Ivy and Tom
Nickname None
Intimacy level None
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration N/A
Status In love (engaged)

This is the relationship between Ivy Woods and Tom Wayland


Several years later, in 2001, Ivy and Tom meet again at a bar in New York when Ivy feeds on one of the staff in the back alley. They talk, and Ivy figures that she was the one who turned him. This caused hostality at first, because Tom had originally planned to kill his sire for vengeance. When Tom finds out she had no idea what she had done, he puts it to rest.

The duo decide to go hunt together and their matching coordination makes them hunting companions and later friends. Ivy is supportive of Tom working in the hospital, but she fears that he will loose control one day. When 9/11 happens, Tom is overwhelmed and he takes off without saying anything. It takes months for Ivy to find him again, back in Montauk. They make a pact never to go back to human blood and Ivy helps him through detox.

In the next few years they develop a romantic relationship and Tom admits that he loves her. This comes as a surprise to Ivy, who had been trying to distance herself because she was not the stable partner Tom needs. Ivy takes off and she sleeps with another guy. She returns to their place and Tom knows, but he forgives her. He tells her he understands that she needs her time and space, but that he'll be there for her while he waits.

When Portland becomes free territory, they try to head out there but they cross paths with returning Miller spies. In the fight they are the weaker side, and Ivy gets badly injured. Tom finds no sollution but to feed her the park ranger. She declines at first, but Tom forces her to save her life. She recovers, but it takes her another week to detox in which she kills several high profiled townspeople drawing the attention of the Millers.

They flee to the west in hopes of finding the Dawson group but when they arrive at Julie's safehouse they learn that the group is dead. Tom then heads to Greece to get protection and he calls in a favor with Jade. He returns to the states and they remain low-profile untill the Millers give up searching for them.

Season SevenEdit

Tom and Ivy are in Seattle when Ivy gets mistaken for Lauren Dawson and kidnapped. Tom calls in the help of Jade again, but she reveals that Ivy has already returned home because of Mason Woods. Ivy and Tom reunite, but when Ivy finds out about Tom's alliance with Jade they fight.

Ivy takes off and she stumbles upon Grayson Fitzgerald in the club. They sleep on his yacht and Ivy is close to feeding on him when he stops her by saying she should just ask for a bloodbag. Grayson reveals he knows her identity and sends her back to Tom.

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