Ivy Woods
Biographical information
Full birthname None
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 1694
Turned N/A
Died None
Age 23 (320)
Occupation Translator (former)


Residence Unknown
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Standard Vampire Abilities
Family & Relationships
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Sexuality Straight
Relationships None
Children None
Physical description
Height 5'6"
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color dark brown
Portrayed By None
Ivy Woods is a character in The Next Generation. She is a vampire  and becomes student at SJBS when she is investigating the affairs of her brother , Mason Woods. She has a twin sister called Aria. She is known to have a problem with blood as it is almost impossible for her to detox off it.


Early LifeEdit

Ivy was turned along with her sister in 1694 in Croatia , Europe by Julie Dawson. Oposite to her sister , Ivy chose to leave and investigate vampirehood on her own , which created the base for her blood-problems. She stumbled on her long-lost brother Mason , who she and her whole family believed was dead. They travelled together and Ivy got a hold of her bloodthrist.

In the 20th Century she acts as a translater for the military, and her boyfriend at the time , Thomas Chamberlain who she found out had a double agenda in working for May Miller. They broke up because of it , and Ivy went on a killer-spree.

During the 1960's she gets her life on track , and she goes to school to study applied science. However , Aria shows up and poses as her so that she drops out. Ever since , the two sisters have had barely any contact.

Season OneEdit

In Season One Ivy and Tom are staying at a cabin when they have a fight, and Tom leaves her. Following the break-up, Ivy returns to drinking human blood and being a ripper. After a few months, she returns to the cabin where she and Tom broke up, planning to set it on fire. However she doesn't when she finds out someone resides there. She plans to feed on that person first, but when Emilia is playing the guitar Ivy gets distracted. Ivy introduces herself instead, and asks Emilia to continue playing. She then plays the victim card, and talks about the breakup. This gains sympathy from Emilia, who agrees to let Ivy stay at the cabin. Ivy watches Emilia sleep, but she can't bring herself to actually killing and she packs her stuff to leave the cabin. That night she leaves and tries to hunt on deers, trying as hard as she can to get rid of Emilia's scent. However when Emilia finds her again in the middle of a hunt, Ivy looses control and attacks her.

Season OneEdit

In Blue Moon Season One she has tracked down her brother , in fear of doing something stupid after hearing he was spotted in Orégon. She finds him suprisingly keeping a low profile but warns him of his crush. Aria then shows up again to convice Ivy to give up trying to be a student , but Ivy doesn't change her mind

Vampirism - Needs  to be checkedEdit

1694-1702 : Type A (new vampire)

1702-1919 : Type B

1919-1921 : Type A

1921-1959 : Type B

1959-1965 : Type A

1965-2000 : Type B

2000-2001 : Type A

  • Turned unknown when she lost control in a bar-fight on Millenium day. Later killed him because he stole her 'food'.

2001-....... : Type B

Ivy is responsible for turning 4 people herself, 1 of which she also killed herself within 48 hours. She has no further descendants in the vampire bloodline.


Ivy is very calm but she tends to overthing stuff which can cause her to loose control quickly. She is also smart, but not expressive about it. She has issues controlling her blood-thirst which were caused by her desire to be independant and free-spirited.



Ivy and Thomas used to be in a romantic relationship. (see more : Ivy and Thomas)

Ivy and Tom are currently in a romantic relationship. They are also vampire sires, seeing as Ivy turned him. (see more : Ivy and Tom)

Ivy and Emilia had a fling up untill Emilia got turned into a vampire by Vincent Taylor. Ivy couldn't be around because she was a bad influence on a new vampire, and she returned to Tom Wayland. (see more : Emilia and Ivy)

Ivy and Grayson hooked up after Ivy's arrival in Waterfall Creek. This hook-up caused for a temporary break up between her and Tom once again.


Ivy and Aria are twin sisters. (see more : Aria and Ivy)

Ivy and Mason are siblings. Mason is a couple of years older than Ivy. (see more : Ivy and Mason)


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