Jade and Nick
Nickname None
Intimacy level Allies

Friends Fling/One-Night-Stand

Species Wizard and Immortal Vampire
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status N/A

Jade and Nick are old aquiantances, and allies in the fight against the Anconi. They once had a fling, when Jade needed more information on the Millers and their current operations. This was later disolved when Jade said she had what she needed from them. They become friends upon their reunion in Waterfall Creek.


Nick gets warned by his parents not to asnwer Jade's questions when she arrives at the compound asking about the Millers. However when she singles him out and uses her charms on him, he promises to give her answers in exchange for liberties. She gets him a seperate phone on an isolated frequency so they can communicate, and has Jade promise she will help if they ever needed to get out of the compound.

When Jade starts sneaking into his room at night, Nick tells her to be carefull but Jade ignores his warnings.Nick gets in trouble over being up late at night and his parents start to notice he lacks concentration due to a lack of sleep. Nick reveals to his parents that he has been having night terrors.

One night, Jade shows up in his room having had an encounter with the hunters briefly before. She tells him he shouldn't isolate himself and his heart out of fear of love. Nick reacts to this by kissing her, and they sleep together. Nick then reveals he might have feelings for her, but Jade doesn't feel the same way because she is with Pierre. She leaves the conversation without replying to his confession, and later leaves a note saying her mission in Alaska was cancelled and she had to return to Europe.

When Nick and his family try to escape the compound he tries to contact her, but Jade is on her mission in Waterfall Creek at the time and is unable to help. Nick is mad about this, and leaves her an angry message. When he has escaped, Nick furfills Emilia Brown's request to help Alyssa get the Miller throne. During this he often recalls Jade's questions about the Millers. He then recognises Jade's name on a list of contacts belonging to Alyssa when he is working together with Emilia. When he confronts Emilia, she tells him she is clueless and so he heads to Alyssa. She reveals that Jade is in fact her sister, and a double spy at the Anconi.

Nick pieces the puzzle together regarding Jade's questions, and volunteers to help with the plan to fake Jade and Pierre's deaths. Once Jade and Pierre are covered, Jade approaches him and explains why she did what she did. Nick admits to her that he was equally responsible for what happened, and both of them agree that they can move on with the new people in their lives.

They remain friends, and fight together against the Anconi. Jade attends the funeral for Cassidy, in support of Nick and his family.


  • Nick is one of the very few people who were able to bring out emotions in Jade, and who she cares about deeply to this day.

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