Justin Saphire
Biographical information
Full birthname Justin Miguel Saphire
Also known as None
Titles None
Born March 9th 1991
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 16/17 (Season One)
17/18 (Season Two)
Occupation High School Student
Accountant (The Millers 2.0, Decade, Down the Rabbit Hole)
Residence The Saphire House (S1 - S3 and S4 - S5)
SJBS dorms (S1 - S3)
Wyoming Apartment
The Saphire-Miller House (S6)
Supernatural information
Species Human
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Running (human speed)
Family & Relationships
Parents Jodie Saphire (mother, deceased)
Keith Saphire (stepfather, deceased)
Neill Davis (biological father)
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Eric Saphire (step-uncle)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Anna (ex-girlfriend)
Alyssa Miller (long-term girlfriend, father of her children)
Children Damien Saphire
Daphne Saphire
Unborn child (deceased, miscarriage)
Physical description
Height 5'10"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By Tyler Posey

I don't even know who I am anymore. Am I the son of a soldier who protects, or that of a hunter who kills? Am I a father, or am I a scared kid. I have no idea.
— Justin to Claire, after finding out his real family are hunters.

Justin Saphire is a main character in Touch of Magic. He has several paternal half-siblings, but grew up with one younger (maternal half-)brother, Chris. He is the long-term boyfriend of Alyssa Miller who he has one son, Damien Saphire, with.

Justin is an SJBS alumni. He is the best friend of Claire Silverstone and close friends with Seth Dawson, Mike Creeton, Pierre Ambroise and Payton Silverstone. He is an accountant and does the finances of Decade, Down the Rabbit Hole and The Millers 2.0.

He is factually a member of The Saphire Family but through his biological father he is unwillingly also a member of The Davis Family. Despite the fact that he is human, he is also part of The Millers 2.0 through Alyssa with strong alliances to The Silverstone Family.

Life Edit

Early LifeEdit


Justin's first school picture

Justin was originally raised by both his parents, Jodie and Keith, who got married a few months before he was born. When he was a toddler, Justin gained a sibling ; a baby brother. He was very happy about this, but he was still naive and didn't know about the burden it put on his mother. When his father got transfered and his mother has a newborn to take care of, Justin got send to SJBS, a boarding school. Over the course of his childhood he'd often spend summers at home, along with Claire and Payton who'd join them on camping trips and much more. One of those trips included California in the summer of 2007, others included the mountains.

Justin as a kid

He meets Claire on the the introduction day. She was placed in his family during a tour and ever since they are best friends. He became a part of the group of friends and they had a lot of fun together. Throughout most of his life he was active, something his father encouraged him in a lot. He always ran around the garden with their dog, Spark. At the age of 8 he started running cross country and he was coached by his father.

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He made the track team at the age of 14, and he won his first race at the age of 15. This made his father very proud, and Keith tried to attend as much of Justin's competitions as possible. Justin also gained a certain popularity in the school, but unlike most athletes he kept humble and he kept grounded. He was anything far from a jock, which is what kept his friendship with Claire intact. They both didn't particulary liked the cheerleaders, and they often joked about it together.

Season One

Justin and sports

Justin and sports

Justin is in full preparations for the new track season when Claire introduces Seth to him. Justin is taken out of his pre-run focus, and isn't very nice towards Seth. Subconciously, Justin dislikes the fact that there is another guy in Claires life, who seems to be taken up way more of her time then a normal classmate. Justin knows, because he usually spends those times with her. This later leads to arguments with Seth, about every little thing Justin can find. His jealousy emerges more, and Seth and Justin grow out to be rivals for Claire's attention. In Justin's displeasement, he finds a welcome distraction in Alyssa, the beautiful friend of Seth. To get back at his nemesis, Justin exchanges some looks with Alyssa the night of prom, but she seems little impressed. To his surprise, she agrees to go with him to prom not more then 2 hours later (after accidently spilling the magic, and erasing it from Justin's mind). They attend prom together briefly, before Alyssa takes off to do much more exciting stuff.

When Claire gets kidnapped, Justin is shocked to find out, and his suspisions about the 'bad crowd' Seth hangs out with are confirmed. Then Justin gets told about magic, and his prejudices towards Seth fade out a little, once he realizes Claire and Seth are the same kind, and he shouldn't interfere. He spots Alyssa again, and she points out her habbit of taking off. Alyssa says it's her thing when things get hard, before she erases his memories again, this time including everything that he was told about magic. Justin goes with his parents on a vacation two nights later when his dad gets a sudden leave. Justin is unaware of Claire's coma, and he doesn't talk to anyone for the two weeks he's gone.

Season Two

Eventually Seth goes to Justin's home, and he confronts him about his absence, causing his memories to partially return. He is overwhelmed with guilt, and aides in Claire's recovery as much as he can. He however declines to go on vacation with the others, because he wants to prepare for the new season.

A while later , they interract again on birthday parties and new years even , but nothing happens untill Alyssa decides to attend Senior Year at SJBS. They got closer and as Justin gets to know the real Alyssa , she lets him in slowly and they become a couple just in time for the holidays. A few months later ,Alyssa suggests Justin should move in with her in her downtown appartment since Claire has moved into her parents' house aswell , and he agrees against his parents objectionsWhen he introduces Alyssa to his parents a few weeks after moving in , they were not impressed and they didn’t like her. They told Justin to break up with her, but he refused.

Things got bad when his parents died in a car accident caused by Jared Carrington , Alyssa’s father. From that moment he has to take care of his little brother Chris. When cleaning the house he finds out his father was actually his stepfather. He never knew who his real father was.  He goes on a bad path for a while at the end of senior year and his grades go down extremely. As a miracle , he is still able to graduate. Over the summer he stays with distant family members. Because of his bad grades at the end, only few of his College applications get accepted , and Justin is practically forced to attend the one school who accepted him.

Justin at school

Justin at college

He studies business and accountancy , but isn't really happy there. When he finally realizes around Christmas that his life is going downhill , and that he is losing Alyssa , he picks up his life again. He starts working out again , as he was the former star of the track team , and he starts to give more love to Alyssa. He helps out in the appartment (which they share) more and he gets his life back. Nevertheless , he doesn't have the courage to change his studies , so he graduates with an accountancy degree.

When they return to Waterfall Creek he and Alyssa move back in Alyssa's appartment from senior year and Jason hires Justin to do the club accountancy. Later on , he also adds the accountancy of Claire and Alyssa's store.

Season Three

Season Four

In Season Four Justin hears the tales of Chris' inrollment at SJBS and he's very supportive about his younger brother finishing his High-School education. He is also glad that Chris gets a chance to experience the normal world, feeling a bit of guilt for bringing his brother this close to the dangers of the supernatural world.

Season Five

In October 2015 Justin becomes a father of his oldest son Damien.

At the end of the season, while going through some of his parents stuff when they're packing, Justin finds a journal that belongs to his mother. He then finds out he and Chris don't have the same father, and he informs his younger brother about this. Chris is upset about this and he decides not to move with Alyssa and Justin, but instead to go to Portland and go to college, which Justin supports.

Season Six

In Season Six Justin experienced the shock of his life when he finds Alyssa dead in their bedroom. He then attempts to revive her, but gets quickly overwhelmed and experiences a panic attack. However he is able to calm himself down, and shortly after Alyssa revives. News then spreads about what happened with the Millers, and Justin reaches out to his younger brother whose girlfriend died.

Justin then goes to visit Payton at the hospital and watches over her. When he finds out Jason had to go into detox, he starts to question Alyssa's behaviour since being revived, however she convinces him she is detoxing too.

However when this turns out to be false, Justin convinces her to go into detox. He does so by giving her the choice between human blood and his own blood, causing Alyssa to be disgusted with human blood fast, and finishing her detox successfully. Alyssa also reveals the reason why she was in denial about her detox, as she tells Justin she miscarried a 12 week pregnancy when she died. As Justin processes the information, he and Alyssa grow closer than ever and he ensures her they will have another baby and certainly not by a lack of trying.

Shortly after fourth of July, with Alyssa now worked in and busy at The Millers, Justin decides to visit his parents grave, where he encounters an old friend of his parents named Grayson Fitzgerald. After being invited onto his yacht, Alyssa reveals she and Grayson have a romantic history, and that he is aware of the supernatural world.

Justin shows signs of jealousy for a brief while, but is assured by Alyssa that he has nothing to worry about.

When a fight between Alyssa and Alyson tests their new found friendship, Alyssa arranges for her family to relocate to the Motel untill their house is finished being built.

When the time comes for Alyssa to face off Matt in the fight for the Miller leadership, Justin is worried, knowing the strain Alyssa's body has endured the last couple of months. He is the first person to go to her when she defeats Matt by letting him live, and he whispers to her that he is proud of her before lifting her in the air.

Season Seven

While visiting the cementary, Alyssa encounters a man at the grave of Jodie and Keith Saphire, who says his name is Neill Davis. Justin then finds the two of them in a fight when Neill is revealed to be a hunter. When Alyssa tells Justin that Neill is his father, Justin chooses Alyssa and their son and states not wanting to have anything to do with Neill.

However Neill doesn't give up this easily, and he follows them to the motel where he stumbles upon a hunter's paradise of supernatural people. The guard then find Neill near the premises, and Justin warns his father that he should never come near his family again.

Neill decides he doesn't have a chance himself, so he sends 2 of his protegées (and his eldest children, Justin's half-siblings) out to stake at his house. When Emilia and Mason open the door, Parker and Kit Davis feel fooled by getting wrong information. Kit tries to kill Emilia and Mason in Justin's house, but Parker talks him down and this is when Neill orders them to abort the mission, as he believes he has been deceived by Justin too. In the safehouse, the family discusses a way to fight back, and Justin tells them he doesn't care if his father get's hurt in the process. They use the exposure of Emilia and Mason as vampires to their advantage and get the hunters to the Miller Motel. This is where Justin discovers he has 5 more half-siblings on his father's side. He offers any of them to abandon their father and choose to do the right thing. His sister Morgan does, as she has fallen in love with Chris by accident. Riley joins her sister, but is not certain on which side she is on.


Justin is a really sportive guy and in High school that was what he lived for. Until the moment he met Alyssa and fell head over heels in love with her. He is a real man as it comes to romance. He is brave and would always want to keep his family and friends safe, but because of the fact he is only human that can be a struggle for him sometimes. He is very loyal and would never betray anyone. He is not a really good liar, but he has learned to keep secrets because of the world he is living in now. 


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Justin and Anna met in their senior year when Justin became captain of the track team. They had a flirty relationship, and Justin revealed he liked her, after which they kissed. They dated throughout the majority of their senior year, until Anna got jealous of Justin's relationship with Claire and Alyssa. Eventually they got over those issues, but they broke up when they knew they would head to schools on the opposite side of the country. Anna attended the funeral for Justin's parents and frequently texts him in the subsequent summer but he never replies to her.












  • Justin is very family oriented/ He considers Keith his father despite finding out he was not his son biologically. He also considers Chris his brother, despite being only half-brothers. He has attempted to create a relationship with his half-siblings. He has also expressed to wanting a big family from a young age.
  • Justin battled with a depression when his parents died. and throughout college. Due to this he advocates for open communication among the young athletes that he coaches.
  • Justin is the only member of "Team Human" to marry a vampire or a witch. Mila and Mike have joked they should revoke his membership.
  • Justin's running ability and his involvement with The Millers got him the nickname 'The human vampire'. He gets trained in fighting vampires by Dylan, so he is able to gain the respect of the other vampires. 
  • He used part of his enheritence to help Claire start her business, and owes 30% shares in it. He also offered to become her accountant.
  • Justn's bloodtype is O-negative, and he has volunteered his blood several times, saving the life of Claire amongst others. He donates blood as often as medically allowed and Elisabeth stores it at the Dawson house for emergency use.