Jason Dawson
Biographical information
Full birthname Jason Louis Carrington
Also known as Commander Carrington (Military status)
Mr. McBroody (Mike)
Titles None
Born September 22nd, 1789 in Boston, USA.
Turned 1812 on an unknown battlefield
Died Gunshot to the heart ( turned)
Miller Bloodline Genocide (resurrected)
Age 23 (physical appearance)

218/219 (Season One)

Occupation High School Student (2008-2009)
Club owner at Decade
Co-ruler of The Millers 2.0
Residence The Dawson House ( S1 - S3 )
SJBS dorms ( S1 )
Portland Condo ( S2 - S3 )

The Silverstone House ( S4 - S7 )

Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline May's Bloodline
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Olivia Carrington (mother) </small>
Henry Carrington (father) </small>
Siblings Unknown
Relatives The Carrington Family
Alyssa Miller (niece, through Jared)
Jade Miller (niece through Jared)
Claire Silverstone (sister-in-law throught Payton)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Beth Raleigh (childhood love, one-night-stand, father of her child)
May Miller (ex-girlfriend, first love)
Payton Silverstone (true love,wife)
Children Ava Carrington (With Beth)

Alena Dawson (With Payton)
AJ Dawson (With Payton)
Amore Dawson (With Payton)

Physical description
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Portrayed By Ben Barnes
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Jason Dawson (born Jason Louis Carrington) is one of the main characters in Touch of Magic. He is married to Payton Silverstone and has four children; AvaAlena, Andrew and Amore Dawson. He owns a night-club.

Jason was a member of the Millers as Jason Carrington. He is part of The Dawsons as he swore allegience to them and part of The Silverstone Family because he is married to Payton Silverstone and has three children with her. Jason later becomes a leader of The Millers 2.0 when May dies. Jason belongs to The Carrington Family by birth. 


Jason CarringtonEdit

Jason was born as a third child in 1789 to a wealthy family living in Boston, Illinois. His father was a rich merchant, his mother was a housewife who learned Jason how to write and read, uncommon for that time. He had a relative easy childhood, living a priviledged life growing up with his siblings. Around the age of 16, he fell in love and was romatically involved with Beth Raleigh, the daughter from the neighbouring estate. (see more : Beth and Jason)

Jason as a newborn vampire

Jason as a newborn vampire

When he was 23 he joined the army to fight the 1812-war, to get away from his father who was now even more dissapointed in his son's faillure. During the war, he almost died on the battlefield by a gunshot upper torso. He was saved by a mysterious woman, who turned him into a vampire. The two soon fell in love and began an affair (see more : Jason and May)

After finding out May is having an affair with his brother, Jason travels back to his hometown He arrives at a field where he used to play as a kid, which is where he attacks Beth's brother, and eventually Beth herself. He kills the brother but spares her. He leaves when he realises the horror he has created, abandoning Beth who is near dying. His memories of the event then get erased by May, but Jason does remember May's adultry and so he packs up his stuff and leaves The Millers.

Jason DawsonEdit

Jason Carrington

Jason when he meets the Dawsons for the first time

He meets a young couple of vampires while wondering in the south. Originally, he plans on only staying with them for a few days. When Jason learns a whole new way of living from them, he decides to stay longer. After travelling with them for a while, he gets asked by James Dawson to join them. He accepts the invitation, and also changes his name to Dawson to portray his allegiance and to leave behind part of his past he wishes to forget. They travel from place to place, never staying longer than 5 years in one town. 

When other vampires join, Jason makes friends with them. He gets along great with Seth Dawson, the vampire who joined after him. They have similar views of the world and they can talk to one another about a lot of things. (see more : Jason and Seth). Jason and Seth then meet Alyssa Miller, a free-spirited vampire, on one of their hunts. They introduce her to James, who agrees to let Alyssa stick around, despite her diet issues. Jason and Alyssa then become close friends along with Seth. (see more : Jason and Alyssa).

It is through Alyssa that two new members, Alyson and Dylan, join in 1887. She agreed to turn them, but a dispute between Alyssa and Alyson soon causes for friction, and Alyssa opts to leave the Dawsons. Jason then finds out she has another group that she is a part of, and he asks her about it. Alyssa replies saying she is a member of The Millers, but hides the fact that May Miller, Jason's former girlfriend, is her mother. In Alyssa's abscence, he digs further into her past and he finds out she was born in 1813, the year he left the Millers.

Jason in the 1920&#039;s

Jason in the 1920's

In the early 20th century, Jason and the rest of The Dawsons move to Waterfall Creek, a town they have helped found several decades ago. When the world is divided by war, Jason briefly considers enlisting, but Elisabeth and James conclude that they had too little documentation to make his identity look believable. During the interbellum, the Dawsons welcome two new members, Lauren and Nate. He helps them transition into vampirism along with Dylan. . Jason inlists in the second world war, and he relocates to Europe for a while, where he is considered a hero among the other soldiers for his bravery, strength and determination.


When he returns he finds James struggling with the size of their family. Jason tries to assist James in managing their group. He often goes scouting to find a fitted residence for them, just like he did when he and Seth travelled to Waterfall Creek earlier than the other members to check the new perimeter in Season One.

In the 1980's Jason decides to test his suspicion about Alyssa by doing a genetic PCR-test, which concludes they are related but she is not his daughter, leaving him to conclude she is his niece. One night in Vegas he tells her what he found out, and the two of them agree that this doesn't change anything about their friendship, which has been doing on for over 150 years.

In the late 20th century the Dawsons all reside in Chicago, where Jason works in an auto-repair shop.

Season OneEdit

In Season One, Jason and his family move back to Waterfall Creek. After exploring the town with Seth, the two of them are unexpectedly asked to attend SJBS instead of Lauren and Nate who failed a temptation test. At the school, they find Payton and Claire who were believed to live in Texas. This complicates things, and Jason tries to convince James to drop the idea of them attending school. However Seth is motivated to try and establish a connection like they have done with the previous generations. In their efforts to do so, they discover Payton's prejudice which makes things a lot more complicated their first days at the school.

When a hiker is found dead, Payton blames Jason and his family, but eventually the kill is tracked down to a mercenary called Dimitry. He attacks Jason, and comes dangerously close to blowing his cover. The Dawsons realize someone is trying to set them up, and tensions continue to rise between The Dawsons and Payton, who Jason tries to reason with. Eventually Payton takes drastic measures and forces them to leave the school.

When Claire discovers they have been keeping their powers secret, Jason tries to reason with her and is able to make a deal that they can stay until the end of September. Meanwhile Jason also worries about Alyssa's whereabouts, but sets that worry aside when he and Seth go on a hunting trip for his birthday. When he arrives back in town, Jason finds a belayed birthday gift from Alyssa.

While preparing to leave town, The Dawsons locate another vampire in the woods and Jason learns that Claire is in danger. He saves her from Lincoln, and watches her kill him. He starts to realize the weight on the shoulders of Payton and Claire, and he agrees to leave town. However when Claire sabotages Payton's spell, and it affects Lauren and Nate, Jason and Seth turn their car around and they meet up back at the house. Jason comes to an agreement with Payton that allows them to stay in town after he reminds Payton that he and Seth saved Claire's life on seperate occasions.

Jason and Seth return to attending SJBS and their efforts are being noticed when Payton agrees to attend a gathering by the Dawsons and their allies. Jason and Seth personally escort Claire and ensure her safety. When Payton shows up distraught and later passes out due to exhaustion and being drunk, Jason takes her to the guest bedroom. He checks up on her the next day through Elisabeth, and he states that they need Payton if they're going to win the fight against whoever is coming for them.

After they've established the alliance, Jason agrees to help Claire and Payton train and prepare for the fight with training sessions. Jason discover's Payton's fighting skills which he previously underestimated. He instructs Nate to not hold back against Payton, while he tries to explain Claire the political aspects of their vampire world. In doing so, Jason mentions Alyssa and the fact that he is dissappointed that she didn't show up at the gathering.

When The Travellers arrive, Jason participates in the fight along with James, Elisabeth, Seth, Lauren, Nate and Payton and Claire. They win the fight due to a perfectly timed intervenience from Alyssa, but their victorious feeling is overshadowed by the fact that Jason comitted a crime in killing another vampire.


When his brother and Claire develop a strong connection, Jason is shocked that this has unfolded in front of his own eyes, but he was merely too distacted with awaiting his punishment. He then talks to Payton about Claire and Seth's relationship, and the two of them talk about their romantic history with eachother. That night he finds himself falling asleep and dreaming of Payton.

Payton and Jason start talking every now and then at the lunchtable or in class. Jason also tries his best to socialize with the other humans. He decides to stick with the ones he knows through Payton and Claire because he enjoys the fact that at least some people at the table know he's different than most teenagers. He also finds out Mike, Mila, Justin and Katie don't care if he acts strangely, because they're used to it from Payton and Claire.

In the spring of 2008, Jason finds out Alyssa is in trouble in Paris. He decides to go despite the fact that he would be seen as a fugitive of The Anconi, hoping they have simply pardoned him. He learns this is not the case, and that they were simply waiting for him to be in a disadvantage as they corner him on the streets of Paris. When they let Aria attack him and stand by, Jason realises this is no common execution of the law but a take-out to send a message. What Jason doesn't realise is that Seth has been following him to prevent just that. When Payton shows up at the scene a few minutes later, Jason is surprised but also motivated not to die just yet seeing as that would put the lives in danger of two people he cares about and he doesn't want that.

When Payton kills two vampires for him, she tells him she owed him for saving her sister. The next moment however, Jason watches as Payton gets severely injured by the remaining vampire. When Seth takes him out, Jason carries Payton to Alyson and Dylan's appartment. There she tells him he has made her realise the difference between good and bad vampires. As they share a moment on the terrace, Jason first realises his romantic feelings for her.

While Jason tries to take care of Payton he uncovers Payton is someone who doesn't like to be taken care of. He tries not to worry about her too much, but things aren't always that easy. When Payton suggests they go see the Eiffel Tower while they're in Paris, Jason gains hope that she has feelings for him too. At the Eiffel tour Jason admits to Payton that he has become very fond of her and that he does see her as his friend. Payton senses there is more to Jason's emotions than he is showing, and in an embrace she tells him she trusts him, and she needs him.

School starts again soon enoguh, and when they find each other in a moment of spare time Jason asks Payton if he can be really honest with her. The past couple of days have been very hard on him as he has been struggling with his true feelings for the young witch. He wanted to tell her, but he was scared it might scare her off and push her away. After all his efforts to make her like him that would be the last thing that he wanted. But when he told her at the spot where Payton usually takes some time for herself that he had feelings for her, he was in for a surprise. She told him that she already knew, because she was an empath and that she didn't mind. That she actually had been developing these feelings herself. As he realizes what she just told him he reaches for her waist and they share their first kiss.

They announce their friends they are together but hours later, Jason gets taken away to the The Anconi Compound to face trial for killing the Vampires in Paris and James' siblings. He gets tortured for about a month but finally reunites with Payton on Christmas eve on the beach in Honduras. The rest of the school year he still tries to show her that she can rely on him and that he would never hurt her. Sometimes being a little overprotective, but always with the best intentions. When he attends prom with her and that night he once again feels how much he has grown to care about her. When Claire gets kidnapped by his brother he feels a lot of guilt, but he isn't able to tell anyone about his brother besides Payton. She understands and doesn't blame him, but this makes things harder on Jason, because he doesn't know whether or not he should feel responsible for what happened.}}

Season TwoEdit

In august, Payton graduates early from high-school and get's a once-in-a-lifetime-oppurtunity to attend Portland State University. Jason buys and apartment in Portland and moves there with Payton. However, before the start of the new year they get into an argument over the long lost brother, Liam Miller. Jason leaves the fight, and doesn't return because he feels hurt by what Payton said. He immediately regrets leaving and wants to go back, but when he sees what a mess Payton is he decides not to. He doesn't want to make it any worse. But when he hears of her suicide-attempt, he goes to her appartment at night to check up on her. He also realizes that he is the one to blame for all of this. Would he not have been so protective over her she would have had room to breathe. So he leaves again, but finds himself in transition the day after. This only makes things worse on the situation, because he feels this urge to be with her, but also the urge to kill her.

Jason spends the rest of this season being in transition and trying to figure out how to do this on his own. He resides in a cabin in Canada and finds some company with his friend Alyssa. When he hears about Payton. When Payton finds out that Jason is in transition she agrees on talking to him and he is very thrilled about that. Doing this on his own was very hard on him and having the confirmation that Payton still wants to be there for her makes it a little easier to get through it. So when Alyson and Dylan get married he decides that that might be the right time to talk to Payton again. He sets up an amazing bonfire at the beach and invites Payton to come talk to him. He is a little let down when Payton tells him to still need time, but they share a dance nevertheless. When he asks her if he can drop by the next morning she agrees and he is glad that she is still willing to see him. This whole situation made him very insecure about himself and his ability to love.

When Alyssa attacks Payton after she has been drugged Jason is the first one to go to the rescue. This results in the rescue of Payton, but Jason ends up getting shot in infected with a poison from the arrow Alyssa used on him. This makes him dream of other times and brings him back to the time when he was still Jason Carrington and in a relationship with May. This hallucination makes him doubt whether or not he should be the Jason that he is right now. When he calls Payton 'May' during one of his waking moments he almost ruins everything he has worked so hard for with Payton.

Season ThreeEdit

Jason decided that he wants to do more with his life and decides to buy a building in Waterfall Creek at 212 Peter Street to start a club. One of his dreams. He gets help from Alyssa Miller and Payton Silverstone with the finances. Nowadays the club is a very populair place for people to hang out and have fun.

Several months after that Payton finds out she is pregnant with their first child. They marry eachother and decide to move back to Waterfall Creek. There are some complications during labor, but eventually his first daughter, Alena is born.

Season FourEdit

After two years, Jason is raising his daughter with Payton in Waterfall Creek while he still owns his club, Decade.

Jason almost dies for the second time during an attack by May Miller, but is saved by his unborn son living his wifes womb. After that he goed through a pretty bad detox, but he is recovered just in time to see his son being born.

Season FiveEdit


Season SixEdit

In Season Six his main concern originally is the welbeing of Payton and their unborn daughter Amore. When May declares war and attacks, Jason originally tries to get Payton to stay away from the fight, but she shows up anyways. Jason watches as she makes a bold move allowing May to kill her, but to Jason's surprise it is May who dies. Jason then also watches his brother die by ingesting Claire's blood. He has little time to tend to Payton as the rest of the army attacks, and Jason fights them off. Shortly afterwards he finds himself feeling unwell, and he collapses soon after, and he dies himself.

He is resurrected with human blood thanks to the ring that he shares with Jason, Seth and Alyssa. Jason then detoxes, and is reunited with Payton shortly before the birth of his third child, Amore. Jason then meets up with Alyssa, and drags her out of a meeting with the Millers when he finds out she has been faking her detox. He tells Alyssa he will only co-lead The Millers 2.0 if she finishes detox. He also offers Liam a job at the club.

Jason defends Alyssa's abscence throughout the month of June to Matt, who has been trying to portray Jason and Alyssa as bad leaders, while trying to spend time with his family and the club. He then gets into a fight with Payton when she points out his absence. He then goes to visit Alyssa at the basement, who announces she has succesfully finished detox. With Alyssa back, Jason can finally focus on his family again.

At a fourth of July party hosted at The Silverstone House, Jason is surprised along with many others when Pierre is revealed to be a vampire. He fears that this will strain his relationship with Payton again, but she proves her devotion to him when she goes with him to the coronation. At the coronation Matt tells Jason his reign will be short. This causes Payton to attack Matt, proving her fealthy to the Millers and Jason all together.

After the coronation at the Millers, Jason returns to focussing on the club and his family, where Mike returns from his stay in Arizona. He keeps a careful eye on Matt, who is undefeated in his attempts to turn people within the Millers against him. When he makes his final move and challenges Alyssa, Jason expresses his support for his best friend, but is forced to remain neutral as he watches the fight. He is proud of Alyssa when she keeps Matt alive, and embraces her after the fight is over.

In August, Jason travels to New York on a business trip and takes Payton with him. They celebrate their first wedding anniversary together. Jason tries to be supportive of her when Payton reunites with Sebastien Ambroise, but fears if not his brother then he will interfere in his marriage. However when Bash' travels with them to Waterfall Creek, his pressence proves not to interfere with the marriage, but rather with the magical inbalance.

With the new arrival of magical royalty in town, Jason offers them the bedrooms at The Miller motel, which is where the Hainasoni bloodline resides. When they work together to fix the inbalance at The Silverstone House, Jason takes the children to The Miller Motel to keep them safe. There he is in for a surprise when he sees Beth Raleigh again.


Jason is very protective and a little bit stubborn. He always thinks what he thinks is best, but sometimes he is wrong about that. His family is the most important thing to him and he will always want to do what is best for them. He is also quite ambitious and smart. That is also why he decided to open the club, because it was one of his many ambitions. He is a little bit old fashioned because of the age he was born in and he is very romantic. Always trying to make his wife feel special. 


Jason, like some other vampires, has a limited power linked to the way he died as a human. However, it is assumed that May might have enhanced it in some way to give her lover more status. Jason lost the ability to use this power when he was in captivity at the Anconi.

  • Supernatural hearing: Jason can hear far better than humans. He is said to be able to recognize Payton's voice in a crowd of a thousand people. He also hears her heartbeat in a crowd. Like all vampires he can generally detect sounds at different frequencies.
  • Supernatural speed: Jason can run faster then humans. He is said to be the second-fastest runner of the Dawson family aside from Seth.
  • Pyrokinesis (limited): Being killed by a firearm, Jason could create little fire-balls in his hand and steer them to a target. It is unknown if his son's natural ability to use pyrokinesis is linked to it.

Jason has a talent for playing the piano. He is also good with words and writing although he isn't profond of this talent. He has a lot of leadership-qualities and he is a good hunter.

Education and CareerEdit


  • 1789-1812: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • 1812-1813: The Miller Compound
  • 1820-1825: Canada
  • 1847-1860: Montréal
  • 1860-1880: Rocky Mountains
  • 1882-1890: Minneapolis
  • 1895-1912: World tour, finishing off in Ireland boarding the Titanic
  • 1914-1922: Waterfall Creek
  • 1922-1939: Seattle, USA
    • 1922-1930 in north-Seattle
    • 1930-1939 in south-Seattle
  • 1933-1939: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • 1940-1945: Enlisted in WWII
  • 1946-1951: Florence, Italy
  • 1951-1954: Kopenhagen, Denmark
  • 1954-1958: Amsterdamn, The Netherlands
  • 1958-1961: Brussels, Belgium
  • 1961-1963: Prague
  • 1963: Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1969-1975: North-American roadtrip
  • 1984-1988: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 1989-1993: San Francisco, California, United States
  • 2008-2017: Waterfall Creek




Jason primarely took care of Alena when she was born, because Payton was weakened. Because of this he is very close with her. Raising Alena has given him more insight into humanity and magic, as well. In the first few years of her life, her wellbeing was always a priority to him, and he has sacrificed his own happiness to give his daughter the best. In later stages of Alena's life, Jason is close to her and recognises many characteristics of himself in her, most notably the protectiveness she feels over her siblings.



Jason didn't get to know Ava untill after he married Payton, but despite the fact that he has another family he is close with his daughter. Upon meeting her, he felt he had to win her over due to his lifestyle and marriage, but when he did Ava experienced the warmth of her father. Jason introduced her to his family and insists that everyone sees Ava as family too. He also makes sure Ava has a connection to her younger siblings.

Jason and Liam are in-laws, but they have both chosen not to be in the same room too often. Jason still resents Liam for what he did to his sisters and Mila althought he tries to get over it. He once stated to Payton that one person in the family should remind Liam of his past, and Jason takes that upon himself as he is not burdened by being related to him. Jason does hire Liam at the club, but only when Claire asks and he cleared it with Payton, Mila and Mike.


Jason and Claire are great friends, in-laws and roommates. They met in school, and it was Claire's arguments that allowed Payton to finally accept Jason and his family. (see more : Claire and Jason)

Jason and Mike didn't get along earlier, but as Jason got to know him they eventually became friends. Mike humor and his boy next door lifestyle gave Jason a great insight to the 21st century. Mike has played a part in important moments in Jason's life, like when he married Payton and the birth of his son Amore, who he is a godfather of.

Jason and Mila share a friendship that's based in their love for renaissance. He has kept track of her projects in Europe and has even bought a photograph of her on an auction. Aside from that, they also were high school classmates, and they generally enjoy eachother's company.

Jason and Justin are friends to the extent that they went to school together. Their share a love for Alyssa, and Justin has occasionally asked for advice about her, but Jason has chosen not to interfere in their relationship. Jason and Justin talked a lot in 2013 when Justin was about to be a dad. When Justin wants to propose to Alyssa, he asks Jason for permission, which he agrees to.



  • Jason's son, Andrew 'AJ' Dawson was named after him by Payton, who referred to their bond as 'unique' ever since she was pregnant with AJ.
  • Jason is the vampire with the most family by blood. Aside from his four children he has two nieces through Jared, and he has living descendants of his family in Boston.
  • Jason has played the piano since he was a child, and when he was younger he enjoyed poetry.
  • Jason own's a motorcycle, on which he takes Payton on one of their dates. 
  • Jason's favourite drink is a good whisky.
  • Jason has shares in two businesses
    • Decade (51% shares)
    • Pressed On (15% shares)