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Hainasoni Bloodline
Family heritage

Witches & wizards

Notable family members

Bryan Thornton
Peter Thornton
Jacob Ignatius
Dawn Hagano
Melissa Hagano
Louis Ignatius
Laura Thornton
Lydia Thornton
Nick Thornton
Cassidy Hagano
Naomi Thornton
Kendall Hagano



Related families

The Ambroise Family
The Greene Family


The Hainasoni Compound
The Thornton House


The Millers
The Millers 2.0

The Hainasoni bloodline is the bloodline of descendants of the second oldest Ancient Witch , Doraeha. They have in general a bad reputation in the magical community, but the youngest generation changes this around after the death of May Miller. 

The most notable members include Louis IgnatiusLaura ThorntonLydia ThorntonNick ThorntonCassidy HaganoNaomi Thornton and Kendall Hagano.

For the family including the witches and wizards and their human family, see The Thornton Family and The Hagano Family.

Meaning and symbolismEdit

The name of the bloodlines thesedays is Hainasoni because of the place where the tribe originated; Haines ,Alaska.

This results in the fact that the Hainasoni bloodline is one of the two whose name is not related to the stone that is to be found in special objects, such as a necklace or a ring. The shorter version is simply Haines (after the town), and can mean Hawthorn (again a reference to the blood and fire). 

Before , the name of the descendants of Doraeha had different spellings , but were all variations of Ignis (Ignis , Ignatius ,...) which is the latin word for fire , but the official name of the bloodline became Hainasoni when it was activated. Only few of the Hainasoni witches or wizards carry the name Ignis/Ignatius because of the transition in 1820. The symbol of the Hainasoni is commonly a thorne, flame or a dragon.


Joseph Hainasoni (Joe Knezevich)

Activator of the bloodline

It is the fourth bloodline (chronological) to be activated during the civil war. Nevertheless , the civil war caused the extinction of most of the descendants. With the activation in 1820 , Joseph Hainasoni (formerly Joseph Ignatius) gained the power of Pyrokinesis. No additional powers have been gained. This gives the bloodline a bit of an 'underdog' reputation, one they fight off by being excellent firemasters, and the personal weapon of May Miller. She was drawn in by the use of blood.

The Hainasoni are known to use many natural spells ,because they dont réally have an active power. Many of these spells involve blood because it is known to create more powerfull spells. So the name 'Red Bloodline' comes from the use of both blood and fire.

Magical dimensionEdit

The region called 'Sanguis' , meaning blood , is the part of the magical dimension that is designated to the Hainasoni.


The Hainasoni FamilyEdit

The Hainasoni Family is subdivided into 3 main branches : The Thornton Family, The Hagano Family and The Ignatius Family

There is a certain fracture between both generations and their believes.

Older generationEdit

  • Bryan Thornton (father of Naomi and Nick) - Send to Sanguis
  • Peter Thornton (father of Laura , Lydia and Louis) - Send to Sanguis
  • Dawn Hagano (mother of Cassidy and Kendall) - Stripped of powers
  • Melissa Hagano (aunt of Cassidy and Kendall) - Stripped of powers

New generationEdit

House BlackfyreEdit

  • Tomad, Lord of house Blackfyre
    • /
  • Eduard, Duke of house Blackfyre
  • Margory, Duchess of house Blackfyre
    • Milena, daughter of Eduard
    • Normon, 1st son of Eduard

House ThorneEdit

  • Devonius, Lord of house Thorne
  • Troya, Lady of house Thorne
    • Santo, 1st son of Devonius
    • Jaymon, 2nd son of Devonius
  • Thelonius, Duke of house Thorne
  • Lenna, Duchess of house Thorne
    • Kenna, daughter of Thelonius
    • Roderick, 1st born son of Thelonius
  • Normena, duchess of house Sellister
  • Clyde, duke of house Sellister 
    • Finn, 1st born son of Normena