to the point where she has his life in her hands. Jason has to pull her back from that ledge, despite the fact that Liam doesn't resist her anger. Eventually Payton, Jason and Mila leave. Liam isn't seen or heard of again.

Season FiveEdit

When Liam finds out the Millers are approaching Waterfall Creek he tries to warn Alyssa but she refuses his calls and messages. He anxiously awaits the results of the fight that's about to happen, because regardless of the outcome he'd loose family in the battle to come.

Season SixEdit

Liam in the rain
When he turns human in the aftermath of the Miller Massacre, Liam is desperate enough to knock on the door of The Silverstone House, seeking help from his sisters. Seth eventually allows him in after checking with Claire, who realizes he is human and no threat to them. She claryfies he is not forgiven for his actions, and that he is not to come near Mila. Seeing Claire, Liam notices she is pregnant, and he finds out about the exitence of his cousin, Alena too.

Payton and Jason aren't happy with Liam being around, but they notice how Alena is bonding with him because they have the same genetic composition. Eventually Jason reluctantly agrees to getting him a job at Decade, which is where Liam eventually meets Chloë Curtis. When Chloë complaints about staying at a hotel, Liam invites her to crash with him in the small condo that Jason gave him above the club. Chloë takes the offer and they become roommates, but soon end up hooking up. They eventually develop into a romance (see more: Chloë and Liam)

TBA remaining plot of S6'

When Chloë leaves him, he tries to focus on his job and fights to become the brother he wants to be. When Chloë dies her family first hides away the letter adressed to Liam. Phoebe eventually hands it over to him, and Liam learns he is the father of the baby.For a little while Chloë's family is resentfull against him, but the hospital and child services give the baby to Liam. He names her Sophia just like Chloë suggested in her letter.


Liam was considered a bad boy in his teenage years. He was rebellious and had authority issues which ultimately lead to his mother taking him to The Millers. When he was trained as part of the army he began to show less and less emotional attachment to the point where he was able to kill a human he knew as a kid, as a rite of passage.

While he is wild and unpredictable, there is also a part of him that feels lonely and he wants to belong. Upon finding his sisters, that part rises to the surface, but when he finds out they hate him the rejection hits him hard.


to be eited;

Liam was born as half a vampire so that made him a little different than other vampires. He is half witch as well, but his vampirism eliminated the powers he would have inherited from his father. Therefor Liam is seen as a full vampire with his powers. 

  • Supernatural hearin: Liam can hear far better than humans.
  • Supernatural speed: Liam can run faster then humans.

When Liam's vampire side died his powers got lost too. No one knows if his father's powers will return to him. Probably not. But due to the fact that he is a full witch now he will be able to perform small spells and make potions. 


  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Standard vampire abilities (former)

Liam knows how to shoot a bow and arrow, but he rather uses a gun.

Education and CareerEdit





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