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Hunters are a sub-species of humans in Touch of Magic and Once Upon a Blue Moon. They are considered a whole different kind of humans because they often have skills few humans have. They are excellently skilled in martial arts, mostly Krav Maga.

They hunt all supernatural creatures, including witches and wizards as well as vampires. Some branches of hunter groups are more specialised in one spieces or the other. They consider themselves protectors of the human kind, but often are more mercinaries then protectors.



The Hunters are based in a territorial structure. Hunting in territory that is not your own can cause punishment, since it can endanger ongoing operations. These measures are voted upon by a council, who meet twice a year. Every hunting group has their own area of operations. The most commands for specific assignments are given by Neill Davis and the Davis Hunters because they have the largest numbers.


All 5 hunter families have subdivisions. Each of these subdivisions can consist of one or more teams. In total, the hunters consist of over 400 members.

The Davis Hunter familyEdit

The Davis hunter family, led by Neill Davis , rule the north American continent. They are divided in several branches, lead by cousins or siblings of Neill. They have no specialty as a whole, but they hunt mostly vampires by chance.
  • A-Team:

Neill Davis himself is head of the North-Western branch. They are active in the states of Alaska , Yukon, Northwest Territories, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon,Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, North-Dakota, South-Dakota and Kansas. Their headqaurters are in Salt Lake City and Juneau.

  • B- Team:

Tristan, Neill's 'oldest son' will in the near future lead the West-Central branch. The area includes Oregon, Idaho, Northern-California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and South-Dakota, a region currently still under Neill's territory.  His team will include his siblings Parker, Kit and Morgan. He will make a truce to keep away from the region of Waterfall Creek. He will rule with Riley, who the Hunter community don't know is actually a witch. 

  • Tanya Davis is head of the South-West branch. They protect the citizens of California , Arizona , New Mexico , Texas and Oklahoma as well as Mexico. She is Neill's cousin. Her team includes Max , Jacinta and Ashley and 16 other members. The headquarters are in Phoenix and Mexico City.
  • Shane Davis is head of the Northern-Central branch. He operates aroudn the Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes in regions like Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario as well as on US Soil in Minesota , Iowa , Wisconsin , Illinois , Missouri, Michigan and Indiana. He is Neill's brother and second in command. His team includes Doyle, Taylor, Cassandra and Nikolai among several other members. The headquarters are in Chicago and Winnipeg.
  • Cora Davis is the head of the North-Eastern branch and active in Newfoundland , P.E.I , Quebec , Nova Scotia , New Brunswick, Maine , New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusets , Rhode Island, Conneticut , New York, New Jersey , Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.
  • Colleen Davis is the head of the South-Eastern branch and active in  Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, West-Virginia, Virginia, North-Carolina and South-Carolina.

The Tesarov Hunter FamilyEdit

The Tesarov Hunters oversee the magical activity in Russia and Eurorpe. They are the biggest group in numbers with over 76 members divided in 2 major branches.

The first one, lead by Viktor Tesarov, focusses on hunting vampires and more so keeping the magical community under wraps. The second one, lead by Yuri Tesarov, focusses on witchhunting and on 'protecting humans from becoming colleteral damage'. The two divisions are respectivly called GHOST (General Hostile Objective Security Taskforce) and BIRDS (Bureau of Investigations and Research on Development of Supernaturals)

  • Viktor Tesarov leads GHOST. His team includes recruits from the streets who ironically enough got saved from OD's or fatal injuries by vampire blood. He has a special security team on him of 6 people. GHOST has by estimate 50 recruits, 30 agents and a dozen of IT-people to battle vampires.
  • Yuri Tesarov leads BIRDS. They provide knowledge on witchcraft by reseach and observation for the whole hunter community. He has a team for each bloodline to gather information, f.e. stealing old books or taping phones. They also monitor the development of new species, like Dhampirs or Twice Blessed Witches/Wizards.

The Kelly Hunter FamilyEdit

The extended Kelly Family is a family living in Melbourne, Australia. They specialize in assasinations of people who threaten to expose them, or dangerously try to expose the supernatural world. They are different in this way, because they do not actively hunt witches and wizards, unless they show up under their noses. They are seen by Yuri Tesarov as the media-responsibles of the Hunter Community, keeping under wraps what should stay in the shadows, and communicating with everyone.

  • Seymour Kelly is a powerfull man with connections in several prisons and government institutions. He has caused accidental deaths in jail more then he has celebrated birthdays, and he is responsible for the mysterious dissapearances of government analysts and researchers who come too close to the truth.

The Luiz Hunter FamilyEdit


The Emboto Hunter FamilyEdit



Westlake LoftsEdit

Westgate Lofts is a loft complex in downtown Salt Lake City. Neill Davis has set up a hunters headquarters there, and it's the main base of operations for his family of hunters.


►A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back Davis Hunters

►A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back Davis Hunters