Lauren Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born December 7th 1827
Turned N/A
Died smoke inhalation/suffication (turned)
Suicide by fighting The Anconi
Age 20 (physical age)
180/181 Season One
Occupation Typist (formerly - 1940's)
School teacher (formerly - 2000's)
Residence London, UK (1940)
The Dawson House
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard vampire abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'2"
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color None
Portrayed By None
You're going to be the best mother in the world.
— Lauren to Payton

Lauren Dawson (born Lauren Penelope Beckett) was a character on Touch of Magic. She was engaged to Nate Dawson at the time of her death. One of Alena 's middle names (Alena Lillian Lauren Dawson) is named after Lauren, who died protecting Payton and Alena as an unborn baby.

She was a vampire and part of the Dawsons , being turned by Dylan McKenzie.


Lauren BeckettEdit

Lauren was born as the second child of the wealthy Beckett family in the middle of WWI in a suburb of . Her father owned a lot a factory that thrived during the war. This granted a lot of money and therefor she had a good childhood. She could always get what she wanted, as long as she did what her parents asked her to do and as long as she behaved. So when she grew up she had everything. As many dolls as she wanted. A new bike for her birthday. But somehow things started to get boring. 
She had to live up to her sister's image, yet her parents couldn't comprehend that she was different. Lauren wasn't gifted at dancing ballet or playing the piano, and always felt like a faillure. She started to rebel slightly, dressing differently then classic 30's fashion. She liked the fact that her parents wanted to give her everything, but she could never live up to the expectations her mother and father had because of her sister. Lauren never wanted any of the things her sister had.

Lauren pre-rebellion at age 16

In her search to individualism and rebelion she started hanging out with people from outside her private school. One of those people was the notorious Nate Dawson. This provided some liberties as she now had access to sigarettes and alcohol, big no no's in her family. Upon her 16th birthday her parents seemingly gave up their struggles and she transfered to the school her friends went. She and Nate grew closer and became more then friends. Nate changed slightly, as he gave up drunken afternoons for time with Lauren and actually attending school. Lauren felt special due to the attention he gave her, more then her parents ever gave her.

She finished high school with the little amount of discipline that remained within her in 1934. On New Years Eve she decided to go party and celebrate the year 1935. They went to a warehouse by the river. The party was already going on when Lauren and Nate arrived, and so they found their own little spot in the building, and made out while the other people counted down the last seconds of 1934. Alcohol and drugs zoned out the sounds of a horrible accident a few seconds later. The fireworks that some people had gathered were fired off, but the wind caused them to derail and they hit part of the building. The warehouse caught fire and there was an explosion.

Tumblr inline mm3k9eqUtj1qz4rgp

Lauren unconcious while Dylan saves Nate

The roof collapsed on top of the two lovers and Lauren got hit in the head. She got knocked out and went in and out of conciousness in the next few minutes. Eventually she awoke again, in the middle of an inferno and trying to breathe in air. When the smoke finally cleared, she saw the face of a guy. That was the last thing she saw untill she died.

Lauren DawsonEdit

When she woke up she was in a light room, but she didn't remember anything from before that very moment. Scared and confused, she tried to fight her way out of the room. First she thought she was in a hospital, but when she walked out she was in a domestic hallway. The appliances in the room before confused her, and her mind was about to explode. Then a guy came from around the corner, followed by a blonde and a brunette. She had the feeling like her body was on fire, but she also felt like she was strong. When the guy approached her she pushed him away, but he was clearly way stronger despite her newfound strength.

Dylan tells her that she can not visit her family again, under no circumstances. He tells about the fire, and that he was a firefighter. When he didn't mention Nate, she concluded something terrible must have happened to him. Despite her begging, they didn't tell her where he was. Lauren got mad and she escaped. Nate saw her leaving at the end of the corridor, and eventually Dylan saw her leave too. Yet Lauren was convinced she was hallucinating, and she went back to her parents house. When she saw them leave her house she wanted to call them, but Alyson stopped her by covering her mouth. The two girls then followed the Beckett family to the cementary, where Lauren's empty cascet was burried. The Dawsons had faked her death after Dylan had turned her into a vampire.

Lauren witnessing her own funeral

Lauren then talks to Alyson and Elisabeth, who explain all aspects of vampirism. Lauren gets upset at Dylan for not turning Nate too, and for being a lousy sire. Nate then appears behind Dylan and tells her she should let people finish, something he told her oftenly when they were still human. Dylan apologizes, saying he had to make the choice quickly and hadn't thought about the consequences. But he promised her he would help her get through the first difficult months of her new vampire life. 

Tumblr mhs6vp1e5q1qb27jeo1 250

Lauren as a typewriter

Dylan does this, and by 1940 he and Alyson move back to America, with James and Elisabeth. Lauren and Nate stay behind in Europe, where Lauren works as a typewriter in London where Nate runs an underground club where he also plays in a band. When the war kills are 3 other members, Nate and Lauren leave the city in 1944 and move to Portugal, Spain and later Switserland before moving back to America.

Lauren as a teacher

They decide to stick together with James and Elisabeth the following few years, occasionally going on a holliday for a few weeks. In 2000, Lauren is a school teacher in downtown Chicago while Nate owns a record store. After their time has run out on Chicago, they agree to move to Waterfall Creek, a place Lauren and Nate had never been before.

Season One

Seth introduces his as his upbeat foster sister. He adds in that she spies on everyone with the cameras she controls in the house, slightly giving Claire creeps. Lauren reacts to this by hitting Seth's shoulder, and hooking her arm in Claire's. She says it's no way to treat a lady, and then drags Claire to the kitchen where Elisabeth has made cake. Lauren however does take her job of securing the house along with Nate seriously. While Nate hacks into most systems to require professional surveilance material. While in Waterfall Creek, Lauren and Nate live their most secluded lives so far.

Season Two

Lauren moves to Portland when Nate decides that someone has to watch over Payton. When everything seems okay again they move back to Waterfall Creek.

Season Three

There things soon get pretty heated up when the Anconi are threatening the Dawson’s because of Payton and Claire. They try to fix things but the Anconi won’t listen. This results in them killing both Nate and Lauren for trying to protect Claire and Payton.
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Lauren moments before her death

. After her death, the Dawsons were summoned to Italy for a trial, but they refused so they could properly bury Lauren and Nate. Alyssa was able to contact her sister at this point. Jade was able to play on the feelings of the Anconi leader using her own infancy in reflection to Alena, thus saving Lauren and Nate's dignity from being disgraced for protecting Alena.


Lauren has always been very kind, despite her rather unloving family. She proved to be very adaptable to situations, as she is one of the few Dawsons who maintained a profession in almost every city they lived in. Lauren also has an eye for fashion from her rebellion warderobe days, and she is usually very quirky and cheerful. Her biggest flaw is perhaps that she is slightly naive and she cares a lot of what other people think of her


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Lauren has never tasted human blood, despite many temptations. She is one of the few vampires who achieved this.

1935-2009 : Type A

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  • Lauren is the youngest member to join the Dawsons and also the first member of the family to die.
  • Lauren owns her own car, a mini, which she allows Claire to drive a few times.