This page contains specific scenes between Jason Dawson and Payton Silverstone

Season OneEdit

Payton thanks Jason for taking care of her in ParisEdit

Payton : You took good care of me. Thank you
Jason : I could take even better care of you
Payton : I know

Payton confesses she needs JasonEdit

Payton ; "I need you. And I'm done trying to convince myself I don't."

Payton confesses she has fallen for Jason too and they kiss for the first timeEdit

Jason is looking down at his phone as he enters the little open spot, and then he looks up. "Hi." he said, taking in the surroundings and then sitting down next to Payton, who is still deep in thought. Jason walks up to her and sits next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder, which snaps Payton out of her head. It makes her look at him a little bit surprised, confused almost. Like she hadn't texted him to meet her here. But she had. And that's when her face turned to something else. Something soft, something vulnerable... Something Jason never saw, aside from those few glimpses he saw of her when she was asleep. "Where were you?" he asked with a smile, and Payton bites her lip, then looking at his hand on her shoulder. "I was thinking."

"About?" Jason says in a casual way as he takes away his arm. The feeling is forced. Trying to pretend like he doesn't want to wrap her in his arms... it hurts. But he has to suffer through it, because that's whta she's going to tell him. He knows it for certain. The softness in her eyes, the way her mind seems to be working a thousand miles a minute. Jason swallows deeply. She shouldn't feel like this.

"Payton, you don't have to tell me." he then said softly, wanting to take that burden away from her. "You know how I feel about you. You don't have to tell me that you don't feel the same. I don't want you to worry about that." he said, not able to restrain himself from tucking a strand behind her hair. "It doesn't change anything about us either. I respect you, and I always will. We can still work together."

That's when Payton shakes her head, and Jason frowns in confusion. "That's not what I was thinking about." she said, and when she looked up at him she was smiling. She was smiling a smile that he swore she only reserved for pictures of childhood memories and carefree nights with her friends. Her sister has seen this smile a thousand times. This is the smile Payton gives to the people she loves.

"I was thinking about how my life has changed so much in these last couple of months." Payton started, turning her eyes away from Jason's again, on to a point over his shoulder. "How my sister is now dating a vampire." she said, eyes returning to Jason after that, and the smile returned. Jason straightened his shoulders, suddenly his chest feeling a bit tighter and he was nervous because was this happening?

The atmosphere around them shifted, and yes, this was happening. "How I've fought for so long to stay alive, and how there's only a few people on this planet who I know I don't have to fight with. Who I know will be by my side no matter what." she said, closing her eyes for a few seconds and taking a breath. "People who I know I could love and they would love me back." she said, her hands seeking out Jason's because she was really close to the verge of tears. No emotion she had felt from others could prepare her for the feeling of her heart beating in her chest right now. That's when Jason heard it speed up even more.

"Jason, I didn't just listen to your stories about the war, and about your friendships because I had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon." she smiled. "I know you secretly didn't like that song Nate played the other day, and you secretly loved the pie Elisabeth made. And you don't know that I know these things but I do. I've known how you felt for a long time, Jason." Payton said, now solidly taking his hand. "And I've always let you think that I didn't feel anything in return. But I do. Jason, I've felt something for you the first time you held me in your arms. I've felt something for you when you nodded at me across the field. My heart has skipped beats when you walked into the classrooms these last couple of weeks. The way you helped Mila, the way you support my sister and Seth... You, somehow.... You made it impossible for me not to fall for you. Because you should be loved just as much as the rest of your family and... and you will. I want to..."

Suddenly Jason's hands were on Payton's face, his own face inches away from hers and he smiled the proudest smile, which made Payton melt, a little shaky breath leaving her body as she softly put her hands on his neck. Then she nodded to the unknown question that burned in Jason's eyes. She breaks the distance between their lips and meets him halfway, her arms moving up behind his head to wrap around his arms as their lips touch and break apart, only to touch again longer, deeper. Both of them unchain a desire that they have had, the desire for that person to come along and make them feel like they could handle the crazy world that they lived in. The person who could make them feel like home after living across the world for two centuries, or the person who could break down every wall that had been built, to start building on a story of love.

“I’m sorry I di..” Payton says, before getting interrupted by another kiss of Jason’s, his hands cupping her face and pulling her close. Payton smiles against his lips. “I just rea..” she starts again, but then Jason lifts her off the ground a tiny bit before kissing her again. Then, as their lips break apart for the third time, they both just smile. Jason looks at her. Really looks at her, because he hasn't seen this Payton right in front of him yet. And he has never noticed that sparkle on her eye, or how soft her hands feel on his skin. Jason tries to think of what he wants to say. Has to say, because he has to say something. "I promise, I'm going to make you happy Payton Silverstone."

Payton smiled, leaning her head against his chest when he moved a little closer, and she let out a shaky breath when his arms were around her and she almost wanted to push back because it was too much. The only reason she was able to handle with the outpoor of emotions right now, was because so many of them were her own. And she knew as long as she was in this safe cocoon, she didn't have to think about them. Then, Jason opened his arms again, and Payton looked up at him, still amazed that she felt about him the way she did. 

"What.... Ehm... What does this mean? For us, for... for everything else. Have you... I mean, your sister and Seth?" Jason spoke, not really forming a coheren sentence but Payton just smiled. "I want to be with you." she said with a confident nod. Then Jason reacher for her hand, and she giggled a little bit but it felt right the second their fngers intertwined. Her heart did a little "oh, there they belong" jump and Payton looked at him with the softest gaze. Then she looked at him a little bit more serious. "I know... I mean, I'm young and I know we're from two different worlds and I don't know if you want to do this but..." "Payton, if I had told my human self that I would have to go through 219 years of being alone so I could meet a young with in 2007 who happens to have a heart big enough to love me back... I would do it all over again. Cause this is worth it. You're worth it. I want to be with you too. Just... let me kiss you again, please?" Jason asked. Payton smiled, and kept smiling into the kiss as they leaned into each other and they kissed again.

Jason tells Payton the Anconi might come from him, first time.Edit

Jason wasn't really aware that at some point while stroking the curve in Payton's back, she had woken up and opened her eyes to look at him. Then he noticed her looking at him, and he told himself he had to get used to the idea of his girlfriend being an empath. But he was barely used to the idea that she was his girlfriend. 

"Why are you worried?" Payton said as she moved a little closer. She made her way into Jason's arms effortlessly, as if that's where she had always belonged. Not that the physical part had been an issue. First time Payton had been too tired to go back to the dorms on Sunday evening, Jason had offered her to stay the night. That was when they had been dating for 2 weeks, now roughly 10 days ago. Ever since Payton had woke up in his arms several times. They had made out on his bed a few times and he knew her body by now. He had observed it, just watch her sleep.  The rise and fall of her chest, the little scar she had on her heel which poked out from under the cover. The small of her back where his hands grazed as she slept next to him. 

"You should sleep..." Jason said, gently touching her cheek. Payton leaned into the touch briefly, but then looked at him again. "I'm not going to sleep knowing you're worried. Tell me." Payton said, moving up a little. Jason sighed and smiled, potentially falling for her even more because of how she cared for others, for him. "There's this thing... It's not a thing but it could be a thing." he corrected himself. "It's about Paris. And what I did there. I know it was in your defense, but the Anconi might not see if that way." Jason explained, then placing a small kiss on her forehead. "They might not see the defense of a witch as a valid argument for killing another vampire. Which means they might apply the same rules as if I wasn't defending you." Jason explained.

Payton frowned, and when she realized what that meant she looked up, the question in her eyes. Jason really didn't want to say what he knew he had to say. "They might request me to go there. Some sort of trial. And I might not return." Jason said. Then he looked at her, knowing what he said would weigh on her, and the moment he found her eyes again he wished he said nothing. "No no no, it's gonna be okay. Don't worry." he said in an effort to comfort Payton, who was now almost on the verge of tears. 

"How can you say that? You might die." Payton said, and then she burried her head in his shoulder. "You can't go, Jason. Please, you can't go." she sobbed, but Jason couldn't do more than rubbing soothing circles over her back. When she lifted her head again, he gently kissed her lips briefly. "Hey.... It will be fine. They might be strict, but they're not unreasonable. I can explain it. I'm not afraid to show them just how I feel about you and why I did what I did. He was hurting you." Jason said. He kissed her again, more assurance. 

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Pregnancy announcementEdit

Jason ; "So, how are you feeling. What did Elisabeth say about those tests?"

Payton ; " some surprising results."

Jason ; "Okay... I thought your body couldn't surprise me anymore. What were the results."

Payton ; "Well, you know witches and wizards are pretty much human, physically. Except that our biology is a bit more motivated to keep our bloodlines alive."

Jason ; "Yes, I am aware."

Payton ; "The reason I've been so sick is because my body was a bit... confused. My body thought this was something that needed to be fought. A threat."

Jason ; "Okay... Payton you're confusing me."

Payton ; "I know. Elisabeth confused me too. Stay with me. Okay so it turns out it doesn't have to fight this. It can't."

Jason ; "What do you mean? Ofcourse you have to fight this. Whatever diseas is, it's making you sick. You need to..."

Payton ; "That's exactly the point... It's not a disease."

Jason ; "Then.. what..."

Payton ; "It's a baby. I'm pregnant."

Jason ; "What? Payton, how.... What do you mean? How is that..? What...?"

Payton ; "Elisabeth guesses that the low intake of blood you've been having with living in Portland contributed to the re-stimulation of reproductive hormones. She also says that my genetic reproduction may have contributed to that, although most of my mom's side of the family has really struggled with becoming pregnant. I never expected to become pregnant, let alone with you. I had told myself I wouldn't be a mom and I..."

Jason ; "Oh god. Oh you've just revealed your pregnant and you're crying already." 

Payton ; "Yeah well, you're in for another 7 months of this you know."

Jason ; "7 months? Wait... we already missed two?"

Payton ;  "Yeah, according to Elisabeth we might have. But that's okay. Jason... we're going to have a baby before the end of the year."

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit

Payton informs Jason he can take of his Miller-ring, and reveals she made a sunlight ringEdit

  • Jason ; I walked into the attic and I looked around briefly. "Did a bomb explode here?" I asked, when I saw Payton sitting on the bed.
  • Payton ; I looked up and gloathed. I got up from the bed and walked over to him. "Not really. But hell has froze over, that is true." I took the box from the nightstand and I looked around. "I'll clean this in a minute. But I have news." I opened the box and I placed it on the tabel in the middle. "Open it." I said. I saw his reluctantness when he saw my family's symbol on it and I didn't say anything, letting the silence convince him.
  • Jason ; "Those are… wonderfull jewelery." I said when I saw 5 rings, 2 neclaces and 2 bracelets in the box. "Enheritence?" I asked with a certain casualness.
  • Payton ; "Not mine. Yours." I said, I bit my lip and smiled at him. "I figure out how the rings work."
  • Jason ; I looked at her and then looked back at the jewelery. They suddenly had a whole other meaning. "These are…?"
  • Payton ; I walked up to him and sighed. I took his hand and looked at him. I then walked to the bed and sat him down. "The current rings can tell who is wearing them. It's a common thing used on jewelery in Sanguis, called bloodmarking. Once I figured that out it was easy."
  • Jason ; I looked at her and frowned. "Is it a bad thing? Sanguis people aren't friends of yours, you told me once…"
  • Payton ; I sighed and shook my head. "No, they're not, you're right. But they were once, and we shared books. There is written about bloodmarking in the books we have on them. It says they were forged in the blood of a witch. Highborn, perhaps even royal. It takes a lot of power to make them. 3 of them were made, and they landed in the hands of the Millers, yet Alyssa intercepted them, and that way you got them."
  • Jason ; "Yes. She told us she had found these in a bunch of letters from the Hainasoni. She said the note stated they were the liferings. It translated to 'human life', she said. She had it checked by a source.."
  • Payton ; "That source was wrong. They're life rings, yes. But they're not making you mortal. They hold the lifeforce of the person who made them." I looked at him and sighed. "That's magical words… In English that means."
  • Jason ; "I take them off, the person who made them dies." I nodded and looked at her. "Why would a witch make something like that."
  • Payton ; I was amazed by that question. Not did he ask if there was a way around it. No, he wanted to know about the witches. "One young fearfull witch opressed by May Miller does a lot to stay alive."
  • Jason ; "A witch' life is tied to me wearing this ring…" I couldn't comprehend it. "Payton, she could have died."
  • Payton ; I looked at him and nodded. "Not by your doing. I did research, on who made the rings. At the time Alyssa got them, a witch was resident in a place called Greek Hill. In the sanguis books its called Greek Hell, probaly not just a typo. Jason, the witch died."
  • Jason ; I looked at her and I took her hand. "I'm sorry to hear."
  • Payton ; I nodded and sighed. Despite the fact that we were no allies, loosing another witch was hard on all of us. "Luckally it also brings good news. You can take off the ring."
  • Jason ; "What about the revival? The whole reason you told us not to take it off was because it brought me and Alyssa back to life, it might be undone…"
  • Payton ; "It won't. And it won't be able to do that again either. What happened was a loophole. One the witch had build in…" Isighed and looked at him. "So she could potentially reverse the death of May, and by that free her family of the oppression, as she would be in eternal debt."
  • Jason ; "A bargaining chip in the wrong hands is what's keeping me alive?"
  • Payton ; "Pretty much. And a clevver witchy wife." I smiled and then took his hand. I looked at the ring and took it off his finger. "There. To be honest I didn't really like it much."
  • Jason ; I laughed and I looked at my wedding ring. "I hope you still like this one?"
  • Payton ; "Ofcourse. And any of these…" I took his back to the box and I smiled. "Look, they do not make you human. And you may not like this part, but Pierre and I teamed up." I heare a soft sigh and I took a ring. "Pierre's bloodline has the power of vitakinesis. That and their element is the sun. Therefore, we were able to make sun-objects. I know you have gotten to deal with it, but a honeymoon to the carribean is still on my list. These objects make you complient with sun. They take all the UV lighting you guys are extra sensitive for. You will be able to sit out of the shade, without the burning sensation on your face. You will be able to play more with the kids in the garden, even on hours when the tree doesn't create shade. You will be able to wake me up to watch a sunrise, instead of casually whispering it in my ear as you pull up the covers."
  • Jason ; "Stop talking." I said swiftly as I kissed her. I kissed her longer, and I intertwined my hands in hers. The ring dropped on the ground, but I didn't care. My arms wrapped around her waste and I pulled her closer.

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