Jade Miller
Biographical information
Full birthname Jaclyn Colette Miller
Also known as Jade
Titles None
Born 1856
Turned 1856 (at birth)
Died None
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Immortal Vampires
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Immortality (no vampire weaknesses)
Family & Relationships
Parents May Miller and Jared Carrington
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Jason Dawson (paternal uncle)
Liam Miller (maternal cousin)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Pierre Ambroise (long-term boyfriend)
Children None
Physical description
Height Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
Portrayed By Shelley Hennig
You'll never know what hit you
— Jade to Jim Finch.

Jade Miller is the second daughter of May Miller and Jared Carrington. She is the younger sister of Alyssa Miller and girlfriend of Pierre Ambroise. 

She is officially a member but secretly a double agent for the Anconi vampire-group. She is a special vampire species that doesn't carry the vampire weaknesses due to magic involved in her conception. 


Early LifeEdit

Jade was conceived after an encounter of her parents in the 1830's. May's fertility potion proved to still be working, previously resulting in Alyssa's birth. Only this time, Jared was actually a vampire already, making the odds impossible. But Jade beat them. However, May didn't plan the pregnancy and she decided to give up her child to the Anconi. They made a truce after the Anconi agreed in exchange for Jade.

Her rapid rate of growth caused for confusion several times. Because of it, Jade never celebrated her birthday. Her mother had destroyed any record of Jade being a foetus or being a newborn. Given away at 1 week old, Jade looked like your average 3 month old baby. When she was 1 year she was already mentally acting like at least 2 years old, and by the time she had reached supposed childhood around 4, she had already grown up to nearly 5 feet. Alyssa eventually did find some records, proving Jade was born on September 3rd 1835.

21 years later, her caretakers had noticed she had stopped developing for over a year now. To this, Jade was requested to do several test which was where her immortality was constatated. During a fight, she got lethally stabbed by a piece of wood in her chest. She was burried and the Anconi was ready to attack May Miller. But several days later, Jade re-appeared, alive and well. After testing for several other ways to die, her resurrection time was set at 5 days, which she has now reduced to 2 to 3 hours.Jade

Her immortality quickly proved a good asset and when she was officially ruled a member of the Anconi (and an official vampire), she got to join the guard. This only lasted for a few weeks, as she kept getting killed by those who wanted to see the immortal with their own eyes (resulting in their own dead). She then moved from a small condo in the Anconi compound to the main building, receiving living quarters the size of a whole house. She was treated as royalty ever since the leader layed eyes on her. She was treated as a daughter by him, resulting in one of the few human-like relationships she had.

When she got bored of being the princess, she got chosen to go along on a mission as a decoy to catch a vampire who had broken the law. But when Jade discovered an ambush before the actual spies did, she got promoted and joined the spies. By 1870 she had mastered spionage. With this came control of her blood-thirst, something that had been her weakness all along. The reason for that was the constant dying, taking up much of her energy and life-source. But as a spy she quickly learned to control it. She also learned several other things, like excellent hunting skills, several ways of vampirism martial arts and vampire law. But being submerged in the world of vampires took its toll. The human features her caretakers had tried to give her started to fade, and Jade slowly turned into a spy with a short temper, who many amongst the recruits and the soldiers feared. 

When the Anconi got complaints about Jade's atypical behaviour regarding hunting territories and other things, her leaders had to keep their golden star in check. They obligated her to blend in more, and reconnect with what she was thought as a childhood. She first tried talking to the Anconi's mates, but that didn't work for her. She then goes out to look for one of her caretakers but she stumbles upon some paperwork instead, a top secret file on mission Black Arrow. In the file, Jade finds the pictures of 3 people, May, Jared and Alyssa. As she touches her own facial structures and studies her hair, she can't help but notice similarities. When she confronts the caretaker, she hears about May Miller being a potential target for breaking some rule, but Jade knows how to spot a lie. At the brink of death, she gets told they are her family, and Jade is left with a lot of questions. The powerfull May Miller is her mother and she has a sister named Alyssa. The latter seems the best option to her, and she tries to contact her. Despite the sceptic attitude, the sisters can't deny the facts for very long (Main article : Alyssa and Jade ). Discovering her family proves to help with grounding herself back to humanity, and she keeps learning in the time that follows, after having killed her caretaker to keep the secret that there was an information leak going to Jade.

With Alyssa as her sister, Jade makes it through the 20th century. She is able to perform the hardest missions and develops much like an emotional switch. She also develops other abilities that aren't vampire like. Other then being immortal, her genetics are proven to be different too. Jade discovers her body functions are not tied to any limitations, seeing as her body doesn't need a pumping heart to actually survive. It confuses most of the doctors at the Anconi, but Jade deals fine with it. Because of this, she is seemed an excellent fit to be around the new vampires. She gets assigned to training some lower level recruits in her down-time while espionage remains her prime activity.

One day, she got send out on a mission no one but her could perform. While in Russia, she encountered Pierre and while the meeting would seem obvious, it wasn't anything like it. Pierre, who had just discovered he was set up by his parents to marry Payton, found himself in the midsts of discovering himself and his worth. He hadn't visitied The Magical Dimension like his brother had, nor had he really had much contact with other witches (besides Payton) because he only just found out. This made him low on Jade's supernatural radar, and by the time they met she already felt strongly fascinated about him. They both didn't hide secret the moment Jade asked about his Ambroise bracelet. (Main Article : Jade and Pierre )

Season One - Bloodlines Edit

While she on a seperate mission in the isolated areas of Alaska, Jade visits The Hainasoni Compound, asking questions about The Millers. Althought most of the Hainasoni members refuse to answer these questions, she catches Nick's interest. Jade's mysterious presence intruiges him, and despite knowing better he answers her questions when Jade uses her charms on him. (see more : Jade and Nick.)

Season Five - TOM Edit


Jade is a unique vampire. She was born to both vampire parents, making her an 'Immortal Vampire'. She has been a full vampire from birth, and has never been a human. Because of this her body composition is different, as her heart has never beated on its own and thus she also can't be killed by impaling it with wood. Also the sunlight doesn't hurt her, as her skin is genetically stronger to resist it. Jade is also impossible to decapitate because of her strong body and skin.

Jade has been raised within the Anconi and thus she is used to being around vampires. However she is flexible in both diets, as her job requires her to sometimes live in the woods in seclusion for a long time. Because of that, ever since she started being a spy, she has mixed both animal and human blood.

Malia has a specific vampire feature, which are blue eyes when her face shifts. She also has exceptionally long fangs.



Jade has had multiple (hair)styles and looks because of her job as being a spy. She has had shoulder length blonde and brunette hairstyles, as well as a short cut.

Jade's clothes usually are simple, combat-ready so to say. She doesn't dress very feminine, although she has stated herself that she likes dresses but she just doesn't get around to wearing them often.

When Jade stops being a spy for the Anconi, she is seen wearing skirts and dresses more often, and she opts for keeping a brunette hairstyle.

To see Jade's outfits throughout the season, see Jade Miller/Appearance


Jade is a born vampire and she was trained to show no emotions. She has no natural instinct for empathy and she originally has trouble with grasping the concept of love and family because of how she was raised. Jade's immortality makes her fearless of anything. She is serious, harsh and emotionless as well as eager to fight, controlling and manipulative. She still remains brash and she speaks her mind , but this endangers her loved ones occasionally. 

Her vampiric nature technically makes for her to be immune to blackmail, as she is teached not to attach to anything. Her quick tongue and naivity are also considered not to be the best assets of hers.

Despite that, she has developed a lot since meeting her sister Alyssa. Alyssa thought her life is about more then just fighting. Upon meeting Pierre, Jade learned not to treat people like objects, and she has developed something close to a humanity. 

She is still perseverent, strong-willed and skillfull and still struggles with some aspects of humanity. She is oftenly confused when people use sarcasm to express emotions, and often mistakes a cry for someone being in pain (as oposed to frustration or sadness) or she can interpret a compassionate hand on her back as an attack. One of the things Jade struggles with the most is the distinguishment between love and sex. Jade's personality is tipped more towards sexual instead of a loving nature. In reality Jade has never been able to accept anyone else's love. It is speculated she might have transitioned to Pierre at some point, which eased her personality a bit.

Her friends and family continue to help Jade shape her personality. She learns to be cheerfull, compassionate and happy. This is to be considered her humanity. 

Education and CareerEdit




Payton and Pierre once dated, but broke up when he 'cheated' on her. Eventually they cleared up the misunderstanding when Pierre reveals himself to be a wizard. Ever since they get along fine, and they are friends with. They are both magical royalty which creates a special connection between them. (see more : Jade and Pierre)

Adrian Garfunkel is a target of Jade. Because of his supernatural status he is considered highly valuable, and Jade was first tasked with tracking him down in 1993. She managed to do so by 1994, but when news broke about the death of Lillian and Christopher, she was instructed not to, in order to maintain a low profile within the rest of the community. Jade, who had already narrowed in on her target, slept with him to erase suspicious behaviour. (see more: Adrian and Jade)



TBA (see more: Jade and Nick)

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TBA (see more: Emilia and Jade




  • Jade is the strongest vampire in the world. She is named an 'Immortal Vampire' by Demitria.
  • Jade does not have an official last name, although she requires the last name 'Miller' when she moves to Waterfall Creek permanently, to prove her intentions of staying with her sister, Alyssa Miller.