Liam Greene
Biographical information
Full birthname Liam Elliot Miller
Also known as Eli, Elliot Greenberg (alias)
Titles King Liam (Slivatica)
Born November 12th, 1973 in Scotland
Turned at birth
Died None
Age 25 (physical age)
35 Season One)

29 (Season Six)

Occupation Member of The Millers
Bartender at Decade
Residence The Miller Compound (former)

212 Peter Street apartment

Supernatural information
Species half-Royal Wizard, half-Vampire
Bloodline Greene Bloodline & The Millers
Abilities Powers:
  • Geokinesis
  • Advanced spellcasting
  • Crystal channeling
  • Advanced Agrokinesis
  • Standard vampire abilities (former)
Family & Relationships
Parents Grace Miller (mother)

Christopher Greene (father)

Siblings Unknown
Relatives *Alyssa Miller (maternal cousin)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Chloë Curtis (ex-girlfriend, mother of his child, deceased)
Children Sophia Greene (Daughter) with Chloë)
Physical description
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By Xavier Samuels
How glorious it is - and also how painful - to be an exception.
— Alfred de Musset

Liam Greene (born Liam Elliot Miller) is a main character in Touch of Magic. He is the older paternal half-brother of Claire and Payton Silverstone. He was the boyfriend of Chloë Curtis and the father of their daughter Sophia Greene.

Liam is the first know record of a half-wizard and half-vampire. He is a former member of The Millers and was trained as a soldier for them. He is also a part of the Greene Bloodline and subsequently The Greene Family. He is also a member of The Curtis Family by lineage though being the father of Sophia Greene.

Life Edit

Liam was born in the UK when his mother hid her pregnancy for his safety. At the age of 4, Grace introduced humans into Liam's life at the advic of Skye Moreno. In primary school he became friends with Mason Woods. As Liam grew, Mason kept around despite the two of them no longer attending school together after Liam became 'homeschooled'. At the age of 15 he had a rebel fase and at 16 an emo fase. Shortly after his 17th birthday he found out he would be returning to the USA because the Anconi had found him and his mom in the UK.

He was then introduced by his mother to the rest of the Millers, and made a pact with his aunt May Miller that he would work his way up as a foot soldier. He did that for several years, training really hard, untill he got his first big assignment at age 22, setting a record of climbing the ladder within the Millers faster than any other newcomer had done before. However later, it would be revealed he was handpicked for the mission because of his background. Still ,the respect he earned at the Millers remained.

Season TwoEdit

Liam shows up as an assasin from The Millers in the first summer since the arrival of the Dawsons. He arrives with the plan to kill Claire, but Mila disrupts that plan. He knocks out Claire and feeds on Mila. He is unable to feed on her enough to kill her when Mike emerges and knocks him with a baseball bat. This gives Seth enough time to rescue Claire and for James and Dylan to swoop in and lock Liam up. While Elisabeth monitors Mila's vitals after severe bloodloss, Liam shows little remorse. When Alyson finds it suspicious that he knew so little about who he was attacking, the Dawsons do a background check. When they discover Grace Miller was his birthmom they reluctantly call in Alyssa. She digs up Liam's file, which has little info other then a picture of Grace and Christopher, carefully hidden between other paperwork. This leads them to wonder if Christopher could be his father. This gets confirmed, and Liam is revealed to be the half-brother of Payton and Claire.

After the magical gathering at the Silverstone House, Liam felt the connection he had with his sisters slip away. When he was on his way to return to the Millers with the lack of a better alternative, he was hit by hunters bullets. He was found and taken to the Millers, where they blamed the Silverstones for Liam's state. In fact, these hunters drugged him, causing him to be the monster they're truely hunting. He forgot about all the reasons he was helping out his sisters, and cut off any contact with them. He didn't want to be told what to do anymore, and as a ways of showing them he planned on kidnapping and killing Mila when she came to visit by interscepting her at the airport.

Season ThreeEdit

He did so, and he took her to a Miller safehouse where he'd eventually show the millers her corpse and his true allegiance. However in the proces the bullet's effect wore off (despite the bullet remaining intact). His anger wore of slightly, and he was no longer hellbound on killing Mila. He instead kept her hostage for a while, before he led his sisters to him. He handed over Mila as a way to show remorse. This backfired, when his sisters completely shut the door on him. Liam returned to the Millers where he was received with displeasement because he did not kill Mila. They thought he was weak and not fit for the army.

His mother helped him go into hiding, which resulted in him being isolated and cut off from all of his family. After a few years the bullets have no longer any effect, and Liam starts to feel the results of his seclusion.

Season FiveEdit

Knowing the Millers will lynch him, he decides to take a shot and he goes to AJ's second birthday party. There is is revealed that he is not yet forgiven. The only person who shows a little bit of sympathy when he says the Millers now hate him too, is Claire. Payton says that that makes both of his families hate him, indicating she still holds a grudge for what he did. Liam knows he took his chance too soon. On his way back from crashing the party, he meets Chloë who is visiting her sister Phoebe. When Liam finds out the Millers are  approaching he anxiously awaits the results of the fight that's about to happen, because regardless of the outcome he'd loose family in the battle between May Miller and The Silverstone-Dawsons.

Season Six When he turns human in the aftermath of the Miller Massacre, he is still withing the Oregon state and he knocks onto his sister's door when he realises he needs help. They at first are slamming the door in his face, but he gets allowed in by Claire when she finds out he is human. She claryfies he is not forgiven for his actions, and that he is not to come near Mila.

Things change when weeks after the defeat of the Millers, Liam gets wounded. When Mila takes him to the hospital, a bullet is discovered in his leg. Elisabeth is able to confiscate the bullet, which they identify as one similar to the one they found in Seth. When examined closer, they also find residu of ingredients that are similar to the anti-humanity potion.

After doing some thinking, Elisabeth concludes Liam had been shot with a bullet laced in Anti-humanity potion arround the time of his departure from Waterfall Creek (the summer before Claire's senior year). Now that there is a whole new light shed on Liam's actions in that summer, he is given an apology by Payton and Claire. Payton even goes to the lenghts of getting him a job at the club.

He later talks to Mila and explains what happens, telling her that it doesn't take away the fact that he hurt her. She tells him that she always knew there was more in play. The two of them know they have a long way to go before they can be anything alike friends ever, and they agree they'll do their best to work things out, but not to rush things.

Liam SpencerEdit

Liam as a bad boy
Liam was born as the lovechild of Chistopher Greene and Grace Miller, but his father never even knew he existed. As a result of that, he didn’t know who his father was either. He grew up in a little town where nobody really knew them. He was raised by his mother, because she and her sister May were in a fight at that time. There he meets his best friend Mason, who shows to be his mother's lover too.

Liam Milller - Millers

When May and Grace reconsile, Liam and Grace move back to the Millers, where he gets to know his cousin Alyssa Miller. Together they were treated as unworthy for being a Miller by the other Miller members. Resulting in the fact that they constantly had to prove themselves. 

When Liam is given the task to kill Claire en Payton Silverstone, he heads to Waterfall Creek for the first time. Here he almost kills Mila, a friend of the Silverstone sisters, while attacking Claire. Payton is in Portland at that moment. The attack goes kind of wrong, so Liam heads back to the Millers, where he learns who his father is. He learns that Claire en Payton are his half-sisters and from that moment he is willing to get to know them and refuses to continue his assignment.

Liam Miller - Silverstones

Liam worried
He helps Payton in a hard time in her life while she is in Portland and he is fighting to become the brother he wants to be. But when Payton and Jason , their break-up being the biggest reason for Payton's terrible state of being , reunite , Liam feels like he is pushed away and leaves Portland. He tries to return to the Millers but his mother reminds him that he chose against them (when he chose to stay with Payton in Portland even though there were rival vampires in town and his mother wanted to get him out of there). To prove his loyalty , he kidnaps Mila.
Liam in the rain
He tortures her for a month , using her as his personal bloodbank and so on. Mila gets rescued by the Silverstones , and Liam's relationship with his sisters falls apart. In the years after that he has no contact with them so ever , but he decided the Millers aren't a good invironment for him either , so he stays low-profile.

This causes him to be unaware that his aunt is plotting against them. When he eventually does find out , his mother and aunt talk him over into choosing their side. And although he never chose sides (he just left the country) , his sisters blame him from turning his back on them ever since.From that moment the girls are done with him.

Liam Greene

Liam human again
When Grace, May, and a big part of the Miller army die, Liam becomes human. When Grace dies his vampireside dies with her and his father’s blood makes sure that Liam lives. There is nowhere for him to go, so he turns to Payton en Claire. They accept to help him but on a few conditions. He lives in their house for a while but later gets a job at the club , so that he is able to afford his own studio above it. Right after his return , Liam meets Chloë Curtis, the sibling of Phoebe Curtis, and they have a short but intense relationship. When Chloë dies her family first hides away the letter adressed to Liam. Phoebe eventually hands it over to him , and Liam learns he is the father of the baby. For a little while Chloë's family is resentfull against him , but the hospital and child services give the baby to Liam. He names her Sophia just like Chloë suggested in her letter.When he gets a relationship with Mila after a very long history, he is finally settling down.
Liam good
He moves in with her in the appartment that formely belonged to Mike and before that Alyssa. Around Sophia's first birthday Mila founds out about the fate of her niece and nephew , Olivia and Caleb , in Italy and adopts them. Liam decides to sign up as adoptive father. On their wedding nights years later , they concieve their fourth , but first biological , child together , Lilly.


Liam is known as a bit of a bad ass kind of vampire in the family. Most of the time he is seen as annoying, but there are some good side to him too. He cares a lot about his sisters and would always want to protect them. He can take responsibility when it comes to family, but most of the time he listens to what people tell them. Currently he is trying to be a responsible father and he wants to better his life. 


Liam doesn't really have talents that involve creativity apart from the work he does at the club. Jason is really glad Liam works for him and he has offered him a manager function. Liam knows how to shoot a bow and arrow, but he rather uses a gun. 




  • Liam and Payton
  • Liam and Claire
  • Liam and Alyssa
  • Liam and May
  • Liam and Grace
  • Liam and Christopher
  • Liam and Jade


  • Liam and Mason
  • Liam and Seth
  • Liam and Jason
  • Liam and Phoebe
  • Liam and Justin


Liam was born as half a vampire so that made him a little different than other vampires. He is half witch as well, but his vampirism eliminated the powers he would have inherited from his father. Therefor Liam is seen as a full vampire with his powers. 

  • Supernatural hearin: Liam can hear far better than humans.
  • Supernatural speed: Liam can run faster then humans.

When Liam's vampire side died his powers got lost too. No one knows if his father's powers will return to him. Probably not. But due to the fact that he is a full witch now he will be able to perform small spells and make potions. 


  • We found love
  • Take Care


  • Liam drank a lot of whisky when he was back in Portland with Payton. Sometimes even a bottle a day. 
  • Liam was considered a bad boy in his teenage years. As a vampire he showed little remorse of killing and before meeting his sisters he was an aspiring assasin. Ever since then he has learned to show empathy and show emotion from time to time. Because of this, Liam is the character with the biggest character development.
  • Liam has three children of his own and two children of someone else at some point.
  • When forced to choose between the Millers and his sisters, he chose his sisters twice; He ignored his mother's demand to leave Portland, and he also chose to reach out to his sisters when the Millers were attacking them. 
  • Liam has a way of making bad first impressions, attacking both Claire and Mila among other occasions. 
  • Liam and Jason show a shared overprotection tendency.