Jared and May
Nickname Mared
Intimacy level Sire

Have 2 children together
On and off relationship

Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration 1813-2014 (on and off)
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Jared Carrington and May Miller.

Despite denial from both sides, May and Jared care for eachother a lot and were soulmates. They were a powercouple. Their relationship was an on-off relationship throughout Jared's whole vampire life. They mostly hooked up, with the occasional 'I love you', although it was a running joke between them to say it mockingly to mask their true feelings. They have 2 children together, Alyssa and Jade. 


May first met Jared as a human when she took Jason to observe his family as a test. During this test, she was supposed to confirm Jason as her mate. Instead, she sees and falls for Jared and she decides to recruit him, despite promising Jason a future as co-rulers and them having a child.

Jared joins May's army after 2 weeks of preparation to become a vampire. When he finally does, he embraces it more then Jason did originally, and May decides to declared Jared as her mate. She starts an affair with him, ultimatly planning to have Jared kill Jason when the time came to be.
Jason as a soldier

Jason as a soldier

. In the meantime May uses both the brothers as her lovers.

She also gets her hand on a fertility potion, but continues to sleep with both brothers. After a while, May discovers she is pregnant.


Jared ; "I don't do drama, May. You know I don't do drama..." 

May ; "I don't care. Because every time you walk out of here my lips shake because I want to say 'Stay'. My ears pick up every moan from 2 rooms down and I get sick of it. And I hate you for it. I hate you so much for making me feel jealous. So for once in your life, deal with this drama and face the fact that you are aselfish dick, and I am a fool to let you in every single time and again and ag.."

-They kiss passionatly-

Jared ; "How's that for being a selfish dick ?"

May ; "Shut up."

Jared ; "I love you."

May ; "Love you to."

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