Jade and Pierre
Nickname Jierre


Intimacy level Lovers (romantic relationship)
Species Vampire (immortal) and Wizard
First met Unknown
Duration 2007-present
Status N/A

Promise me you'll be safe?
— Jade to Pierre when she leaves to return to the Anconi

This is the relationship between Jade Miller and Pierre Ambroise.


Jade and Pierre met in Prague, in a club while Jade was on a mission. She was send to check the rumours regarding Pierre Ambroise and his seclusion from the rest of The Ambroise Family. Pierre was a young wizard at the age of 20, who was travelling around Europe cashing in favors from friends he made before. In the early spring of 2010, Pierre is in a nightclub in the Polish capital. He acts like any normal 20 year old guy would, and he doesn't stand out. Yet Jade spots him from a mile away. Since she was to report only, and not engage, she heads back to the exit of the club. That is when she hears abrupt entry and people yelling 'police'. She spots a hummer in the alley she was going to make her escape, and she recognizes the license plate to be one of Russian hunters. She heads back into the club, and mingles to get to Pierre before they do. As they go through the people there, Jade stands right next to Pierre and she hands him a knife. She says he'll need it to defend himself, and then she walks up to the guys. She ticks the shoulder of the biggest one, and knocks him down with relative ease. She takes a serving tray to throw off the bullets that are being shot, and then takes on to the second guy. By this time panic has spread through the club, and people are running to the exit. Pierre watches the girl slay all these men, when he spots on of them coming for him. He knows his cover has been blown now, as he is one of the 10 people that are still in the room, and he is holding a knife.

Pierre fights out his best way possible, and right when his component is on the ground, three men enter from the back door. He is then grabbed, and gets a bag thrown over his head. Seven minutes later, Jade removes the bag and she taps Pierre's cheeck. "Wake up pretty boy." She says. She searches his leg, and finds a sedative dart in it. She rolls her eyes dramatically, which is the first thing Pierre sees when he regains conciousness. When he looks around, he sees Jade, the bag and a bunch of knives and guns. He starts to freak out, but Jade tell him not to bother. She explains who she is, and she explains that she is going to take him to Andros, for they are now in a safehouse owned by The Anconi. Pierre asks her how she took down those men, to which Jade replies 'It's a hobby.' Pierre laughs involuntary, and manages to free his hands. Jade tells him she meant for him to do that, informing him he can walk around the room while she herself takes a bottle with seemingly whine, but Pierre knows better.

When Pierre makes the joke, Jade hands him a real bottle, stating 'I need to keep you alive, but they didn't say they wanted you sober.' This is the first time Pierre starts to suspect Jade's annoyance with the Anconi, based on her nature. Pierre manages her to talk a few sentences about the Anconi, from which he can tell that this was not supposed to be an action mission. Jade says she doesn't feel like filling in all the paperwork, and she makes a deal with Pierre to let him go if he keeps his mouth shut, making it look like the hunters got him (which is a part that Jade keeps, she calls them 'the maffia'.) Pierre and Jade go their seperate ways after that. Jade gets a angry phonecall from Jim, which Pierre overhears as he sticks around and taps the phonelines.

Five months later Pierre finds himself involved with some dangerous people who had hosted him a place to stay. He goes to the safehouse in Prague. There, he uses the number Jade used to call Jim to get in touch with her. They meet up again in Denmark, which is where he asks her to help him. When Jade asks what he has to offer in return, he tells her she can take him to her boss in one month, but he just needs to say goodbye to his family. Jade agrees, and she keeps the hunters off Pierre's trail. She herself follows it back to Ireland, to a small cottage on the countryside. Pierre tells her he is impressed when she arrives there, stating he admires her tracking skills. Jade discovers he played her to get the hunters off his tail. When she threatens to call her boss anyways, he calls her bluff and Jade ends up being so intruiged by his attitude that she hangs up the call.






  • who’s the cuddler: Pierre
  • who makes the bed: No one
  • who wakes up first: Jade
  • who has the weird taste in music: That would be Pierre as he listens to French music sometimes.
  • who is more protective: Pierre isn't really protective for danger, because he knows Jade can handle herself. But he is worried and he does defend her. Jade is very protective when it comes to Pierre having to do stuff he doesn't like. She'll kill the person who makes him do it.
  • who sings in the shower: Pierre
  • who cries during movies: No one
  • who spends the most while out shopping: They have a very basic & down to earth life. If they need anything, they tend to ask Mila to buy them something nice
  • who kisses more roughly: Jade, especially when they get reunited
  • who is more domineering: Jade
  • who controls the remote: Pierre, because Jade doesn't like television
  • who decorated the house : Originally they didn't have a place to decorate. In their latest place, Jade and Alyssa both did some decorating. Most common decoration is clothing pieces though.
  • who does the cooking : No one, they usually eat take out, or a roommate (like Mila) does so.
  • who is more organized : Organised in their own way. Pierre knows it all in his head, but his stuff isn't very organised. Jade is the 'we'll get to that when we cross that bridge' type of person and never organises... she'll find what she needs in 1 minute anyways.
  • who iniatiates bedroom fun : Both equally, though since they have a steady place Jade makes initiatives
  • who suggested kids first : Pierre, when he found out it was a possibility
  • who is the big-spoon/little spoon : They usually have a sweatheart's cradle thing going on. If they spoon, Pierre's the big spoon
  • what's their favorite non-sexual activity : Bringing the Anconi down. Also pillowfights to catch up on Jade's childhood.
  • who comes home drunk at 3AM : Jade can't get drunk. Pierre occasionally comes home late, and occasionally is drunk, but rarely together.He's responsible like that.
  • who kills the spiders : Both
  • who falls asleep first : Pierre
  • do they have any rituals : They try to call each other once a week when the are apart. They also always get the honeymoon suite in a hotel. And always a 4-star, never a 5-star hotel.
  • who is louder : Jade
  • who is more experimental : Jade
  • who takes more risks : Jade
  • do they fuck or make love : Both
  • lights on or off : off with a nice moonlight setting
  • who is more spontaneous : Pierre
  • who does the laundry : They have it done for them
  • who is most likely to steal the others clothes : They have a 'common' pile of comfy sweaters, Pierre has claimed 80% of them by now.
  • what is the most trivial thing they fight over : Who is stronger
  • who steals the blankets : Pierre
  • who remembers anniversaries : Their smartphones
  • who gets the food and who stays at the table : Pierre gets the food, Jade tries to make sense of reality television (since they eat takeout a LOT)
  • who stays up untill 2AM reading : Pierre loves sleep too much, Jade stays up all night when she wants to.
  • who initiates pda : Jade, in recent times. Initially no PDA
  • who gives nicknames : Pierre
  • who apologizes first after an argument : Pierre
  • what kind of gifts do they get for eachother : They never actually buy gifts
  • what's their favorite place to be together : Doesn't matter, just as long as they can be together
  • their song : Shelter - Birdy
  • where did they first meet : in a club in Paris
  • what do they do when they're away from eachother : Pierre is worried sick about Jade and tries to make a plan to bring down the Anconi, Jade plays games with other vampires to get intel on how Pierre is doing. Jade also likes to play chess, to relax and not worry about him.
  • who says I Love You the most : Pierre
  • who is the dirty talker : Both
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt : Pierre would kill himself, because the only way Jade could get hurt is if she dies. Jade would make sure he gets to a hospital or she'd call his friend Payton in an extreme emergency.
  • who proposes to bathe/shower together : both
  • who's the messiest: Pierre would say 'define messy'
  • who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown: Tripple A, Jade if it's on a roadtrip and appearal doesn't matter
  • Living space has a leak! Who fixes it: The landlord (Jade calls him) or Pierre, if he is procrastinating something else.
  • who buys the groceries: Mila includes theirs in her online shopping. If they forget, Pierre goes to the store because then he can bring good stuff
  • going out to eat, who pays: Jade
  • would they go to the beach: Nope, Jade doesn't like the beach because of her childhood memories
  • can they swim: Yes, Jade can swim around Andros in an hour. Pierre is no champion, but he can swim to safe his life.
  • Is someone multilingual: Pierre is bilingual in French and English. Jade speaks English, Greek, Italian, French, Russian and Swedish.
  • baths or showers: Showers because they're usually in motels. Baths if they're relaxed and a bath is available.
  • who stays up late: Neither really
  • how often do they have sex: In the few times they're together several times a day. When they're settled in Waterfall Creek, daily or twice a day.
  • oddest place they have sex: A treehouse in a vineyard in Italy
  • favorite positions: stradling, tango yin-yang
  • quickest turn ons: Pierre's V-line & when Pierre kisses Jade's neck.
  • first to orgasm: Depends on the position.
  • how are their afterglows: Flushed, tired but very sexy

Basic informationEdit

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Godparents :

Daily livesEdit

  • Strollers :
  • Diaper bags :

  • Nurseries :


  • Theme/Color : Red
  • Dress :
  • Tux :
  • Bridesmaids : Claire & Mila & Alyssa (dresses : )
  • Groomsmen : Seth & Mike & James (tuxedo's : )